Intel 9900K CPU Review


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Amilkar Gonzalez says:

Watch your reviews all the time and enjoy them. With that said I must say you are a bit perplexed trying to justify the 9900K, you are making it a bit more complicated than it has to be. If your viewer is a gamer they should stride towards getting a higher end video card with either a 1440 or 4K display. At these resolutions the processors are almost negligible, a Ryzen 2700X will put out almost identical FPS than a costly I9-9900K. Now if you are a previous owner of an Intel Processor. The I9-9900k is a possible update because it has built in security patches for Meltdown and Spectre, It has 8 cores and 16 threads than can be set to 5Ghz or more. To say that 9900K is the best gaming processor is a word play that can potentially confuse people. No one willing to spend $580 on a processor will be playing at 1080P which is the resolution that you would actually see a difference. Now if you look at the productivity side of these two processors then the 9900K would be a clear winner just because its clocked faster but then you could always get a Threadripper 1920X which is currently cheaper than a 9900K and pair it with a high end video card and play at 4K which would level the playing field and you would have the best of both worlds. And by the way the Threadripper 1920X has 64 PCI-E lanes which would ultimately allow you to run two RTX 2080Ti at full bandwidth not X8 X8. Here is a link to some benchmarks on comparison between the 1920X and the 9900K. The 9900K does surpass it in some but in Blender and some others the 1920X takes the lead. Pay no attention to 1080P game play.

ELVIS G says:

hahahaah what a fucking thunder CUNT…..fuck u liar!!!

sunfy8 says:

luv your Ferrari analogy.

Webb 1 says:

Hi tom have you seen this vid as your review is mentioned

Silent Market says:

8700K 1080TI SLI vs 9700K 1080TI SLI, probably a different story with games like Rainbow Six Siege

Stanton Brose says:

Video hypothesizing about temp variances in reviews:

Will Sutton says:

chill out man, you seem stressed about people saying the price is too expensive. Well, it is expensive but not in the extreme expensive stakes of the 2080 ti. I am glad AMD is doing something because we will benefit from the competition. Just imagine if Intel had no competition, we would be paying more dollars for inferior products. Anyway my 8700k and 1080ti will keep me happy for a long time

Ocean Current says:

Man, my 9900k is running hotter than yours and I have 960mm’s of radiators. This chip, at least for me, is one hot SOB.

Jeremy Volsche says:

Came in to give you a like because the fanboys are in full damage control. Good video mate.

Sergey Sedlovsky says:

around the 19:00 minute or so (the conclusion part I mean in general) I loved and you’re getting a like from me for that. I want to point out that what you said about people who are even looking and commenting about the CPU as it is shit price to performance bla bla bla those are the griefers, who are either just jealous or coming to troll people who are actually in the market to get this or just trolls supporting the other competitor (AMD Fanboys)

CrazyCrave says:

With the 2600 priced at $149 is the 6 core dream .

Chingus696 says:

Such a big clock…?

Steve W says:

I’m stuck in the past I’m still running fx 8 core 3.6ghz cpu with sapphire rx480 8G blower gpu, and I’m more than happy with it, probably will stay with it for next 2 years.

chrcoluk says:

the 9000 series is a bad launch, the 8 series prices went up prior to the launch so they didnt look as bad, as when 8 series launched hexacore was not a £450 chip 🙂

I agree with tom fully tho on the intel bashing, its out of control by rampant AMD fanboys. Plus some reviewers are been biased towards AMD which isnt helping the matter.

Jorge Gomez says:

So you are saying that future gaming chips that are 16 cores / 32 threads we would need to spend 1,000 USD? You are nuts man, fuck Intel and their overpriced shit…

REA Electric says:

Lets face facts…If Ryzen did not exist would Intel be releasing higher core count CPUs?

TheSinisterEyes1 says:

When a fan boy does review… were you paid like PT too?

Arion Florin says:

You are caught now! You use a POS motherboard that had throttled the CPU:

OnceAPunAThyme says:

I feel like I just came out of hiberation to find massively high Intel prices on CPUS that a few weeks ago seemed vaguely affordable. I would like to ask your channel and other big tech channels, are the people who can afford 2080TI and 9900K parts representative of the vast majority of the viewing audience? I appreciate why you reviewers use the fastest graphic card in order to remove the graphics card from the equation as being a bottleneck in a CPU review. I get why there is so much interest in the new non-budget tech and how it can be a marker for where pricing is going to go on older tech, absolutely, but… the sooner we get back to the reality of most people having much lesser budgets, the better; I think that can be a big determinator of Nvidia/AMD/INTEL/AMD’s pricing structures, as opposed to it being we’re having a bit of a strop because we’re not all wealthy.

Average O.B says:

dont matter how good it seem its still a shit price

spektrumB says:

Anyone criticizes Intel price/performance, operating temperature or whatever, will be labeled as AMD fanboys. So sad.

Steffen Agermann Christiansen says:

love ur channel and the way you do a review soo infromative and fun at the same time big thumbs 🙂

gagsmedia says:

Intel will send you a free cpu if you’re positive about it lol

1Arin says:

if you are still on a 2700K, wait for Ryzen 3000 imo for 7nm.

Jason Lewis says:

It’s a matter of diminishing returns, 100% more money for maybe 15% more performance. When we are talking 100+ FPS, with a decent. GPU with either AMD or Intel, you’re going to have a good gaming experience, an extra 10-15 FPS is going to make little difference, even more so when the majority of people are using 60hz panels. One thing is for sure, if AMD didn’t release Ryzen, intel would still be churning out 4c8t i7’s.

Blade says:

To be honest I don’t think the price is too bad I think both manufacturers make good CPUs to suit everybody’s needs it is a great time for the PC master race

slinging penguin says:

thats the choices i want to make lol

sky walker says:

Meltdown and spectre patches applied ? Or you won’t cause reduction in performance will make intel CPUs look bad? Lol. Oh BTW you can’t afford to do that when you are on Intel payroll .lol

Dirk Hackenberg says:

Pls watch this Video Shows why the temps are so low

Raklödder says:

I know it’s ridiculous, but would you dare to review the “Galax GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Hall of Fame” (it’s all white) and make a few jokes about the removable crown?


the amd vs intel fanboy comments are almost as bad as the xbox vs ps fanboy comments. only difference is there is no false information coming from the amd vs intel fanboys. the xbox fanboys constantly giving out false information.

heyguyslol GAMING says:

Ill just stick with my Commodore 64.

D3LTA KING says:

I remember when I was able to do 5ghz with my i7 5960x 8 core cpu back in 2015 on a phase changer and 5.4ghz on LN2. Now I can only hit 4.7ghz with my i9 7960x 16 core on a phase changer mind you it is double the core count and the power draw on it is insane. Great review I look forward to getting this i9 9900k cpu

Thomas Michael Schwarz says:

Why is Steve from hardware unboxed reporting temperatures with a standard AIO close to 100 degrees Celsius when overclocked at 5.1 GHz? And you say that is all BS?

elias.ruiiz says:

Do you think I can use it with a master air maker 8?

spektrumB says:

I don’t think using super cars as example is a correct reference. Those super expensive Ferrari are for the super rich. However 9900K and 2700X are both mainstream consumer products. Trying to defend a 15% performance boost with a 100% price hike in main stream product line doesn’t make sense.

Peter Thomsen says:

Im gonna spend 600 bucks on this cpu….and LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!

fullwerkes says:

You have been around for a long time but in all seriousness who are you trying to kid? This was one big waffle pandering to the manufacturers who send you this stuff. At least this wasnt as bad as your 2080ti video.

Ady Gosling says:

GAME TESTING — You used a gtx980 in october 2018, why not 1080ti or 2080ti? The i3-8350 oc matches your 9900k oc results at a 1/3 of the price. What happened to the 8700k OC? What resolution and settings have you tested at? You fail to list what the overclocked speed are for each processor, that graph is a total mess and the FPS results make no sense.

Noah Håkansson says:

finally a good review

Raklödder says:

I can’t imagine a Gigabyte motherboard (with the aforementioned VRM issues) running an i9-9900K without overheating.

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