Intel 8th Gen ‘Coffee lake’ CPU’s Benchmarked and overclocked vs AMD Ryzen

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Intel has launched its 8th Generation CPU’s code named ‘Coffee Lake’. We take a look at the differences between the new processors and benchmark them in against both the 7th Gen ‘ Kaby lake’ and AMD’s equivalent Ryzen CPU’s. We also overclock the new 8700K and 8600K CPU’s to 5Ghz!
Intel’s new chips show overall strong performance gains against the last generation and are really powerful for gaming.

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Thanks Guys!


Brad Dear says:

Pretty gewd

mohamed omar says:


Tee Jay says:

Good to see more competition, but Intel still looks like the way to go 🙂

Miguel S. says:


Miguel Angel says:

very good

Jedd Exedus says:


Jame Wole says:


Bruno Marcic says:

Its nice to see 6 core processor as mainstream processor. This generation of i3 and i5 are strong enough but i7 is a really monster

Alan Parratt says:


Florian Oprescu says:

I’m waiting for ryzen refresh to make a decision. hope is gona be in February or March next year

Sudden Revelations says:

Intel’s paper releases. If I catch a sale price soon I’ll be buying my first AMD processor

Cyril Delery says:

These CPU are amazing!

HypedUp Cat says:



tiene potencial

GunbusterDX says:


MrJellyco says:

pretty cool stuff

Sadychi says:

Amazing CPUs.

Seth Saturnalia says:

The box design is top notch

pierre-yves nechet says:

i love intel cpu, the best and clever cpu on the world !

Raven Hunter says:


Eugênio Camilo says:


Quadri Suleman says:

Very sexy :D.

Miguel Angel says:


Zalds Lim says:

coffee lake is a best upgrade for core 2 duo and thats it

David Watson says:

excited as im buying a vengeance ti from you soon which is a monumental upgrade for me as ive only had 2 shit computers , im looking forward to it and joining the PC master race !

Syaifullah says:

i like the design

mike spikeey says:

crappy lake is a scam

Vikas Sonkar says:

very informative

M. Molli says:

I still use an i5 3570K (Ivory Bridge)

Asofe17 says:

nd was auto overclock disabled in these benchmarks of “coffee lake” scam?

Radosław Greń says:

I don’t understand Intel. Each generation they make new socket and new plaftorms ;(

William Dao says:

Mein gott!

Patrick Wells says:

Core blimey!

Marko Mamut says:

I’ve always been a fan of the Intel processor, although last time AMD threatens to take part of the Intello cake I will still be loyal to Intelu, it does not have good experiences with older AMD processors, today’s Intel Coffey Lake are really the latest technology as gamers are always chose Intel

pejchaboss says:


Evgeniy Pokutniy says:


Shwediglazer says:


Tech Revival says:

Months salary gone !

fumei chan says:

Thanks for the video!

Riley Cleary says:


Jordi Ruiz G. says:

That 8700k seems mighty, although the 8600k seems a more viable option judging by it’s price.

Chris Baz says:

Nice so threadripper route looks best

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