Hot Dang! Intel’s Impressive New CPU’s & GPU’s!

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• 1:18 – Intel’s New News!:
• 1:47 – Intel Sunny Cove:
• 6:23 – Intel’s Good iGPUs:
• 10:10 – Intel’s GPU – Xe:
• 11:14 – Intel Foveros Active Interposer:
• 14:57 – DLSS Finally Comes to Final Fantasy XV:
• 15:23 – Vega II Trademarked By AMD:

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Thanks to Tancrid “Tank” Muller for writing the video!
Thanks to Reece Hill for filming the video!
Thanks to Rikus Strauss for editing the video!


Rodge Casilao says:

Intel: *Saw the leaked ryzen 3000 series*

GusionTV says:

spoiler alert ,

nvidia gonna release their own CPU by 2020 .

Wralth Chardice says:

Cant wait to get my hands on the new intel chips only to jerk back because they are running 20 degrees hotter than they should thanks to shitty manufacturing

Foxxxy Furry says:

If intel makes dedicated gpus and are good, goodbye nVidia

Laurel Sporter says:

But, but, but…I don’t wanna change! I like my 14nm, year after year after year!

nGAGE Online says:

Not sure how one is supposed to get excited about Intel’s “2019” CPUs if you don’t hear anything about clock-speed and core count, like we did for AMD. Perhaps this will be good/great down the line, but I don’t see Intel doing much to compete in 2019, if they can’t even detail a proper line-up by now.
Am somewhat interested to see Intelgo into the GPU market though. We need more competition.

No Brand YT User says:

I hate when my cpu is not CIA friendly 🙁

Syed Ahmed Faruque says:

Intel is done. Desktop market goes to AMD and mobile market goes to Qualcom. Intel has become a company with no innovation at all. They will die just like Sun/AOL/Yahoo.

crazy bob says:

Hopefully both amd and nvidia get beaten with their overpriced products, more competition is always better.

Bas Finnis says:

Hot dang but Intel can go get stuffed. Wankers would have you paying $10,000 for a rig if they succeeded in killing AMD like they tried. Fuck them and the horse they rode in on.

sasa ha says:

Maybe we get so far that amd and intel kicking gpus out that leave nvidia in the dust lol

Kerkus says:

Ice Lake=DDR5?

Jeovanni Garcia says:


Reijhin Ru says:

i want to buy ryzen 9 3850x and 2x navi 3080 crossfire for 1000 bucks rip shittel rip ngreedia

Freddie1980 says:

Intel’s GPU’s are a bit odd, is Raja’s team solely focused on the Xe project or does his hand also cover the development of the GTe11 or is that team independent? Seem’s bizarre that Intel would have two separate teams working on different graphics designs.

I wouldn’t get to excited about the GTe11, I’m assuming it’s going to follow the normal pattern of Intel GPU’s with the GPU portion of the chip being huge and lacking any long term software support and gaming optimisations.

Phill Zimmer says:

I remember the last time Intel tired to break into gfx cards and that was twenty years ago with their 700 series. They were made to cheat benchmarks and actual performance in games was dire. I hope they learned their lesson.

JoeyLinux says:

people who get excited about intel launches can only be shareholders as theyv done zero for the consumer in the last 10 years, i lie they milked you all.

UFD Tech says:

• Check out the UFD Holiday MERCH!:

• 1:18 – Intel’s New News!
• 1:47 – Intel Sunny Cove
• 6:23 – Intel’s Good iGPUs
• 10:10 – Intel’s GPU – Xe
• 11:14 – Intel Foveros Active Interposer
• 14:57 – DLSS Finally Comes to Final Fantasy XV
• 15:23 – Vega II Trademarked By AMD

satya kasina says:

My laptop is Intel HD graphics 3000,
tell me about this .. and compare this with other comparators…

Jonathan Wessner says:

Eh, I’ll still wait for AMD’s chips

SnakeEngine says:

Yeah, yeah, we will see how much of an improvement to the lakes it is once it comes out.

Mike Olszewski says:

AMD stock is still very cheap compared to there competitors!! Gonna be a huge year for them bye bye Intel nvidia stock AMD holding!

sasa ha says:

Intel is forced to drop prices and push performance. Or else AMD takes the crown with Ryzen gen 3

Fellipe Z says:

all i can hear is intel saying “look, we are working hard too, buy our products please, we’ll make better products for you, buy plz”.

Need Some Musics says:

Intel screwed people with their prices, gained more than it had to be, don’t even care about gamer’s need. Thank god that AMD exist, their next Ryzen 3k series are beasts for a few dollars, a 129.99$ CPU for equivalent of a 1000$ intel CPU. and a 300$ GPU for an 1080 ti equivalent

Michael Cope says:

Ryzen 3 not going 2 be any more of upgrade as 2 was from 1

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