Intel 7700K – Complacent CPU or Ryzen Killer?

Has Intel pushed performance ahead in the last 10 years? Let’s take a look!

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Sick of IT says:

my scanners scan some fagg in the room

Qiming Zhang says:

hold E3v3, wait for i7 10700K 😛

Corvo Houge says:

Ryzen won

MobileCyris says:

Loling at all the old Cheap CPUs people have saying skylake and Kabby lake aren’t worth it. Smh

Detmer says:

Like I would buy a quad-core new, those days are over! 😀

Q6600, Q9650, i7 920, Xeon X5675 (6 core), > Ryzen (finally a affordable 8 core)

Anon Anon says:

my 4790k broke, good to know that intel is still making them

EeveeTube MC says:


Kim Jong Un says:

A 1700X is better than the 7700k. I think. DON’T HURT ME!

hola9600 says:

full oc guide pls

WeeDKill420 says:

Fuck AMDS Cheap ASS Product’s

Dave Perrie says:

where’s Linus

top kek says:

why is my Intel I5 4600 so darn hot it’s 50°C idle 81°C underload just wondering

Twin Turbo says:

I’m still running a P4 single core at 2.0 Ghz.. think I might upgrade.

Sad Penguin says:

Guide pls

Black US says:

Sorry for the stupid question, but does this processor (or any other really) comes with a plastic over the pin area? (not the plastic cover, but after you remove the plastic cover, a thin layer of plastic over the pin area)
I’m having problems with my processor and i might send it to the assistance, it is hard to explain why… Help someone?

No trolls please

Cookieking Gaming says:

The price has dropped a lot since this video!

HockeyPlayoffRun says:

I cannot emphasize enough how most of your viewers watch this at low resolution. I do not have a 4k TV never mind a computer monitor. 720 is my level of viewing many have replied to me they use even lower because that is what they have

WeeDKill420 says:

Intel 4 Life Beouchs

Darin Mitchell says:

Just got the i7 770K over the Ryzen and now I regret it… did I make the wrong choice?

Franku Doge says:

4.6GHZ from a 6700K? That’s shit! I get 4.9GHZ out of my 4790k running at 1.299v and I only hit 60c max. I run it at 4.8 though just to be extra safe, although I still get 982 on cinebench.

Killar Slaughter says:

full oc guide plzzz

WeeDKill420 says:

RYZEN lol More Like FALLEN

weedblaze Ɽ says:

420GHz yooooo I love you intel

Zephyr L says:

Last cpu im buying from them. Amd next, only got trouble with this CPU so far.

Ennyway says:

From what I’ve read, the single-core processing seems to be pretty good overall, even the cpu as a whole doesn’t necessarily impress. I still play the hell out of older games that are locked to two cores, and one of them, New Vegas, is so close to being in the 50-60fps range at all times with a 4690k. Anyone have any idea if an upgrade to a 7700k would iron out those last frames? It’s not a GPU issue, as I experience no increase/decrease between vanilla textures and hi-res stuff. I’d spend any amount of money to run New Vegas at the best possible performance, and am definitely willing to drop however much on a new cpu/motherboard/RAM kit to finally hit 55-60 on the strip.

Pieter says:

I upgraded from a I7,3770k and in this case, it is really a good update.

Haddz says:

“High end processor” I got one of eBay that works for $25

Flemma says:

Isnt 1,35V too much for the i7 6700k? i clocked my I7 6700k to 5GHZ its stable on 1,30- 1,35V with temps max 75C°

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