Intel 7th Gen Core Processor Family – aka Kaby Lake

Intel 7th Gen Core Processor Family – aka Kaby Lake
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sonof hendrix says:

This has to be the most lame processor iteration from an Intel processor ever. The end of silicon can’t come sooner… Please bring on the next paradigm. It’s also Intel’s most confusing release ever, in an attempt to cover up the fact that its not worth the upgrade from the previous gen.

Anuar Saad says:

Kaby Lake + GTX 10XX,,, awesome

sangmoon Kim says:

클럭 12%상승대비 19%의 성능향상은 높은게 아닙니다. 스카이레이크도 클럭 높아지면 성능 높아집니다. 동일클럭에서 비교해야지 얼듯 클럭당 성능이 캐비레이크가 훨씬 좋은것처럼 착각하게 만드네요.

VemPyGT says:

is the i3 6100 can be paired with the new z270 boards?or only with kabylake cpu

Alexander H says:

I think the Zen processors will have better cooling and graphics just like the 7th i7. Because a i7 – 7500U can run Overwatch around 30fps with it’s own integrated graphics. Like and Reply if you agree.

Atilolzz says:

What about the integrated graphics? 🙂

Mustafa Mirza says:

should i buy an i3 6100 or wait for the kaby lake i3?

Prashant Rawat says:

i have i5 2500k … and i have not felt once to upgrade to a newer one ..

Liangshi Xu says:

3930k here, is it time to upgrade??? its almost 5 years old now.

BaconBat Gaming says:

Once the new chips come out, then the sky lake ones will have a price drop while still being kick ass. The only thing is since Kaby lake is for slim notebooks, then the prices in those will skyrocket

GTR Tech says:

Im your 30000th subscriber, nice job bro 😀

kemboy323 says:

You look like you’re gonna cry with those glossy eyes.

Zaimi Saleh says:

i just own i7-4710hq

JXSHH says:

Intels retarded. THEY JUST MADE SKYLAKE SOCKETS, now there going to fuck over the people who bought skylake motherboards, an make a whole new socket not even 2 years later thats 65% faster, GTFO. im going AMD


Intel making new gen of cpu’s like every 1 years.and that is innovation.not like AMD holding older cpu’s gens.

Mlg Quickscoper says:

Dude i am not being offensive , but why do you always sound soo monotone ? you should show some emotion or energy.

DragonFyZex says:

Give us our 6ghz processors already! Don’t stop at 5!

Exiled Void says:

i remember before they anounce the new cpu 7th gen they already release the spec of it in Google play App Intel Ark

Andrei Truca says:

No more buying Intel CPU ever becouse is too expensive. Intel = huge price always and always. And way is that? Becouse you pay at least $400 for only 1 year? Really?

DarkerOG says:

Should I wait for these cpus or should I just get the skylake i7 6700k?

Alwin Maxwell says:

Fuck Intel, lets jump to Zen.

Dummerbrella987 says:


CrackedDylMil says:

Still on a 3770k. Overclocked to 4.7GHz 1.245 V with water cooling and a slight BLCK increase.

Don’t see a need to upgrade.

lapirk says:

can a convertible with i7 7500U & 16gb ddr4 ram handle heavy cad applications like autocad and 3dsmax fluidly?

Fark Googol says:


Vandoeun Long says:

Will there be Kaby Lake for desktop or for laptops only?

John Bravo says:

So the integrated Iris graphics will be released around January? Or they will consider doing it only next year?

yahia louis says:

lga of the Intel 7th Gen ?

Science Fever # says:

can I use 6th generation motherboard foe kabylake

Alwin Maxwell says:

Intel are boring as fucks. Again 6 core mainstream CPUs will only be after 2 gens Kaby Lake 4C, Cannonlake 4C, Coffee Lake 6C.

I.T. Intern says:

how do you pronounce it? K(ah)bee or K(ayee)bee??

Deus Ex Machina says:

eww… we know Intel can do better than this , I wish AMD will hit Intel hard with their new incoming Zen processor , damn intel cash grab I will never upgrade my i7 4790k until new gen can be 50%> faster than this

Konor Sacks says:

boooo….not before Christmas..

Matt Grimes says:

7Y3-OH? That looks just like a Zero to me, but whatevs man.

Damian Chiliński says:

I don’t even care anymore about those “improvements” when I switched from core duo to i7-2600k render times dropped from 1h to 8min it’s like fuckin 800% difference. Not 12 lol…

BigChiefWiggles V says:

Apparently WINDOWS 10 ONLY, so yeah, even if you were willing to spend the extra money, even if you were willing to wait, even if you were willing to live with the relatively low improvement … you will also have to change to windows 10 … because fck you thats why, Intel and Microsoft are going to tagteam your rear till you cant sit.

David Perry says:

When will the Kaby-Lake E CPUs come out.

Jack Foobar says:

4 generations of the same exact nanometer really sucks. Man I hope AMD kicks them in the balls. 12%. Whoopty fucking do. That barely beats the cost of inflation.

monica geller says:

yeay..dedicated hevc 10bit decoder..must be perfect for like a home entertainment unit or something, my tv can’t decode hevc..hope they’re gonna make a budget home entertainment system

Tony Neptunes says:

Thx Good Info..

Mr11ESSE111 says:

early benchmarks shows only 10% faster over Skylake but Kabylake already have 5% higher base clock so IPC is about 5% over Skylake and only fools and rich spoiled kids/fools will upgrade on this cpu and Kaby lake will be available only in 4/4 and 4/8 c/t versions so that means that even i7 5820K which are Haswell and 6/12 will be faster in most of tasks and almost same in games like stupid Kaby Lake !!

QuickMovieMaking says:

lol, comparing this kaby lake to a 5 year old PC. Why did you not compare it to current gen ones?

TSF1234567 says:

so looks like im gonna be 1 gen late considering im building my pc this year

Hello says:

imma wait to these waste of money come out and then buy i7-6700k because its price is going to plumit.

Andrei Oprea says:

Almost 400$ for 2core 4 threads i7 same as i3?they must be crazy.

David Oakden says:

If you assume linear performance per clock… Which makes sense… Then that 12% increase should have been 13% increase… so… performance per clock has gotten worse?

98 Supra Fanatic says:

Already!? I just bought a 6600k. How can skylake processors be out of date after only like year

molasses says:

I hate your voice

Brandon Guerrero says:

Is the i7 noticibly better than the i5 for a laptop ? Im not very big on computer talk. Ill pretty much be using it for school, video/music streaming and downloading, and some video editing and some gaming.

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