Intel 9th Gen. LAUNCH! – Specs, Overclocking & MORE

Intel revealed their 9th generation CPUs for the mainstream and HEDT markets, including the 8-core i9 9900K. Going over in this video is the specs price, soldered TIM, overclocking, temps, game performance and MORE.

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victorescu says:

great video, so cool that you got to attend!

herlotz says:

Hey joker, are you going to upgrade? Because you should heh, that 7700k its bottlenecking that 2080 ti

Branden's Outdoor Channel says:

Joker: which 9th gen cpu do you recommend for gaming and 1080P video editing? How many cores should I get, 6 or 8? Is hyperthreading helpful for video editing in Cyberlink Powerdirector?

Shipmaster 'Raham says:

On paper these 9th gen cpu’s make zero sense to me, especially considering people who already have 8th gen or a Ryzen cpu. People constantly want the latest and greatest whether or not it’s actually worth the money or not, the mindset generally speaking is “just because.” My first build was Intel and NVIDIA, at the time those were the best choice. My next build for sure is going to be AMD, I’ll have to wait and see about NVIDIA and AMD though, I hope they knock it out of the park with their next release.

Legacy Political says:

der8auer crying in corner, no more 3x margin for deliding

Rumpelstiltskinson says:

As a gamer I would rather have 8c/8t over 6c/12t.

burtobm says:

Good times for AMD and also for mr joker for all his freebies from intel.

Monsicek says:

TDP 95W for 8c/16t, not even Intel marketing is believing these figures anymore. Maybe at 3.6 GHz clock. Everything above will skyrocket to 200+. My guesstimate for 5 GHz all core OC is sweet 275-300W range.

Matthew Rath says:

Now that’s interesting 9800X vs 9900K… Both 8c/16t but the hedt platform is 165W…

ZinoAmare says:

Joker I hope you will do 9900k vs AMD zen 2 ultra wide benchmarks that will help me a lot.

ToyzRUsKid says:

I was about to purchase an i9 7960x for my streaming pc upgrade. I can get one for $1400. Should I jump on this offer, or should I wait for the 9960x? I’m not likely to do any overclocking, so I don’t think the addition of the STIM will be a huge selling point for me. Will the increase base clock speed from 2.8 to 3.1 be enough of a difference to justify the ~$300 price jump?

Chris B says:

On the slide you read about the integrated wifi, it says right at the bottom “Requires and Intel Wireless-AC 9560 adapter.” The motherboard vender still needs in implement it, it doesn’t mean every 9th gen cpu gets “free wifi.”

Vedansh Agarwal says:

Intel has to now defend the competition or amd will become the next intel in terms of prices and performance too

Nazrin says:

good video joker

GameAholics Anonymous says:

The biggest deal about 9th Gen, is they will be SOLDERED, NOT PASTED, BETTER OVERCLOCKING…SO YOU CAN BET THE 8 CORE 8 THREAD 9700K WILL SMOKE THE 6 CORE 12 TREAD 8700K..


Hey! Pretty much everything I needed to know, +1 sub

Loque says:

my 4790k does 4.9 Ghz on water. I m not touching another CPU until they do 5.5 Ghz on air !

Volvo Polestar says:

Still rocking my i5 3570K and a GTX 1070 at 1440p 🙂

Earl Benson Teves says:

Says that the processors run hot on LN2 but doesnt indicate factual numbers… /facepalm

Luke George says:

PCI-E Lanes is 16 not 40.

John Henderson says:

Looking at the prices currently it will cost you $579.99 for the I9 9900k plus Asus ROG Maximus IX Hero $289.99. That’s $850.00. Compare Ryzen 2700X which is $329.99 and Asrock Taichi Ultimate for 269.99. That’s $590.00. These are top of the line gaming parts. Not HEDT. The $260.00 you save going with AMD can be put towards your graphics card. Seems like a no-brainer to me. Unless for you money is no object.

Muslumgursexx says:

If they made 9700k 6c12t majority of the users would buy it instead because 480$ for mainstream cpu is a lot to ask.

Martin Halbhuber says:

Lol you could get a Ryzen and it would be an upgarde.

Rudy says:

WiFi built into the processor? That’s actually pretty cool, no need to take up the rest of my pci-e lanes

hartsickdisciple says:

I don’t like the i7-9700k with 8 cores/8 threads. It may be faster than the 8700k in some games, but I have to agree that it won’t be an upgrade for other tasks… maybe even a downgrade. That’s not attractive at all.

Richard Dale says:

How does a physical core compare to a logical core as in hyper threading in performance stakes? Bit cheeky of them to drop Hyper threading from the i7.

MidnightBullet13 says:

ONLY supports UP TO DDR4 2666 Mhz memory. No thanks. Will stick with my Ryzen 2700x.

Tupac-Gaming GR says:

Is the same cooler (with comes with the CPU ) as the previous gens?

oDieseLz says:

The main reason I’ve stayed with Sandy is because the IHS is soldered. I think I can finally upgrade now. lol

Simatron3000 says:

guys I have a 1080ti and 4790k, I game at 1440p on a 165hz monitor, i don’t know much about cpu’s should I upgrade? looking at the i9. my main pc usage is gaming

Patrik Miskovic says:

with ryzen on market its hard for intel

Blurry HDIM says:

Up to 40 pcie lanes my ass….. it has 16

Keatononame says:

Oh jeez, they actually supplied a nominal number to the improvement(s) from current gen! Holy fuck!

Claus Christian says:

That packaging has a pentagonal shape on one side and is called a dodecahedron, because it has twelve pentagon faces, it’s not octagonal. Just wanted to mention that.

qwertyusen says:

weird cube with NO cooler??? worst packaging ever by intel

Nick Christensen says:

I highly doubt the 8 physical cores will do worse than 6 cores with hyperthreading… two real cores will be better than 6 secondary threads. Hyperthreading is an optimization, not a way to have higher core counts without paying for them.

Jags says:

That’s a nice engram you got there

Mortam says:

I’m building 2 gaming systems before the end of the year. Going Ryzen / RX graphics for both.

Legacy Political says:

new turbo bost 3.0?lol what? incremental perfomance?
difference between 7980xe vs 9980xe STIM, thats all!

Ranch says:

i think ill wait 3 more years

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