Intel 4th generation Core i5 & i7 processor series codenamed Haswell

The new Intel processors are here, with both performance, features and energy efficiency improvements! Linus has the details.
In-depth review by HWC:



SkengSupplier says:

Skylake has landed.

Schniedelwutz says:

I have read that the new i-generation produces a lot of heat:

ryan vaughan says:

has well done it a agan 1150 cpu s nice ?!

Donovan Bent says:

I7 4910mq btw

Double D's says:

should i get the i5 if i am just gaming playing stuff like minecraft or battlefield 4

Baha lol says:

(world of warcraft) My computer’s problem running this game. I currently have a AMD Phenom iix4 820 2.8Ghz, 8Gigz of ram, and a Asus Geforce 340 GT. At High setting i run about 15-20 Fps at Shrine and about 20-35 in H 10 man raids. So i tired up grading my Card and my PSU to a PHY GTX 650 2 gig DDR5. and Tired it out and it seems to being doing the same as my other one. with same fps. could this be my processor slowing me down?

Matthew McCagh says:

Linus is Baked!

Harvey brooks says:

I have the i5-4460 and I say it is more worth a budget gaming build. not like my last rig that had a fx-6300. sure amd is okay but the 4460 is a more worth while budget per-performance.

ZombiePanda402 says:

This video was made on my Birthday two years ago! I may buy the Intel Core i5-4460 as a gift for myself this year!

socrates lourenço says:

são os 2 melhores processadores do mercado atualmente

kiran goud says:

Which is the cheapest intel processor with intel HD 4600 graphics and intel HD 5000 graphics ???

Chukni Chukni says:

Is this better 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-4460 Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.4 GHz) than the i7 for playing Minecraft, crysis and battlefield 4?

Preston COC says:

Which is the best 4th gen i7 for gaming, streaming, and video editing? It would be mainly the streaming and gaming

Michael Shimer says:

He looks so high

Babu Diy says:

is their any processor i7 4th gen?

Kevin Ping says:

Since the Z87 is not much of a difference to Z77, why the hell Intel keeps changing socket every Tick and Tock cycle?

alex Prov says:

Anyone else notice his breathing pattern?

TheJadeFist says:

Why is the newer socket a lower number?

Travis Mohan says:

will the onboard graphics of an i5 4440 be enough to run windows graphics until i can buy a gpu ?

thebrownieguy says:

Does an i5 4460 work with an asus mobo with b85 chipset?

budai laslo says:

I got this cpu I7 4790 and asrock h97 pro4, my bus speed is at 99.76 which translates into idle 798.06Mhz and load 3790Mhz to 3990.31 Mhz. In the bios i dont have the setting for bus speed, where the hell is the BLCK so that i can get it to work at 4000Mhz.

k1 wiz80 says:

got a brand new intel i5 4430 with brand new mother board and corsair 8gb if anyones interested?

Jester Muffin says:

I have i7 4770 ( without the k unfortunately ) i hope i don’t have to swap any time soon cause i just bought it 🙁

dkapbboy says:

Linus, for PC gaming, should I get a i5 4670k or an i7 4770k ? Is that extra hundred dollars really worth it? I’m currently leaning toward the i5.

I’ve got a GTX 780 and a 1440p monitor. Will the i5 be enough for that?

adam silman says:

wondering if anyone has a i5 4590 or a i5 4690 , building my 1st pc soon and wondering what one would be better , but no thinking of OC

fredslow says:

Linus, it is weird to see you here. 🙂 Great video, man!

Stephen Swallow says:

I have an 3820 gyx680 32ram
850watt sabertooth x79
If I want to upgrade CPU what could I get

jakeMaster 9 says:

hi could anyone tell me w/c generation is the intel core i5 750 Quad core processor? thanks

RestIn2Pieces says:

Is the i7-4771 Good, and is it better than the i5 6600k?

vqdyonzwet says:

I bought dell inspiron 3542 i7 laptop with 8gb ram recently. and I love it.

Squirtyhaha says:

All of these CPU’s bottleneck a gtx 1070+ now…:(

Donovan Bent says:

I have one for sale £250 buy it now on ebay grab it before its to late these cost near 500 and its brand new fresh out of a alien ware laptop

James stott says:

How is the amd athlon ii x4 for gaming?

claton blade says:

I’m so darn Jealous of you dude. how do you get all these fun parts to play with?

Nicolas Lozano says:


Jakob Matek says:

whats the deal whit 4790k and 4690k?

Marcus Flapper says:

my sister and i got laptops from our parents work she got an i7 and i got an i5. i use my computer for gaming she goes on tumblur on hers. wowwww

Timothy Valkenhoff says:

what is the difference between intel i5 4440 vs intel i5 4460?

Timothy Valkenhoff says:

is an intel i5 4440 a good cpu for gaming?

Ilija Kocev says:

Could i play Far Cry 4 with a i5 4460 ,a gtx 750 ti 2 gb and 8 gb ram on 1080 p

Ten Pen says:

Intel Core i5-4460 LGA 1150 CPU. I need opinion on this processor. Will this be a good processor for virtualization?

Im Gravity says:

4th Gen Intel i5 4460 or 4th Gen Intel i5 4690s? Is there a big difference between these chips? Because I can get both for the same price. I just want to do standard gaming such as playing battlefield 4, DayZ, and H1Z1.

askmehow25 says:

All geeks say Ay!

Dhairy 1080 says:

thnx for explanation ! 😀 happy with that i7-4790 K for Gaming with GTX 1080 !

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