Intel 7820X i7 X299 8C16T CPU Review

So yes I only have the 8 core – Intel have not sent any *official* UK samples out at all yet. Epic.


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Zach Hayes says:

Dude u need time skips if you insist on 40 minute videos

Martgician says:

In answer to you question: “would you watch if the video was a week late”
Yes, you are the only youtuber I’ve come across that goes in depth when reviewing a product and I like the way you present information as well as your vocabulary 😀 Thanks TTL!

thereddog223 says:

I understand you being annoyed but I like your reviews and will watch them.

MisterUkuboy says:

I honestly have no interest in any of the x299 cpus. I’m more interested in threadripper. I do enjoy your content though, so when you do release your reviews I am going to watch them. I hope intel gets their stuff together and sends you your cpus.

Alican Avcar says:

A tablet would save paper cost and reduce damage to environment even though they use different stuff to make paper now.

Well just like Ryzen launch it seems like Intel is having Memory issues too. From what I gathered around 15 min marker.

Quote: ” Get Better Graphics Gard”

I got the 1800X because I stream, and play games at same time. 2 System setup heated my room too much.
Also if you are streaming with low bitrate you need more Horse Power. Fun fact; it’s cheaper to buy high end CPU then calling your ISP and asking them to lay a fiber line to your house, which costs from 10,000$ to 50,000 $ .
If you are lucky to get an internet with decent upload, 5-10Mbps upload, yea. You can even use Celeron or i3 to stream at that point.

Lewis Scott says:

Keep posting the same content man. You’re the bomb, we all appreciate the hard work. You’re the only reviewer that constantly provides in depth unbiased content.

Star of Eden says:

intel is a looser and hes my bitch

Oliver Maldar says:

I have the same Corsair Air 540 case. It’s the best case ever for low temps and lots and lots of airflow. 🙂

BramSLI1 says:

Just purchased my R7 1700 and a Gigabyte GA X370 Gaming K7. Watching this is fucking hilarious! Great review, Tom!

boatrat74 says:

You’re a good man, Tom! Keep yer chin up! At least us regulars will traffic your website a bit, even if we’re not new eyes! And you always do the best motherboard reviews by far anyway, so you know we’ll be back for those. Wait ’till that 12-core version of this comes out in a couple months. That’s when the graphs vs. AMD will start getting interesting.

zagan1 says:

Use paper it’s so much better and easier to read

Star of Eden says:

AMD = more bang for your buck=more cores for your money=more pcie lanes for your performance happiness

Eko Prasetyo says:

Paper is fine. You look more professional.
Tablet will simply make you look pretentious

Equinox - says:

Hey Intel, Netburst called and wants its 100c temperatures back.

Mark Bacani says:

36:05 if you want to hear the rant portion

Turboslang says:

No sweat mate,.. 7820x is only relevant cpu

Brett Bates says:

Keep doing what you’re doing and go ahead and review the other CPUs when you get your hands on them. You still have a depth in your reviews that nearly no other outlets do at this point. We used to have folks like Anandtech who could dive deep near the end of launch, but most of them have done away with that to have reviews done in time for NDA (Not saying I blame them for doing it that way, just the state of things as it is).

About the NDAs? Well, if Intel won’t give you samples anyway, and they can’t threaten you with serious legal action… Then, I mean, why not?

craig blackwood says:

People keep saying dealings with the UK have been damaged by BREXIT. Is that possible or just misinformation?

Florin Musetoiu says:

So.. no temperatures ?

Jaron Parkin says:

I don’t buy a processor, until you review it. Intel’s loss on this one.

Dex4Sure says:

We will watch your reviews even if they come late, Tom. No one goes as much in detail as OC3D TV does. And not many are as brutally honest.

Ron Moes says:

Let’s face it Intel is fucked! I’m waiting for Treadripper man. Intel should start lowering prices if they want to survive. 😉

eywhatswrong says:

I’m gonna watch your content Tom regardless when it comes out because I am here to watch YOU ramble on, in YOUR fashion about product.

kaz05050 says:

I love my 1700 stock clocks and cooler even tho i wish i would have waited for the 1600,and depending on the games i play my system stays nice and cool,

Teen Shinobu Is best Waifu says:

how can Intel keep putting shit thermal paste on such expensive CPU’s? AMD solders there CPU’s.

Tortuga says:

I’ll still tune in. I have no interest in an intel x299 rig. But I grab a beer and listen. I love the long format vids.

User Apego says:

Didnt like the rambling but subbed for the rant 🙂

Brecht Schatteman says:

Wait what, there is some review on the 7820X? I thought every reviewer would stick to i7 7740X and i9 7900X because those are the easiest to shit on intel… While from the reviews on the 7800X and 7820X I found that the 7800X could compete with the 1800X on many practical benchmarks, most exceptions are rendering where ryzens extra cores do make a difference. But the 7820X has around 20% better performance in those rendering benchmarks than the 1800X and is 20% more expensive. And the benefits is that the X299 offers enough chipset PCIe lanes for not bottlenecking a NVMe drive when using something else from the schipset such as the wifi or LAN or data HDD. So for gamers, the 7800X will probably offer the same as the 1800X delivers at much lower price. Wait what? Intel offers a financially better CPU option than both the 1800 and 1800X from AMD?

BootStrap Gamer says:

Don’t get down mate, I’m pretty sure like me lots of folks watch CPU reviews whenever you lot put them out. Simply put good quality and complete reviews are good regardless when they come out.

biggshoes says:

ill watch you next week anyway bud… ill even look at the ad’s =)

Sypherian says:

I’m genuinely sorry for you that Intel are such douche bags. I just recently assembled a Ryzen 1700 system for a buddy of mine and I am considering a Ryzen or Threadripper for myself. So I loose a couple of frames here and there no biggy I will mainly use it for gaming, Hyper-V and VMWare. I’m litterally fed up with Intels way of doing business, especially the way they have stripped some of the PCI-E lanes from the lower end CPU’s and it only goes to show that they are well on the greedy side.

I’ve always enjoyed your content and it is obvious that you pour your body and soul into bringing this content to us. So I’ll wait for your reviews on the other SKU’s and is Intel ending up not sending them cause they are acting like a spoiled brat well fuck’em I won’t watch a review then. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!

urowskiilive says:

– 28 PCI-E lanes on an 8 Core HEDT Processor is a dealbreaker!
– Paying 1000€ for 44 PCI-E Lanes is a dealbreaker!
– Combining a Kabylake X with a X299 motherboard and basically turn a 400€ X299 to a 120€ Z270 board is a dealbreaker!
– Unsoldered CPUs at this pricepoint is a dealbreaker!
– Delidding is needed to get a good OC with reasonable temperatures – warranty is affected – dealbreaker! 😀
– Performance per watt and price to performance is just not good (especially when compared to Ryzen and (assumingly) Threadripper.)

+ RAM game seems to be on point, as always.
+ You get a 10 Core Intel for “Just” 1000€
+ High OC’s are possible (with some good cooling)
+ The newest and best(?) I/O on the X299 chipset

Yep, AMDs threadripper will be a better choice! Especially if they somehow manage to get their CPUs to clock at higher speeds.

mortl says:

If you can afford a motherboard twice the price of Z270 but not the fitting CPUs shouldn´t you rather invest the money into a GPU?…

mirdaVG says:

That face at the end of video…almost pissed my pants there :D… Great video like always, just keep them coming.

Deviltamer says:

Dont change, your reviews are almost unique in their lvl of depth. If i really wanna know about a specific Hardware i look for your take on it.

4GB MEANS 4GB says:

LOL so you say the volts sky rocket after 4.8ghz and then say so do the temps, but then say its the thermal paste not the sky rocket in voltage that causes the temps lol.

Excal abur says:

Just validates what many people have been saying all along Tom, Intel don’t give a flying fuck about anyone, so we should all not give a flying fuck about Intel and stop supporting them, the only way to hurt them is in the hip pocket!

Dolphin_pizza says:

Is there still any performance difference between pcie 3.0 16x vs 8x?

Varinder Bains says:

Correct me if i am wrong, but doesn’t the i7-7820x beat the Ryzen 1800x in nearly all tests including gaming by a healthy margin…The 1800x has real problems getting past 4ghz and the 17-7820x goes way beyond that, granted good cooling will be required for anything past 4.6ghz..

Bottom line, I’m looking to upgrade and just want the best 8 core, 16 thread cpu for a mix of gaming and encoding/video work and for roughly a £100 more the i7-7820x looks better all around than the 1800x. Please give me any feedback you think makes sense other than cost as I can afford either CPU+Motherboard combination + the fact that I already have DDR4 -3000 ram..

My 0x1E says:


Chris Telting says:

In say August or September I think Intel will have upped their production numbers of higher core processors significantly and we will see a big price drop. I can see their 8 core part dropping to at least $350 by Christmas. And we will finally see 6 cores around $200ish.

But to be honest Intel isn’t worried about the Desktop market. Threadripper and Epic will decimate the server market cutting their revenue at least in half within two years and then there will be a year after that before they can recover a portion of that.

We are at the end of the road. All we have left is 7nm (maybe 5nm by 2025) and Intel isn’t all that far ahead anymore. AMD decided to go right to 7 themselves so as not to fall back again. Intel can’t just outspend and be the top performer anymore. And the money is in servers. AMD also has an open door policy for Licensing their design and in general are more open so supercomputer companies in China and elsewhere are more likely to use their processor.

Where is there left for Intel to go? Beta did not win against VHS.

I think the only place for them to go is a merger and new markets.

4GB MEANS 4GB says:

My 4790k at 5ghz hits 90% cpu usage in a lot of newer games at 1440×3440 100hz screen. And you’re saying i shouldn’t get an 8 core? What bout a 6 core? What happened to all the fanboys saying 4 cores aint enough for 5 years since fake 8 core FX cpus came out?

KazuichiX says:

A) Silicon lottery – I and many others wnat to see what different clocks and voltages people will get on CPU’s. So really people getting out reviews sooner is kinda beside the point. More the merrier.

B) Saying your CPU reviews don’t matter is implying everyone else’s CPU review are the same quality as yours. I remember linking your Ryzen review and clock vids on the AMD reddit/discord and the entire thread was surprised and impressed with how sophisticated and long your review was. But to me I am used to that level of quality and concise reviews so I hadn’t noticed this.

Long story short. Your loyal viewers will always still want to watch your reviews and to us true enthusiasts there is no such thing really, as too much information on a CPU. As we all know all silicon isn’t equal.

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