Intel 8th Gen CPUs ACTUALLY REBRANDS?? – WAN Show August 25, 2017

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Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89.

00:01:39 – Linus’s New York trip
00:14:34 – Is Floatplane dying?
00:14:43 – Will WAN Show have to switch from XSplit to OBS?
00:17:57 – CrashPlan for Home is going away
00:22:48 – Half Life 2 Episode 3 story released, or is it just fan fiction?
00:33:01 – Sponsor: Freshbooks
00:34:40 – Sponsor: Savage Jerky
00:37:04 – Intel first 8th generation mobile chips are just updated 7th generation chips (Kaby Lake)
00:40:35 – Half Life (continued)
00:46:03 – Vega shortage could continue until October
00:56:42 – AMD outlined Threadripper and EPYC’s MCM advantage, claims 41% cost reduction
00:57:41 – Amazon made its first big move with Whole Foods
00:59:53 – New Apple TV
01:00:02 – [Rumor] Pixel 2 launching October 5
01:02:45 – Floatplane Club


draginator6 says:

Ok what the fuck. Here I am eating chocolate cake, playing some mario kart when I decide I’ll toss last weeks lan show on in the background. All of a sudden, MAKING DIARRHEA IC CUBES!!!

G Waites says:

honestly this was an absurdly funny and fantasticly amazing wan show! well done XDDDDDDD

Lynx Lynxov says:

Luke is awesome. He knows all the memes.

Damian Williams says:

It’s called… A “Poopsicle”

glasspoperz says:

Frozen poop is the original hockey puck

Brenda Ryan says:

Linus’ understanding of note taking shows his lack of respect for educating or others learning, what a bunt

Jacob Rhodes says:

So let me get this straight. These machines are as fast or faster than my Haswell i7
desktop. Crikey moses.

jolly riffic says:

a company built around technology and you use xsplit? even if they give you the full paid version, you still have less features than classic obs, it uses more resources when settings are set to identical settings.. dear god, get out of amature hour.

Alex Joel Del Cid Cedeño says:

mc donalds

virtual bot says:

I think they shouted you out .

ScoutingNugget says:

Just a comment on Savage Jerky… Maybe it is healthy and delicous, but its so freaking expensive!

John Doe says:

RE: HalfLife3 .. why would the NDA be over after a year? Its obviously fake otherwise he would be sued into oblivion.



Nick Kleeman says:

ownCloud may be a decent solution. I started using it to replace dropbox, and so far its been great.

Trevor Renkevens says:



HMS Fizz says:

Queer boy?

Liao Hunter says:

I was eating when i clicked this vid…

theLMGN says:

15:34 “I’m having a lot of problems with XSplit and alot of them have to do with capture cards (…)”
Camera not available.

Faisal 395 says:

why fake laugh??

virtual bot says:

So Linus , Guess you gatta go to HOT ONES and unbox therapy.

Cosmik says:

I love the look on Luke’s face when Linus says that Au Revoir means goodbye in Italian

Ismail Firaz says:

Luke doesnt watch LTT videos???

ExplosiveDischarge says:

With regard to CrashPlan ditching home users for local/p2p backup, this sucks! Linus is right, it was super easy and worked really nicely.
We’ve been doing a bit of digging around and trialled 3 alternatives, putting them through their paces from install to bare-metal recovery. Check out the video on our channel! 🙂

Léo Martin says:

“Aurevoir, that’s you say goodbye in Italian”, or how to trigger French people 🙁

TheBjinko says:

luke is  so  cute!

Orange Apples says:

NDA and IP are different. you guys were on the right track before you brought the other guy on. He seems cluelss about corporate and legal practices

grethro says:


Jason Baker says:

Eating while doing this show is the most annoying fucking thing in the world. Please stop.

Daksh Patel says:

Will the moving vlogs come to YouTube?

Some guy says:

8th gen is a rebrand of 7th gen which is a rebrand of 6th gen…

Craig Cooper says:

Sponsored by Razor now? I must have missed the logo last time… 😐

Michael Harris says:

I am interested in what you are going to use instead of Crashplan

Kingck says:

OBS is shit because if you try to capture anything other than 1080p it freaks out.

Naichen Zhao says:

Float Plane Never Dies!!!!

Archer's World says:

Thanks for the video. One comment: Maybe don’t eat during your videos — not very professional. Thanks for posting great content as always.

Jimmy Crackorn says:

I’d love it if manufacturers would go back to including product lines with native 120 Hz panels. Don’t get me wrong, 60 Hz looks good, but sometimes 120 Hz is just wonderful and useful. And not only do that but also make completely disabling strobing an option in the settings. The reason why I say that is because I’m epileptic and I can’t upgrade my TV to something I feel is truly worth the money. If I’m still paying for a 60 Hz panel with copy and paste strobing effects that can’t be disabled and will give me crazy seizure storms, as they always do, I feel like I’m getting robbed.

With black frames in between frames, the screen literally cutting light emissions from the entire panel and then emitting light from diodes that need to be on. It’s that action, that flashing light, that aggravate my epilepsy, which bears the potential to be fatal. I don’t want to risk dying just to enjoy smoother animations in shows and movies, and more visual data while gaming. I also think it’s bogus for them to ignore my demographic completely. It’s even worse when the fans relegate my concern to whining.

Fjerid says:

How come the i3-8350k actually beats the i5-8400? I was going for the i5-6600 for my brand-new gaming pc but with the launch of coffee lake… fuck i5, right? i3-8350k it is!

Robert Horsfield says:

24:43 Luke is vibrating… thought this wasn’t NSFW

Danielsworlds says:

another part to the half life thing is not only that hes not worked there for a year but that its also been 10 years sense the last game. so many people are guessing that there’s some other NDA or copy right thing that has lapsed connected to the game specifically and not just to him specifically

Mr Screamer says:

Where is the quad core Intel NUC? They have a u-processor … nothing … tumbleweed.

D i m a says:

AMD makes the RX500 series and everyone flips out because its a rebrand even though they made them better thermally and a small performance increase for price
Intel changes one number(7 to 8) and every thinks its the greatest thing ever

Simon Adrian Adalsteinsson says:


rayodaly says:

Half- baked stoners are a waste of time.

Michelle L says:

Japanese Porn?

darkinertia2 says:

Wow it sounds like the press gets treament like how gaming press used to back in the day with fancy dinners and apparently helicopter rides and thousands of dollars to “experience the note 8″… no wonder you never hear anything negative

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