Early Intel Core i7 9700K 8 Core Processor Review Leaks Gaming Performance mp4


The first performance review of the Intel Core i7-9700K 8 core processor has been published early by Elchapuzasinformatico. The review which details gaming, multi-tasking, and overclocking shows the 9th Generation Core i7 against existing processors such as Intel’s 8th Gen Core and AMD Ryzen CPUs.

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UnknownUser says:

Those “benchmarks” are basically identical to the 6700K.

rurutu M says:

how much will this be, $400+?

Jesus McBeth says:

Link ception <3

atnfn says:

6700k beats 8700k? How reliable is this leak really?

fretduster03 says:

with that performance and price(i9 and i7),how does it compare and size up against the latest ryzen 2700x i wonder.and why did they cut down the i7 to 8 threads?

Hector Domino says:

Just imagine Nvidia and AMD showing up with Brand New Cards, which will provide 2 to 3 more FPS in games than previous gen GPUs.
Ay think people should hold back, lean backward and keep listening Bob Marley – Ganja Gun…

Tech Wiz Master says:

is it just me, but i don’t see 8 core 8 thread as an upgrade to a 6 core 12 thread CPU…i think i’d rather have the hyper-threading than the 2 extra cores personally…

Mathew Anderson says:

I would test the CPU on games that actually stress the CPU. Every game you listed are GPU bound. Benchmark with games like Civilization VI, Stellaris, and Cities Skylines to get an accurate CPU benchmark in games.

ChokDK Danmark says:

Just… 🙂
Been waiting 2 years to upgrade from my good ol’ 2600K – I think I can wait a bit more to check out what AMD 7nm chips can do

Timmy Joe PC Tech says:

People don’t seem to buy your “leaks” anymore eh…

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