Existential Crisis: Intel i7-7740X CPU Review

We review the Intel i7-7740X CPU vs. the 7700K, then talk Intel’s misguided product strategy.
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Written review is here: http://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/2965-intel-i7-7740x-cpu-review-vs-7700k-not-worth-it
Intel i9-7900X review is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRgJ79TcCO0

Correction at 6:26 — misspoke and said “1.77V” — it is 1.188 Vcore auto and 1.37V when manually tuned.

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Editor-in-Chief: Steve Burke
Testing: Patrick Lathan, Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman


Cory Baxter says:

If intel doesn’t solder their new chips I’m going to shit myself

MariosGameRoom says:

Thank you for the review guys! Your methodology is always supreme compared to others, keep up the good work!

erick rodrigo acevedo hernandez says:

fuckers…..i got a g4620….next time i ever think about doing a computer its gonna be amd now

Thunder Kat says:

10:00 Are those graphics correct? Cause I don’t understand how Phenom II is so close to intel and why FX series are not there to make it even closer on the gap.

Jak Lawrence says:

R7 1700 killing it (Y)

Kleptomaan1 says:

Can we make jokes now about intel and burning houses?

Reiden Lightman says:

It exists because they’re trying to double dip into your wallet.

Ben Greening says:

The loss upon resale of Z270+7700K will be far lower than what will be lost trying to resell this ridiculous junk SKU that *nobody* will want to buy. I really do fear that they are priming the market for the loss of enthusiast K parts on mainstream chipset over the next gen or two.

Joseph Petro says:

IMO: Keep your 6700k or 7700k, then abandon intel next round and go RyZen+ 7nm

Jake Scollay says:

Wow it runs pretty hot @5GHz, hotter than a 2500K on an H100

Erik Hendrickson says:

Intel increases profit margins by removing the IGPU yet still uses cheap, garbage-bin TIM between the die/IHS.

Thanks but no thanks, Intel!

Manny Santiago says:

call it what it is.. another Intel cash grab.
F&*k these clowns, I’m going Ryzen.

musinclind37 says:

Sounds like stay away from Intel. For good reason, what I see in the graphs is how Ryzen 1700 shoots bullets with the big expensive guns. Amazing! Gamer Meld just talked about tomb raider updated optimization for multicore Ryzen. Was it that game developers only optimized for Intel or what?? FPS numbers don’t mean much when you dig down to find out what the problem is.

Adam rickard says:

I hate to point out Intel makes a new socket every time them bring out a new CPU not like AMD.

StrykerCityMafia says:

I want to see a 6 core cpu that is clocked faster than the 8 core. The 6 core is too slow and the 8 core is $210 more expensive. That jump in price is ridiculous. This release makes no sense to me.

MrGencyExit64 says:

I don’t think that the enthusiast chipset motherboards can actually host an IGP. This isn’t a use-case they were ever designed for, so the IGP probably had to go.

rodeo301 says:

with ryzen R5, any i5, i3 has no reason to exist
with epyc, any overpriced xeon has no reason to exist
threadripper will rip their mainstream-high end and also question its existence.

Dwayne Stimpson says:

LOL, Buy the 7740 now that you can afford!, Hopefully you can spend another $1-2000 on a new cpu in 6 months…Intel is brilliant!

Sadly alot of people will do just that and never buy a upgraded cpu.

Anto Halim says:

“Idiot inside” for those who buy this CPU.

frzsks says:

And I thought he gave the 1800x a bad review.

dosduros says:

7740X / 7700K. Find ten differences…
We are F*in with you there is only one *Intel.

Edward D'Esposito says:

Even after the chipset matures the CPU will never be worth buying, not to mention the i5 variation. The entire product stack is pointless for anything more than workstation use, directly compeating with their own xeon lineup. Resting on that lorals has made Intel stupid

jermey napier says:

only way i see kabylake even existing is for matx or itx x299 equivilant motherboards.

Michael Murphy says:

good conclusion

ParanoidGlitch says:

Here i am with a i7-4770k.

Mr AMD says:

Forget X299, just buy X399 from AMD…………………. more will follow your lead ;p

fabinho7756 says:

Thx for 1440p 60 😀

Game Changer says:

And 7700k single thread performance is still better. So WTF lol.

lenon1980 says:

Broadwell for desktops had more sense than this. It left behind some decent performers even if very few in numbers.

Robert Artenie says:

Upgrading “Later”, when the next year they launch release new motherboards with new sockets..

Benjamin Wilson says:

The chip should be provided WITH the motherboard as a sample to test before putting your 1000+$ chip

Mr AMD says:

Even GamersNexus is questioning Intel?! Are you waking up?

Basysyar_16 says:

buying 7740k is like buying ferrari with 4 cyliders and left brakes disabled

blakegriplingph says:

A rather failed trojan horse attempt of sorts?

BxL0W says:

Legendary intro

Gamers Nexus says:

Correction at 6:26 – misspoke and said “1.77” Vcore rather than 1.37Vcore for our manual OC & 1.188Vcore for auto Vcore. There were a lot of instances of “77” in this review. Article is here: http://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/2965-intel-i7-7740x-cpu-review-vs-7700k-not-worth-it

4K is still processing. In the meantime, our i9-7900X review is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRgJ79TcCO0

Urot Warlock says:

Can you do a single pc streaming/gaming review for the new x299 platform compared to the previous platform? I’m about to get a new pc and don’t want to waste money 🙁

MeRiJohnny says:

1:20 that was the most stupid answer that Intel could give. if you don’t have a proper answer to a question just don’t answer at all.

Joe shmoe says:

You asked Intel, and a n00b stuffed shirt ‘farted’.
He then gulped a bit and accidentally set fire to some paper work.
The entire platform is a waste of time;you really are ‘polite’
in your channel and I commend you for an honest appraisal.
The i5 7500 non k chip is fine for gaming; in fact the ryzen 6 core 1600 is even better as you well know.
Ya gotta be a prick to spend on a 7700’K’ for games but one born now and then.

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