Core i9-7900X Review: Fact-Checking Intel

Reviewing the Intel i9-7900X CPU, including game streaming benchmarks, VR benchmarks, Blender, Premiere, overclocking, & more.
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Editor-in-Chief: Steve Burke
Video Producer: Andrew Coleman


wakesake says:

wow AMD just wow
You managed to kill the mainstream and the enthusiast with only 1 generation of cpus
I LOVE fucking competition when done right

David Emahiser says:

I love how you were able to get your hands on a 7900x but linus only got a 7900s. You’re moving up in the world!

Jason Cook says:

The sheer number of AMD/Intel Fanboi’s here is insane, the goal of the video is to provide you with information, bashing on the information testers because you don’t like the results because Intel beat AMD in some tests is just stupid. Of all the channels Gamers Nexus goes one of the best jobs at presenting unbiased reports on the data. The take away from the video is that if your gaming/streaming to a single source this chip isn’t better than a R7-1700 or i7-7700K, period.

Now if your in to gaming + streaming to 2 platforms such as Twitch/YouTube and likely in to content creation this chip start to be come attractive. However that is only if you don’t want to run/maintain a septate capture/streaming computer. This case is some real value to be had, there are a number of streamers that have to split their time between platforms (Twitch/YT) due to hardware/knowledge limitation. The Ability to stream to both simultaneously is attractive to that small subset of streamers that simply do not want to maintain or have the knowledge on how to setup/use a capture computer/stream. Since we do not have AMD’s Thread-ripper to test I am sure all of this will be revisited when that CPU hits the market.

The other small corner case is that if you are a studio with a large budget that does professional rendering the lower render times is something to consider. But again this is a small subset of user for the vast majority of content creators your better of just enabling GPU acceleration and calling it done.

The sad part is the number of AMD fanbio’s that call the tests into question becuse Intel landed on top this time, i expect the results to be quite different with Thread-Ripper. Wile the number of Intel Fanbois that are cheering is just as ridiculous, the CPU gets beat pretty handily is Gaming, Gaming+Single Stream and VR benchmarks by CPU’s that cost 1/3 as much.

Screw B says:


gixxar6 says:


Studio Ptolemy LLC says:

You are missing what I would argue is the most important comparison… the 6950X. You use the 6900K as the main comparison from the last generation, but you are missing the opportunity to get a fair judgment on improvements between generation, which is very important information. It is such a popular and relevant topic right now! With the abandonment of tick tock, and the shattering of Moore’s law, YOU GOTTA GET A 6950X and benchmark it, AND ADD IT TO THOSE CHARTS! The comparison to 6900K kind of makes sense, because they are both $1000, but commmmonnnn, compare a 10-core to a 10-core, not a 10-core to last generation’s 8-core, and an 8-core of a different manufacturer.

Gregregorovich says:

Can you recommend a capture PC build including the Capture Card? I’ve found that a lot of popular capture cards have their own issues…

Saleem Effects says:

What camera is eating so much data Per Min? Please tell me 🙂 thanks

Dwayne Stimpson says:

Your move AMD.

I love competition. 🙂

Dan K says:

Another pointless review

pianoplayer88key says:

Definitely not planning to get a 7900X (or anything LGA2066; waiting for DDR5 on AMD ThreadRipper replacement, or maybe or 2020+), but …

How well would one of 2 platforms I already have work for streaming at, say, 720p 30fps to Twitch & Youtube, if I was to start that? (I pick that because my upload is about 6-7 mbps.)
* – Desktop: i7-4790K @ Stock (can hit 4.7 maybe, or 4.8 pushing 1.35V), Hyper 212 Evo, ASRock Z97 Extreme6, 32GB DDR3-1600, EVGA GTX 1060 SC 3GB
* – Laptop: Clevo P750DM-G, i7-6700K @ Stock (throttles a bit in some intense workloads), 40GB DDR4-2133 (2×16+1×8), GTX 970M 6GB

The laptop has a built-in webcam, but I have nothing for the desktop. (Well unless a Panasonic FZ1000 counts, but I’d need a capture card AND I couldn’t stream 4K online anyway.)

Should I maybe consider using one system for playing games & the other for streaming? And is that still possible when the computers are in different rooms, or if, for example, I take the laptop out in the back yard? (Except that Wi-Fi reach might be an issue.)

I’d also stream other things, like performing music, for example, in which case I’d probably want to use the laptop for that.

Another option I’ve considered as well, would be to build a NAS box (for backups) based off dual/quad-socket Sandy Bridge / Westmere / Nehalem / Penryn / Core, and also use it for streaming/rendering. (That’s currently out of budget though, even if I went Socket 604 or LGA 771.)

Gamers Nexus says:

Some people seem to be struggling with the CPU utilization screenshot. Stop looking at the hard number. Look at the histograph. Both CPUs were at 100% load, clearly. The right screenshot was taken after the stream ended. Thought that was obvious. Find our full review at the link: – this is our first video with our new camera. We’ll probably revert to 1080p for a bit afterward, as the 4K content is eating about 40GB per complete video. We have solutions in the works, though! And it’s not just adding a ton more hard drives!

You might also like the delidding video:

Florin Musetoiu says:

3 months ago every reviewer out there was testing Ryzen at 720p … suddenly this is not the case with the new Intel CPUs … also why the heck do we suddenly need 2 streams at the same time?

LeBitch James says:

What are you bitches talking about? The 6 core 7800x is faster than the fastest 8 core Ryzen while being less expensive is an actual ‘overclocker’s dream.’

Maisonier says:

Winter is coming … we need this cpu to heat.

Nobodytoyou ! says:

Wait why would you ever run 2 encoders just to stream to 2 platforms? wouldn’t be easier to just run 1 encoder have the output go to a relay service like restream? and then have that send it to both services?

The only reason i can see running 2 encoders being viable is the differing bit-rates but even then 10 mbit upload for a stream seems completely overkill.

*and as others have mentioned for the price of the Intel cpu alone , you could buy 2 1800x’s and have a full blown streaming pc with your gaming pc :S

Matt Mellor says:

The problem is, the money you save from getting an r7 1700 would get you a long way towards a streaming pc.

PC Master Race Network says:

killing amd

Krnt13 says:

1GB per minute sounds good for 4k, I record at 1Gb every 18 seconds for 1080p, and I’m really struggling with my HDD throughtput.

Aleksandar Čolović says:

Another shit cpu from intel. If you want to stream buy epyc. It can stream on much more platforms, twitch youtube facebook instagram twitter simultaneously

Zender Shooshan says:

I feel like you’re one of the few reviewers that can be trusted regarding benchmarks in general.
Very in-depth testing and with loads of explanation.
You are truly majestic!
Thank you for your content!

Trogdor8freebird says:

Review: This new CPU has both pros and cons based on MANY variables, as well-described by GN.
Comment section: Intel’s terrible, overpriced, go AMD.

edfdsfsd dsgfdsgsd says:

I have i7-7700K and i dont do nothing else than playing games so this is best.

Shaun Delp says:

At least steve isnt getting death threats over skylake x reviews lol honestly one of the things that is holding me back from ryzen is the ridiculous fanboys, we get it amd was a joke for 10 plus years but some of the shit yall do and say seriously puts people off from being in the ryzen community. Id also like to see amd mobos be just as feature rich as intel and look as good.

Vampire says:

I really respect your work and I don’t want to defend Intel or AMD, I just found this review a bit misleading… Comparing a 10core/20thread i9 7900X CPU priced at 999$ with a 8core/16thread priced at 599$ (1800X) and showing that the 1st is far better when compared to the 2nd in streaming, graph after graph, is nothing but expected… After all it has 2 more cores and 4 more threads… This review would be fairer if you compared the i7 7820X with the 1800X and the i9 7900X with Treadripper when It launches… I get the point… but… Don’t really understand the reasons in using the I9 7900x other than availability….

ProjectJamesify says:

That unbelievably glorious 4K at 60 FPS hmmm…

But one thing. I don’t get nearly the performance from my GTX 1070 when rendering with CUDA in Premiere Pro. My i7-4790 is under full load though.

Who can please help me get results as shown in the graph at 21:30? Thank you!

Garrett P. says:

Wow 4k at 60fps, thanks Steve it looks awesome lol And I don’t drop any frames as long as I don’t move the mouse lol You’ve got my fx 8150 and gtx 970 working hard.

HiatusMobs says:

$999 holy crap

Roberto Chavez says:

and so im sticking with intel once again.

Yudiguard says:

So it’s an i7 in production and an i5 in gaming?

blackjackcountry says:

Why did not you add the details of the previous platform

goten259 says:

If cost isn’t really an obstacle for studios wouldn’t they just opt for dual server cpu workstations?

mworld says:

You chose to do 4K. There’s still nothing wrong with 1080p. Besides, we don’t need to see the pours in your skin or nose hair 😉

Empty Kim says:

Dont get i9! They consume too much power and it overheating too much.

Jeremy Zion says:

800×600 benches or gtfo

Benjamin Wagner says:

“Fact-Checking” Let’s just say this again. 1800x around 400$ + a 100$ Mobo? Or a 1000$ 7900x with a MINIMUM of 300$ Motherboard? Oh yeah, let’s not forget the i9 7900x reaching 100° CELSIUS while being WATERCOOLED on a slight overclock ( slight considered for Intel ) – 800$-ish dollars for a few frames? No thanks.

Malifestro says:

I continue to be frustrated that the benefits of upgrading my i7-4790k running at 4.5ghz on air aren’t a lot. Luckily we are finally seeing more cores. I do encode videos a lot. The question is, should I save a ton of cash and go with a 1700 OC, or wait and spend a fair amount of cash on the TR or up and coming Intel 16-18 core. I tend to keep the platform and upgrade my video card every year. I am running a MSI 1080 at the moment and also game at 3440×1440. Love to hear your input.

1kyleabc says:

1700x vs 1800x. Go.

ScrattleGG says:

I absolutely love how thorough you are!

MrSkyTown says:

I’m glad amd is making there chips, if it wasn’t for amd we would still have over priced intel chips

john doe says:

hey 4K and 1440p finally good for you steve-o

Scott Sullivan says:

AMD seriously need to invest in their research and development.
They need to improve the performance of their cores, not just slap on more cores that no app uses.

Check out system monitor. Most of those cores aren’t used. And the cores being used are dragging its tail.

More cores? Naah, GPUs do that far far better. CPUs need faster single thread operation for traditional apps that use no more than 2 or 4 cores.

Steve Rankin says:

What an awesome review! Thanks. Looking forward to your thoughts on the TIM in 1K+ chips and how these chips run hotter than a GTX 480.

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