Intel 5960X 8 Core DDR4 CPU with Asus X99 Deluxe Review

8 Cores – 16 Threads of Intel awesomeness coupled with some sexy DDR4 – its nerd p0rn time!


Scott Ennis says:

I’m all over the i7 5960x with an asus x99 ws mb, 64gb ram and 2x nvidia gtx 980 in sli for 4k video editing and color correction. Really fast setup. Love the cores! Worth it on my end for 4k editing and cc. Great review and test bro! Keep it up.

Steve's Mixed Bag says:

Anything above the 5960x ?  I see the E5-2687W V3 , another $1000 for 2 more cores and a little more cache + no simple overclocking .  Seems the 5960x is the best price/performance unless u wana spend $5000 on two xeons and a MB to support it .  I don’t game, this will be a dedicated A/V system  and it’s upgrade time . 

Christopher Boose says:

I’m sure under the right circumstances this is an impressive CPU, but mostly it means you’re going to have a lot of cores sitting around doing nothing.

iDC-El_CANGRY_V1 says:

yheaa mine is 33 multiplaye and dosent let me overclo more xmp profile 125 strapp in tobet to get my ram running at 2300hz soo my recoment datio is you wan hig cach ram make suere you stwik the 2 in the bottong i know mi multiplayer suck wont let you over clock you cpu whit hig ram su it suck some time

Terry says:

1:05 Laughed so hard XD “and.. OVERclocking”

Kíre Howard says:

What kind of case do you have?

elkuartostudio says:

Need help please. I have the 5960x and asus x99 deluxe and for some reason I can overclock on bios but when boots into windows it always shows stock speed, 3.0ghz but bios shows 3.7ghz. Any help?

Chiney T.N.T says:

This dude is always swollowing his spit when he pauses!! Dude get a fucking glass of water !!!! It’s annoying

aedrah says:

5960X is great

aedrah says:

my 5960X system is really great. Using MSI X99 motherboard. The only problem I’ve had has been disabling Windows 10 spying.

sranjesuper says:

i have a intel i5 3570K at 4.4ghz and a 980gtx at 1.5ghz. I got battlefield 4, farcry 4, assetto corsa, grid autosport, assassins creed, and tomb raider

i can play ever game maxed out with an average of 60fps + except asseto corsa

with all maxed out, 20 cars on the field, asseto corsa gives me 30fps average… with 5 cars, i get 50-60fps average… so this means asseto corsa would benefit from a better CPU. And the reason is, because it has a very heavy physics engine, which is handled by the CPU, while all the other games use the GPU and HAVOK physics to help out.

So simulations will always be more cpu heavy than just pretty games.

ZMO999 says:

Please help … i bought the i7-5960X and asus 99x deluxe but the ram still not yet shipped from amazon and I ordered 4×8 ddr4 2800mhz so should I continue to buy it or should I cancel my order and buy 2133mhz ram that matches the cpu?
Will the 2800mhz help or its waste of money?

Maloriak says:

You’re awesome bud! Just exactly what I was looking for, an extense explanation and review abut this monster!  You’re amazing bud!


where is the PSU?

pop202 says:

what psu he got?

Andriel Loxley says:

love your video’s.. thanks, on the msi z87 gd65 gaming motherboard review & overclocking 4770k haswell 1150.can you guys do a video on MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK motherboard-overview and overclocking with i7-5930k 2011-3v.  haswell, With the extra fine-tuning in the bios.thanks.

ahmad al-sabbagh says:

What is this case brand and model behind him??

233kosta says:

48:40 *Not a real 8 core

Should have been a K10 extension, not a polished turd.

Carrots says:

Will the 5960x work in the new Deluxe 2?

thereddog223 says:

yeah if youre spending 1k on a cpu buy a better water cooler

DRTMaverick says:

OMFG HELP ME!  How do I contact you?  I have the x99-E Workstation by Asus, I need help getting the 5960x above 4.3GHz.  Please message me or something, I’m also on freenode IRC registered nickname Maverick.

freakysqeaky says:

Awesome review, the best one i’ve seen on the web!
Thank you its helped alot. 10 thumbs up!!

Spirit-play says:

просто пидор американский , а он не в курсе, т.к русский не знает )))

ILLove Trance says:

this guy always get a golden chip, my 5960x cant even go over 4.1 GHZ

Corvette Dude says:

Such regurgitation of information. Find me someone with a masters or PhD in computer engineering so they communicate at my level.

Globaltakeover Moto says:

Lol. I am running rampage V extreme with 5960X and dominator platinum 2800 MHz… I have seen it hit 4.280 GHz CPU and 3100 MHz ram frequencies… Using CPU level up… Its a frekin beast… I love it…. The new X99 chipsets and ddr4 boards have a lot more to fiddle with in bios…. Like ALot… I was getting lost in settings pages on the extreme board in bios…. Ram settings… CPU settings… bus… Everything… Its insane the amount of stuff u can adjust on these things.

ceesay2010 says:

yep just got 5960x and x99 asus deluxe  and thx tom for vid and info on x99 platform hope see more vids and info on this ………….. 😀

233kosta says:

I’m sensing a new CAE rig coming along sooner or later, but I want at least 4GHz RAM clock, or it’s just not worth the time.

Here’s one for the hardcore performance freaks though: Would it be worth the extra 2 grand on top to get the x12 Xeon? The software’s ridiculously memory heavy (to the point where it becomes impossible to run some of the stuff on a gaming grade rig), will use every last bit of performance a core has to offer, but will therefore be adversely affected by hyperthreading (hence it gets switched off). So – 4 more cores, or a gigahertz on top?

Kay Oz says:

I was thrilled to watch this video! I bought the 5960X and EVGA X99 Micro. All looks and works fantastic, but, I am having trouble maintaining a stable overclock at anything other than the stock 3.0 GHz. Any direction or advice is welcome to get me overclocked before Christmas. Thanks and have a great Holiday Season. KO

Matteo Ceccarini says:

I am looking for an advice: I have found an offer of an used Xeon E5-2697 V2, for roughly the same price of a brand new 5960X. I need lots of computational power for intese cpu rendering in Maxwell Render, and I am wondering whether the faster cores of the 5960X would perform similarly to the slower but more numerous ones of the Xeon.
In both the cases, I would install them on an Asus (X79 or X99 accordingly) -E WS motherboard.

iDC-El_CANGRY_V1 says:

how much mulstiplayer you got

1Cichfishy says:

There is SO much stuff crammed in such a small space, I’m thoroughly amazed that any of this works in the first place. 

steven Lee says:

good vid on the 5960x

Mihail Savov says:

I’m sure I’m not the first person suggesting that you remind of Shane MacGowan from The Pogues. Not saying this with any bad feelings though, it was one of the initial reasons for me to start following your channel. Just wanted to mention this for quite a bit.

Stance says:

So crazy man..

lowellaby says:

Love the Intel Extreme graph (40x compute performance in 11 years wowwww!) and also your calmly paced, non-music video editing — this is my kind of video. I got a 2600K a couple years ago, and next will get the 5960X but a couple years from now! Cheers!

madwilliamflint says:

Love it.  Sitting here with that board and that cpu, putting it together and have your vids playing in the background.  *o/*

Michael The Sociopath says:

4 30

Markus HmW says:

Wow it’s made in the USA

otycyrrus says:

Can you tell when the I5(that supports ddr4) will be released?

SmokeyAshes Music says:

Intel went from 2003 1.7 M Transistors to 2014 2.6 B Transistors. Jesus Christ. I knew the difference was big but damn.

ZombieX069 says:

AMD fangirls gtfo.

Guy9998 says:

If I was still living at home then I’d be all over this.  My 3770K still does well though thankfully.

shot-GUN -rusty says:

hi m8 I have a i7 6700k and want this 5960k for gaming and to be future proof is it worth it ?

Aidan Såge says:

5-960x? no… 5960x. not that 5-9 crap.

monkeh88 says:

lol this is my next build 😀 just 1 extra 980ti sc is needed

DARQUE says:

So much information!  Love it and subscribed 🙂

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