Intel 6950X Review – A $1,700 Processor??

Do more cores make for a better processor? Let’s find out if the Intel 6950X can justify its seemingly ridiculous US$1,700 pricetag…

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Rasmus Sundström says:

And I thought my upgrade to an i5 would be a game changer…

Cool User says:

Screw this. I’d just get a i5 and play Minecraft and Sims3 on it

William Shockley says:

$1700 PC is apparently only “pretty good”

Colin Daugherty says:

And I have an overclocked 8-core AMD FX series at 5.00 gHz. That I paid less than $150 for.

Dave Perrie says:

This channel is called Linus tech tips so where is Linus? What about that?

♠Ripley♠ says:

That computer right next to you, what are the specs?

Lucas Richelly says:


T SexyRexy says:

I want a processor with 1000 cores with hyper threading

xXJAYMOXx says:

DAFUQ?? 1Million views???? Okaaaaaay…

KennyKartel says:

Intel can go fuck themselves with that price

shaun phillips says:

Cinebench no multitread benchmark…….

Jordan Truong says:

When a processor costs more than your pc

Marnus Riley Collins says:

My problem is why do amd rayzen compare whit intel lower cpu why not the 6950x they no they wil loose

Noah says:

Any idea how or where I can sell mine? It’s brand new and eBay isn’t an option because the seller fees would be stupid expensive.

TheGoldenJeffery says:

Really good performance, I sold my kidney. But more performance! 😀

monkeh88 Entertainment says:

i bought this cpu recently , its a beast

Mher Hakobyan Cinematography says:

Can you explain me what does it mean when on the TOP of i7-6950x processor is written Intel confidential?

D R says:

Is a Intel i7 6900k worth for gaming?

Amir Kay says:

Would you revisit this test with new Ryzen + The good old Gulftown i7-980X?

MadIIMike says:

I’m not a content creator (thinking about it, tough), but IMO it would be more viable to simply run the rendering etc. on some older Server.

Not only wouldn’t I want to put the stress on a Gaming PC (yeah I know it might not affect the lifespan much), I’d also want the Redunancy and FB ECC Ram… and the fact that those things are supposed to run 24/7.

Ryzen does seem like a good compromise for the lower budget content creators, tough.

Hagelvernichtung Von Menschheit says:

but does it run crysis doh?

RCMJC says:

6800k is the best bang for buck!


my game needs more gigahertz not more cores…so no hope for me i guess

Тенчо Тенчев says:

When you like video games but you also like to send people to Mars in the same time.

Swizh GG says:

$170 processor now that Ryzen has arrived

raxit bisht says:

gooo to ebay buy a 2 xeon and mother ram less then 1700 and it will destroy benchmark

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