Core i9 – Our Unbiased Review

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The numbers are in, and we’ve got a much better idea of what Core i9 really looks like. So – should you upgrade?

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Sebastian Contreras says:


Cooper Gates says:

Major lolz @ 3:07

Jay Roy says:

dam boys why overclocking this high quality processor its like adding Nitro into a ferari engine personally i never overclock my processors why making heat a processor that is done to work with ambient temperature the chance of break it become more higher, high frequency is never good when the electric circuit are not done for it

James Martin says:

Guess it’s time to go red

ahmet fehmi özcan says:

3:26 That look 😀

Manwich Killer says:

Im so confused I just want to upgrade from my i7 4790 to something better and with more than 4 cores.
Also say I get 40fps on Arma 3 with around 100 Ai spawned with my i7 4790, will any of these new CPUs like the i9 7900x increase that fps and allow me to spawn more Ai’s??

i7 4790
16gb ddr3 ram
128gb ssd
Asus Z97A motherboard supporting SLI
GTX 1060 Palit super Jetstream

Im just looking for a way forward and with noticeable frame differences.

psychok9 says:

Temperature problems? I cant understand why… when AMD release a hot CPU, this become the major flaw… on all reviews. When Intel release very hot cpu with bad thermal compound… its ok! -_-”
I don’t like some aspects of AMD cpu… but this review seems biased toward Intel (proIntel).

GenAdams says:

sniff the air bois, it smells of intel money.

I was never too satisfied with my i5 4690K, overclocked really poorly too.

Mike Soda says:

It’s so weird that even though Intel could undercut AMD with pricing & performance, they still choose not to.

seqo sanwa says:

lol nice video bro, you gonna be the next James Bond actor

Wizmoz The Gamer says:

0:08 lol

bennemann says:

1:32 The Intel logo is glued to the shirt with fucking duct tape…

Reginald Lim says:

Yep, bought a copy of Synergy Pro. Looking forward to support on Android devices. 😀

joy santod says:

Bias tech tips

Maurice Kontorowitz says:

You should also talk about recently discovered errors in the new Skylake X, which require a microcode update in the BIOS.
I wonder if this is due to heavily early pushed releases simpy to conquer the upcoming AMD epyc and the already on-the-market ryzens.

running a skylake myself, i am very happy with it. but these things need to be addressed. I think Intel made a big mistake releasing too early, with half finished chipsets out there.

Kadir Kirubakaran says:

makes fun of intel and new chipset and now makes an add for intel

Calvin Lin says:


arz mess says:

ryzen looks more attractive and value for money, if it wasnt for amd, intel wont increse their cores

erik7191 says:

First skit is a bit tasteless. People literally die after reading those kinds of messages.

PwnstarUK says:

intel is dead and leveraging their access to gain slightly favourable reviews for their desperate attempt to stop their shares plummeting by making the xeons they ere about to release desktop cpu’s. I find this hilarious , they have been ruipping off the intel fanboys for years now and its cost them EVERYTHING!

Lio Loser says:

How is Performance per Dollar better than Ryzen? This chart makes no sense at all.

seanautube says:

All I could think about was Otto Warmbier.

James Collins says:

Dam Dude! HaHa   =)

TbonesU says:

i always liked his reviews now he acts too much of a tit

Eric Tan says:

Funny why Linus never mention about Temp and Power Consumption lol…I didn’t know it was so bad till other reviewers released their reviews. Since Linus was the first i9 Review.
” Our Unbiased Review ” really ?

Picard FTW says:

so glad i did my build with the 17 7700k before intel went all tits up retarded. LOL

Christopher Botes says:

LOVE This Video Your SO FUNNY Linus

thor odin says:

threadripper going to spank intels ass. just by stats alone, threadripper is way better.

trevor g says:

I may be wrong, but with the increased l2 cache and decreased l3 cache don’t you see a loss with multithreaded applications? threads have shared memory spaces so when you’re running a thread across multiple cores you’ll take a cache miss when it stores things in the l2 cache instead of l3 where multiple threads may need to access the same cached info and can’t access the l2 cache of another core.

MaddoxInc says:

If people were realistic, they would admit they don’t need half this crap. As far as “hardcore over clocking”, honestly, who cares? The average PC builder is burned out after their first build, taking years to come back. Sick of all the BS numbers yet? PC building is really just a bunch of dick shaking in a public bathroom. At the end of the day, you’re left wondering why you actually did that..

The Aman says:

6700k was a terrible choice for me now i know why best to stay team red

Dispie Dark says:

16 pci-E lanes is just a rip off, for a high end processor to put it into perspective, My i7 3770K has 20 lanes and that is a 5+ year old CPU,
my i7 6700K has 26 so its a step back, Specially when people want more lanes not less with M.2

And to be honest my I7 3770K out preforms my I7 6700K by 2%-5% in real life applications, so there is that.

44 on the other hand is more like it but still feels like a panic move, more then a real answer to AMD.
If big ritch Intel wants to compete with the new AMD CPU, they need to face the music and drop those prices and start bringing more cores and more lanes.
AMD got it they were paying attention to the consumer needs, and if i did not own a I7 6700K I would be buying a AMD right now.

Intel we do not care about power efficiency, most off us are still on a 700 -1200 Watt psu sitting 50-70% idle because everything uses less power these days so bring it with a 150- 250 Watt CPU i have power to spare for that beast.

So why did i get a i7 6700K and not wait for AMD, well lets be honest I been waiting on AMD for 10 years to bring it and i did not see it happen fail after fail and with AMD doing so badly with there funds, i kinda lost hope they would ever make a come back. But bamm here it is and its good.

We have all been force to pay the intel tax for years because AMD had nothing to answer with, now they do, so Intel step up or get stepped on. Personally i hope for the get stepped on and hope AMD steals back a big chunk off the market. And if this is what AMD can do this with almost no funds, just think what they can bring to market with more funds.

I am loving this, so a big fuck you with this crap to intel and a hope you win more to AMD.

Ivan Gan says:

love the intro

William Li says:

Three things Intel can do to re-earn credibility on X299:
1) Cancel Kaby Lake-X
2) Solder the CPUs
3) Give all CPUs the full 44 PCIe lanes

korey mcintire says:

So one moment you say “This launch makes zero sense”

Next you say “Its a great product with zero performance improvements over OG Skylake/Kabylake”

Then you say “KabylakeX is the inferior product”

After that you say “Look how much better this is while I overclock the i9 and not the Ryzen”

Make sure Intel spells LMG correctly on that check………………. Wtf man……. Hurry up and delete that video were you castrate them over this launch before that check bounces.

Danxtheoriginal Hidayat says:

I thought his belt was his d*ck

gc68 says:

so much bullshit, i can even sense it just seeing the thumbnail alone. and the content itself justifies it. unsubscribing. boy, bye.

Alex Chen says:

Oh wow. Didn’t know the guy who worked from Intel had a Peter Gade signed tee. What a legend man would like to meet him.

Berni says:

AMD = planned obsolescence

Peter Pan says:


Fox starter gamer says:

C mamo :v

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