Intel 6700K “Skylake” CPU

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Should you upgrade to a Z170 motherboard and a “Skylake” processor?

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SRAVAN S says:

youre eyes are so sleepy

dexter0010 says:

i have a core 2 duo e7400 2.8ghz and gpu is hd 7750 2gb sapphire with 3gb ddr2 ram and i’m looking to upgrade to maybe a i5 6600k or i7 6700k and a gtx 1070 with 8 or 16gb of ram right about next year

Cali says:

2600K FTW! My next upgrade will be Zen.

Ryois says:

Lol when u start talking about Braintree pay pal sent an email

Gary Meyers says:

Just upgraded to the 6700k i7 from my 2550K i5 bought back in 2012. It is a huge upgrade from what I can tell, both jumping 4 generations and going to an i7. Yes, Sandy Bridge is still able to cut through most games and is still perfectly good for most people. I could have survived for another year or two probably. But I am so glad I upgraded. Great time right now during Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. Picked up the 6700k for $299, 16GB 2666 Corsair LED Ram for $90, an INWIN 303 for $75 and an MSI Krait Gaming 3X Mobo for $120. All said and done I paid about $580. 100% worth it. I’ve been playing BF1 and it’s far more stable, far less frame drops, far smoother overall and 20-30 fps more. That’s with the same R9 390 GPU. I could have gotten a better GPU, but then I’d still be running almost a 5 year old system. If anyone is on the fence about upgrading from Sandy Bridge, I recommend it if you can. You will see performance gains all over and you will be refreshing your entire system basically. A better choice than getting a GPU that will then be bottle-necked by your 5 year old hardware and will continue to get older and more outdated.

MeGusta109 says:

2600k is still kicking ass after all these years but I’ll probably upgrade to next years model

FunnyMau5 says:

Ahhhh, no wonder why my 2400mhz memory runs at 2133mhz

Eric Witte says:

I’m running 20C less prime 6700k vs 4790k! mostly upgraded for higher max memory and pcie SSD native support.

Trevor Smith says:

I have the 6700k and 2133mhz hyperx fury 8gb (2X4gb) on the asus z170-A but it only lets me use 1 ram stick, the other one wont work and when i use both ram sticks, i dont get a display and the memok light is on. can anyone help????

Judge Dredd says:

same cpu and i am running 2133 ram 16gig

maxauto44e says:

upgrading from a core 2 quad 3ghz to this i7; still on windows xp xD

The Hyper Gamer says:

am I the only one who saw the pc master race ghost?

Marcos C says:

is this a build
i5 6600k
gtx 970
212 evo
16gb ddr4 3000mhz
500watt evga psu
z170a pcmate msi
i hope to get 60 fps on most aaa games at 1080p.

Grumich says:

These “unstoppable” ads won’t let me see the videos. (I’ve seen this before from this ad provider.) It plays an ad or two (Or in one case SIX) then it jumps into another video entirely. Get rid of it!

Me raidu says:

What motherboard would you recommend for this socket in the 150 – 200$ range

cucumberman1234567 says:

Does the skylake still take the normal LGA 115x air coolers?

celicagt4able says:

i use xeon e1230 v5

Cody Ruffenach says:

5:52 Was the Skylake Stock for Far Cry 4 supposed to say Max: 22 and Min: 44 for the benchmarks?

thelaborinthian says:

0:40 wash and repeat

Lofty Smalls says:

“2600k FTFW” LoL

AirportHobo Triggers Me says:

Just bought an i7 6700k for my new build. I hope it works!

MrNangle says:

I have a 4770k what are the new versions of that?

ATRG81106 // Ahmed The Random Gaming says:

980 ti I THOT HE SAID 1080 TI AND I WAS LIKE /( ‘ ‘ ) __(NO WAY)

Friedrich Miller says:

I still dont need MOAR power than the i7 870 can deliver… still works fine 😛

Harry Rehnquist says:

I just upgraded from an FX8320 to this 6700K. Big improvement lol

The Profile Picture Artist says:

Well I guess I’m selling my crappy Windows 10 because I used so much mods on that PC that it’s terribly slow. So I got the new windows 7 for about like $700/750 and I upgraded it by placing a new gpu. The Zotac GeForce 960 2GB etc.

*List of What I’m Planning To Sell*
1. Windows 10 computer
2. GT 610

Should I keep the GT 610? I see people using more than one video card that is working in one computer which is actually cool but I’m not sure that I have at least two slots for that.

DarthBloodyVader says:

can i get away with Cooler Master Hyper 412s on i7-6700k ?

Mr.Mister says:

Adverts…..adverts everywhere.

Imran Shamsul says:

ultimaker or ultramaker?

Papa Bear says:

I got an overclocked I7-950 from 2010… not that much of a difference, 3000MT/s and 900Mhz stock, clocked its almost equal in clock speeds… In the early 2000s every processor jump was at least noticeable.

Lawrence Lorenzo says:

i had a sandy bridge i7 2600 non k for 4 years. Recently upgraded to Skylake 6700k and it improved my gaming experience on AAA games like BF1 and Rise of the Tomb Raider. I think my old set up is just showing its age. Id say its an OK upgrade if you have a Sandy Bridge based pc and want to “modernize” your pc good enough for the next 4 years.

Jack Cunnington says:

Would this work with an asus z270e motherboard?

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