Intel 9th Gen i9 9900K / i7 9700K / i5 9600K – Explained!

This is i9 9900K / i7 9700K / i5 9600K EXPLAINED! Intel 9th generation processors have been announced with launch date set on October 19th! The new SKUs bring incremental spec differences vs the rest of the Coffee Lake pack so be patient and stay tuned for our full reviews.

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Awkward pokerface says:

When would the 9th gen cpus comes to laptops?

James Kaopio says:

Lol I skimmed this video and when you were talking about the 9900k going up to 5.0 if you can afford it, I was thinking it was this insane price then you said 580 Lolol. I’m that person that bought the 7940x so that price looks appealing for the gaming side of me. Productivity side eh lol

Ed says:

Planning a Main gaming system and laptop refresh during black friday. These new intel chips have no changes for the spectre / meltdown issues encountered. Not even considering Intel chips for either system as a result. To me the performance / price is irrelevant.

Silent Ruckus says:

Good video! Can you make a video explaining what threads are?

Nismomonkey says:

Any idea when they will be dropping AMD Gen 3 Ryzen? I am on the brink of building a new PC so this processor news is driving me nuts right alongside the new GPUs from Nvidia. I wouldn’t say no to an AMD chip if it benchmarked better than the 9th gen Intels in both gaming and work loads for things like 3D rendering. I am in school for programming and software development and I build video games as a hobby/method of building a portfolio since I’m late in life for getting a new degree in a new field. Point being I need a processor/GPU combo that can handle heavy work loads but also be able to play video games when I have down time and I like my games to be as maxed out on specs as is possible. My last build was in 2015 with The Witcher 3 as my benchmark of trying to make run at Ultra settings. No idea what the current game to look at for most demanding these days, but luckily since I do a lot of rendering for my assets I make for my games I can look at synthetic benchmarks from things like 3D Mark and such a bit more seriously since they seem to be focused on render times more than ability to run an interactive environment.

TL;DR It’s been 3-4 years since my last build and PC hardware is all over the place! I am so confused what to build with!

Māris B says:

I was waiting from 2016 for 10 nm
and it’s late 2018… I will not wait anymore
I have ordered z390 with 8600k
and it should be a good replacer for x3480

Cyan Cyberpunk says:

Dmitry, I love your videos, but I’m a little lost on the terminology. Can anybody recommend a good video/channel that will explain computer hardware to me like I’m five?

Kiruba Shankar says:

I would like a processor with less heat dissipation that leads to low fan noise while gaming.
And yeah I’m a noob in the processor world.

Abdullah Ismaell says:

can you please tell me what the intro music is? please 🙁

Richard James Milne says:

Love AMD 🙂 I bought TR4 first generation, I’ll be buying 3rd Gen as well 🙂 I won’t need to spend a ton of money on another Motherboard or the hassle to build it! I’ll just put my AMD TR4 3rd Gen CPU into my MSI x399 Creation MB and go 🙂 I will never buy INTEL again for the reason of their business practice and years of overpricing CPU’s.

I’m not a fanboy, I’m just smart and going with the better choice… A M D ⚡

Djinnho says:

Only 16 PCI-E lanes for a $500 i9-9900k! Intel really sucks really.

JJ Tubes says:

I have a z370-i and i’ve heard that the 9th gen cpus are compatible with the z370 chipset, can someone confirm this for me or figure out if my motherboard will work with the new cpus or not?

kumbandit says:

If they enabled HT on 9700K no-one in this universe would buy 9900K, including their dogs, because then you’d pay over $100 for 100 Mhz improvement 😀

voltrox says:

Damm I just got a i5 8600k

PogChamp says:

The only good thing to come out of this Intel launch is Z390 motherboards.

abdulrahmin alobed says:

I would have bought i7-9700k

but now

i am really thinking with 2700x

Lord Kirito says:

Bro , wheare is the i7 8086k ?? Is better the i7 8700k

Justin Merrill says:

Grats on 1 mil subs you guys

Vegito Power says:

I have an i5-6500 and i want to upgrade for gaming of course. So what’s the BEST CHOICE for 60fps pure gaming in about 400-500 euros? i7-8700k or the new i9-9900k? Note: I mostly playing open world games (ac:odyssey,origins,witcher 3 etc.) which are using from what i know the highest number of the cores your CPU have. ( also I have an MSI GTX 1080 GPU)

Arma Lol says:

AMD made for peasants by peasants. Welfare collector love AMD.

Naza Nezam says:

Amd already working on 7nm cpu

idan124 says:

if u smart u keep your 4 cores till next year

Cyandrix says:

Man, soon we gonna have nuclear powered GPU’s and CPU’s

Kitten from Space says:

Notice how the i5 in the 8th and 9th gen cpus are about the same

Elisermes says:

SOMEONE HELP ME! Im building a pc and idk what get 8700k vs 9700k. For streaming, video editing and gaming. Which one should I get?

DreamZ says:

I’m still loving my 8700k with my gtx 1080 Ti! I think this setup will be good for years to come.

kicknitoldskool says:

I don’t think the 9900k vs 2700x is a relevant comparison because of the price difference.
I’m more interested in the 9700k vs 2700x which is still 130us or so more plus a cooler price difference, does Intels 9700k Stock chip beat the 2700x in multi thread application? Or how much OC does it need to get close?

I think we know the 9900k will decimate the 2700X simply because it doesn’t have a choice to not, at that price and clock speed.

Grace Vue says:

It’ll be funny as hell to see the i7-9700k run slower than the i7-8700k. Watch.

Ricardo Santos says:

INTEL dont drop the price just increase, and will be nothing special of 9900k higher price smells like a 8086K re-fresh + 2 extra cores etc..
AMD is walking on the street and making cpus 3gen,
INTEL walking on the street and crying refreshing cpus of old gen converted i7 in i5 new gen, and increase the price of cpu like 9900k will be OP cpu with 500$ price……. amd its time to shine 2800x

R Parker says:

so should i buy a 8086k or a 9900k?
are the z390 chip sets better than the 370?

Grace Vue says:

i7 9700k, i5 9600k, i3 9350k rebadged as what you see here. The i7 with no hyper-threading is a joke.

nixtc says:

The only explanation it needs, is that it’s almost as overpriced as the last gen 20XX nvidia gpu’s, bye bye Intel 9 and hello Ryzen 2 (3rd gen)

Kåre Ramberg says:

Is the i5 9600k worth it

ChaosLegionaire says:

Crippling intentionally is a bit strong. We can’t reeeeeasly prove that. Incompetent though, sure.

Ev Yapımı Silahlar says:

Bro why you don’t talk about i9-9980xe

run it3 says:

I was firmly in the Intel camp laughing at AMD releasing the FX-9590 for $900. This feels a lot like that.

Would love to see a 8700K OC’d up against the 9600K OC’d. How much does Hyperthreading really matter at 6 cores in games? Intel is never going to match compute perf/$ up against the 2700X, but they still make king of gaming chips….unless you stream and work in post.

Damir Sadikovic says:

I will be retiring my i5 4670K 4 core CPU and 8GB DDR3 ram for a 9700K 8 Core CPU with 16GB DDR4 day one… Double the cores and double the ram, that’s how I upgrade I have no interest in a 6 core CPU and little to no interest in have more than 8 cores, so the 9700K is the perfect CPU for me.

The upgrade with RAM, Board and CPU will set me back 650-750 but will like my 4670K build should last me for 4-5 years easy. Also I have a 1080 Ti and have no interest in upgrading my GPU until I can get drastically more performance but for the same price I paid for the Ti and the RTX cards do not offer that one bit so I may have to wait another generation or who knows maybe two.

Voldorac says:

I’m currently building my compact Dan cases build but with these facts about the new i7 -9th gen, I’m still going with 8700K

Cloudy says:

Anyone got a link to his background of the CPU? 1080 if possible.

C.W. Olson says:

Doesn’t seem very smart paying a 66% premium for a 12% performance boost over a Ryzen R7 2700X ( the conclusion most youtuber reviewer are coming too ) unless you are really bad at gaming and need the extra 12% to make up for it !

Randall Donadio says:

What’s with Donut Operator music?

geek says:

it doesn’t matter who wins or who has more value for money. at the end of the day, it’s the consumer’s decision to buy as long they are satisfied.

Devilikg says:

would i7 have same single core performance as i9?


what do you think about having a I9 9900k laptop, I think Malibal LX 870TM could fit one.

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