Intel 7980XE and 7960X vs AMD 1950X! 18-Core i9 Benchmarks & Review

Intel 7980XE and 7960X vs AMD 1950X! 18-Core i9 Benchmarks & Review (Benchmarks @ 3:25)
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PARTS LIST (partial for now)
Intel Core i9 7900X –
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X (16-core/32-thread) –
ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme X399 Motherboard –
G.Skill TridentZ 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 3200 Memory –
NZXT Kraken X62 280mm Liquid CPU Cooler –

Many thanks to Intel, ASUS, AMD, G.Skill, OCZ, and NZXT for providing products shown in this video.

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Luis Salguero says:

how long did it take to realize that 18 is 2 more than 16?

KrKyoutube says:

Only 2 you need to look at, the 1950x and the 7900x
as they cost the same, 7960x costs 50% more and the 7980xe costs Double compared to 1950x.

musinclind37 says:

No way in HE double toothpicks am I going to pay Intel a Huge premium without very huge gains over the 1950 X from AMD. Price to performance value is excellent with AMD’s newest products!

JPLMONEY23 says:

I’m still happy with my i7 950 x58… thanks.

DOOM Slayer says:

why are these intel cpu’s so expensive? not just because they kick tr’s ass, but the fact that you have the satisfaction to say to an amd fanboy: “Mine it’s better”

what do you have there? a tr 1950x?


Pfff, my 7960X kicks the shit out of you r cpu.

b…but it’s 700$ cheaper

PFF, TIPICAL AMD FANBOY, do you think i care? you poor cunt, the reason i bought this was to laught in front of you, because mine it’s better in every way….except pcie lanes….wtf intel

yea wtf intel

conclusion, intel CPU’s are not for everybody, and there are people that just want the best of the best…no matter it’s double the price. the advantage in that it’s bcs they…have the best of the best…the disadvantage is that……there’s no disadvantage, if you aford these cpu’s that means you have no problem….

Paul's Hardware says:

Benchmarks start at 3:25!
So, um… what do you guys think I should do with the 7980XE now??

freak777power says:

Way to go Intel. F. AMD and their f. Micromanagement between gaming and content creation mode and still sucks in performance.

Jirekianu says:

So, 87%~ of the performance of the 7980XE, and doing so at fully half the cost with 20 more PCI-E lanes? Yeah. I’m still going to call this a win for AMD.

Johnny Baker says:

I am very, very happy with my AMD and see no need to go to incest I mean intel chips.

keptin kaos says:

ok simple i have seen performance benchmarks for these chips yes intel has a win but its not a$ 700 $1000 win 2 cores for $1000 really

Douglas Jones says:

Intel is an awesome chip, no doubt! but why would you buy it when you can have almost just as fast at half the price. is that xtra 1k dollars worth it> I think NOT!

John Bancroft says:

I think this just shows that the 1950X is an amasing produce for content creators and colourists like myself. no sane person is going to pay twice the price for such small performance gains. Lets see should I buy 2 litres of AMD juice for a £1 or 2.2 Litres of Intel Juice for £2. For gamers stick to your i7 7700K and a 1080ti. But gamers are not the target audience for these CPU’s.

MrLehi99 says:

Basically, buy either of the 16 core processors depending on what company you want to give your money to and laugh at the 7980XE.

Jayanth Kumar says:

Why don’t you include a % change indication for base vs peak? – Like for example : multithread cinebench scores for the 7980XE was just 15.8% higher than the 1950x Threadripper.

This helps us understand far clearer – and at a glance, what perf. gains are expected.

OrphanAnnie says:

I’m confused about your power draw numbers. In the review by GamersNexus, in a Blender workload, the Threadripper chips drew about 150W, while the Intel parts drew closer to 220W. I’m confused how you got Total System power draw to even out. What happened?

Ronald Bigbie says:

Great video Paul. I can hear them now, “mom I only need $3000.00 this week for a new iPhone X and a 7980X CPU.”

Hano Hansen says:

and 2000$ is 1100$More Than 900$

catsspat says:

I personally think it’s insane to build a high-end system with a lot of RAM without *any* ECC support.
At least ThreadRipper has unofficial support.

John Miller says:

@Paul’s Hardware only 1 gaming benchmark, and you use GTA… . . .

joemygod1960 says:

What is up with the insane power usage on the 1950X? Linus has 227watts, Steve from Hardware Unboxed has 257watts, and Hardware Canucks has 260watts from the wall. 455watts is suspiciously high for a 1950X in terms of total system power consumption.

Probably Not A Chicken says:

The i9 7980xe is like bedrock. I can’t dig it.

Roger Skagerström says:

About the intro – MetalicAcid is his nickname. The PC is called “Nano Machine” 😛

Light Elf from Elven Village says:

1900 IS 900 more that 1000.

Greg Caballero says:

We need more Paul Dog Tips!

Preetham Sai says:

1:06 Free Heartattacks!

Joël Germain says:

but if intel turbo boost 2.0 cut some core for better Per core performance, and amd dont do that thing, getting just raw power per core, for people needing to do multitasking, like loading every core possible, i wonder if intel would still get better result.

I dare you @paul’s hardware to test that. runing a 4k video encoding and playing game, or benchmark at the same time, and ask has many task possible to fill the cpu and see real life performance.

geekchaser says:

unsubbed… disappointing that you didn’t include AMD’s what? Ya know what it is… BAD!!

Bratan Ivanov says:

epyc 32 cores is 14 more than 18…


Hi Paul, Can you please recommend any medium budget graphics card and Intel CPU for decent 4K gaming experience ?
BTW I am not a hardcore gamer. Thanks.

milo1721 says:

No OC Ryzen cpus ? Must be another intel biased video. Going over to Gamers Nexus, unsubscribed.

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