Intel 4790K Devils Canyon CPU Review & Overclockin

I take a look at Devils Canyon – is it much better than Haswell 4770K?

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dsf fds says:

in case youre not overclocking the 4790k it still has higher clockspeeds than the 4790. Is this still the fact on a h97 board ? will it still run with 4.0/4.4 ghz ? or will it run like the non k version ?

Whoolee says:

Man hes ruined that gorguess case in the background there.

Rhianna Redmoon says:

I’m happy with my 4790K, was a great upgrade from my Q9550

Gamewizzz says:

my 4790k @ 4.6ghz is at 1.33v can’t get voltage any lower but it runs stock @4.4 turbo at 1.19v, so you think i might as well just stick with stock? stock temps is 67c while OC temps hit 80s.
(xmp profile btw)

Dan Marchant says:

Thanks 4 the input and helpful research you did. My favorite line was where you mentioned that you take the screenshots for the vendors and “the trolls” lol. Keep up the solid work bro and thanks again 4 taking time out of your day to help us out! Peace

Hip-Hop Central says:

May consider replacing my 4770K with the 4790K, Is it worth it or should i wait??

stanc says:

Audio of this video is just horrible.

JUNAID187 says:

When will the price drop in the UK

David Robles says:

where’s the PSU on that computer???

MrAsus3571 says:

ttl please help im about to get a hell of a deal on a 4790 rig complete custom cooled gtx970 12gb of platinum asus ssd the works for 500 us but one problem even though the cpu isn’t running hot when i run intels cpu software its keep failing the cpu frequency test does this mean the cpu is bad?

Jonah Cooper says:

Can I play CPU intensive games which these specs like Dayz and the ARMA series?
CPU:Intel core i7-4790k
Ram: 8 GB 1600 MHz
Graphics:AMD Radeon R9 2GB GDDR3
Psu:750 Watt corsair

Please help me get an accurate estimation of my FPS!

caster troy says:

hi was wondering if their was any chance doing the i4790k v AMD fx9590
as i game and video encode with wondershare vid converter.
i have got a AMD fx 9590 16gb ddr3 2133 (corsaire) ram a few ssd drives and a gtx 970 ,nocta d14 heatsink corsaire gs 800 psu and sabertooth fx990 rex 2.0 board..
when am encoding video files and 95%ing the cpu the thing more less cooks and shoot up to 65c and some times i get random freezes so i want to know if its worth paying the money and getting the 4709k or just spending some dosh on a better cooling system .

yalman32 says:

4.7ghz at 1.228v addaptive, luck of the draw

The Sherbmeister says:

Thank you for this video.

Picasso Pablo says:

this guy is fugly

Igor Bajic says:

I have this processor and it has the stock cooler on it. When I render out a video from a program called After Effects  programs like AIDA64 and Open Hardware Monitor and Core Temp show that the CPU temp is about 100 degrees Celsius. I am afraid that it could get fried. What cooler would you recommend for this processor?

Blacksun says:

my 4790k runs at 1.219 volts at stock.
Bit high?

nefroxx10 says:

que cara de gil que tiene este pibe dios

Michael Nager says:

I have to disagree somewhat.

The heat problem with the 4770K can be easily cured.

After delidding (removing the IHS) if one scrapes away the black gunk that Intel uses to glue it on (and gets rid of the ridiculously thick amount of thermal paste Intel whacked on), if one puts some good thermal paste on the the CPU and replaces the lid (which is now closer to the CPU then it will easily perform a lot cooler at a higher clocking than before.

To me what Intel has done strikes me as what IBM used to do with their servers (look up “golden screwdriver”) or with their aborted MicroChannel bus. Intel to my mind deliberately crippled the 4770K so that they could have a second bite at the cherry and offer those who had bought the 4770K an “upgrade”.

Tech Doubles says:

Hey OC3D what would you recommend the voltage for a 4.7GHz overclock on the 4790K, currently I using 1.331v

Lumar231 says:

what’s the difference between 4790K Devils Canyon and 4790k BX80646I74790K please help me why devil’s canyon is expensive than the other!?

Tonny Cassidy says:

how did he get 4.8stable with 1.351v ? while mine stable at 1.448v

Do Not Pirate says:

amd radion just a waste of money Intel and Nvidia good products

MrLehi99 says:

Yeah, that voltage is about right for a clock of 4.8. I have my voltage set to 1.323 but under stress I see an absolute max (prime 95 V. 26.6) of 1.352 Volts and a usual maximum of 1.344 on the blend test. I couldn’t figure out what setting was causing my voltage to go about .020 over, but I ran three different monitoring applications including CPU-Z and they all showed the same. I am pretty happy with an average maximum of 1.344V at 4.8GHz @ 76°C under an H105 with Noctua IPPC fans. Maximum spikes were 83°C, but that temperature is impossible to recreate in everyday gaming and regular use.


I built my first two desktops with this cpu as choice, just awesome cpu!

H3m4nz says:

Just installed my 4790K running at 1.4v stock! mental, some serious undervolting needs to be done!  Followed by a massive overclock.

James Lacdan says:

how did you change the voltage to 1.150?

Caleb Engel says:

So I’m overclocking my 4790K and I am using 4.6 with 1.3V is that too high? I still get blue screens though. Is TOO much voltage causing blue screens?

gt3 kiakia says:

junking shitty junk Intel expensive dip shit Intel fucking idiot intel

Westile says:

My i7 is getting crazy heat spikes and I don’t know what to do about it.
Games from 2004 – 2008 run my CPU to 100celsius. What do?

Art says:

So this CPU has been out for almost a year now. Should i wait for a price drop or new CPU to come out before upgrading?? I have a Intel Q9450 quad core. So I know I’ll need to buy a new motherboard. I want to play BF4 Online and GTA 5 without dropping under 60fps at 1080p or 1440p at high or ultra settings.

Skyfx says:

Disapointing CPU, “improved” and it burns up at 1.35v with a H100i. Intel is so full of shit.

DJ Murph says:

isnt a tock?

givemeajackson says:

what case in the background? looks very nice and compact.

Tony Aranda says:

what’s bobs your uncle?

Xantheus07 says:

Everyone who is considering getting this CPU be sure to read this article.

I had the scare of my life when i first stressed my CPU with Prime95. Read the Article and fixed the issues. I dont overclock i just wanted the 4.4 with out OCing. I may overclock later when i plan a new build =).

Ryan MacArthur says:

Can I just ask where you got your chair in this video from please. Ta?

Radiant Silver Labs says:

so the i7490K needs to be overlocked to get the most? cpuz shows mine at 4.2ghz, guy in the shop said there was no need to get the K unless I overclock but I saw a graph showing it faster so I got it anyway 🙂 Its a haswell. Most demanding app is unity3d I am writing an openworld 3d game which needs extreme power, mostly the biggest cpu killer is lightmap baking, so im considering overclocking to speed this up a bit, just wondering if there is a simple app to do it or if you need to get into the bios? cheers, good video!..

Brandon Lin says:

Hey guys!

I’m getting a new setup. Will this run games like COD and Battlefield at decent framerates?

CPU: Intel i7 4790k 4.0ghz
RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3 8GB RAM 1866 mHz
CPU COOLER: Corsair H55 Hydro Series
PSU: Corsair CX750M
HDD: WD Blue 1TB HDD 7200rpm
SSD: Kingston 120GB
GPU: EVGA Geforce GTX 960 2GB GDDR5

All thoughts appreciated! Thanks!

ChEng Ergo says:

I OCed my 4790k to 4.5ghz 1.27v and I hit 90s…. Using Fractal R4 3in 3out fans and hyper 212 evo. I theres noway I can OC to 4.6 🙁

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