Core i7 7700K Review: Extreme Gaming CPU Power

The latest i7 isn’t much faster than the old one – but the amount of gaming performance on offer is still stratospheric.

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Ravi's Techzone says:

7700k is the best gaming CPU. the only drawback i see is price. Its just 4C/8T which can clock really high. Intel should consider dropping its price to 250$ or below. Because this isn’t really a workbench CPU.
Intel has been selling quad core cpu for almost a decade, I can’t understand why its still priced so high.

ZynkVids says:

first build in 2013 was i5 4690k, 2017 is i7 7700k.

nulen says:

So i think I got a fairly nice 7700k, I can just change clock to 5GHz and it runs stable. But the heat it generates.. is not worth it.. maybe with delidding and AiO. They put sth bad under this IHS. On a decend air cooling it goes beyond 90C stressed. This is.. sad. : (

mali stallone says:

Since when ram speed (MHz) is important for better FPS in games ? You are the first one who are tell us that.

keysta75 says:

Cpu: Intel Core i7-4770k Haswell @3.5Ghz OC @4.2Ghz
Motherboard: Asus Maximus VI Hero LGA 1150
Gpu: Evga Super Clocked w/ ACX Cooling GTX 770 2GB 256-bit GDDR5
RAM: G.Skill Sniper Gaming 16GB DDR3 2133 (4x4GB)
CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro series H100i
This is my current gaming rig. I was thinking about upgrading. What do some of you guys think. Or should I just upgrade a few parts?

Bike Dude says:

It really is an amazing CPU, I got one brand new for $220 with an Asrock Killer z270 and 2800mhz Gskill RipjawsV and it’s insanely good at gaming. But then again, if you’re only gaming at 60hz with vsync even a 3.8ghz-4ghz i7 920 is good enough with a modern GPU. If Intel makes quad core i3’s for $130 and 6 core i5’s for $200-$240 for a k. They’ll be the gaming budget king again. Along with the 4 thread pentiums for under $100.

StarWarsNerd 85 says:

Running a 7700k @5.0 GHz completely stable with 1.36v. With a Corsair H100i V2 AIO liquid cooler my idle temps are in the 30c range and at full Aida64 load it hits 70-75c max.

mikka333 says:

Need to know RAM speed comparison up until 4200mhz+, is RAM speed a bottleneck on modern games title?

Reqwer says:

So is the 7700k 3.6ghz good for gaming? cuz Im gonna buy one soon

Aaron Stitch says:

Just ordered a 7700k 😀

Simon Klaassen says:

Maybe a little bit overkill

siddarth bramhane says:

can you compare this i7 7700K with i7 7700?

Ryan Flood says:

Last year I made a pc it had a 6700k and it did the job. I sold that pc now I want a new one. Was thinking the 7700k, but by the look of it it’s not worth the extra moolah. So what do I buy ? Another 6700k ? Or the 6800k six core ? For games like arma 3/ 4 when it’s released. Squad, ark, battlegrounds etc. I plan on getting the 1080
Amp. I hear the 6800k is better for FPS but is not as good as the 6700k on single threads, i.e. Arma , any ideas what to get ?

exileut says:

What resolution are these tests run at? 1440p or 2160p? I thought memory speed only mattered at low resolution like 1080p or less.

patrick maartense says:

do a test with xplane 11

Dan L says:

Terrible overclocking experience with Broadwell-E. So I am going to get refund and buy i7 7700k and Z270 motherboard. Hopefully, I’ll run 5Ghz at 1.31v if I get decent silicon lottery.

xamy butt says:

My question with i5 6500+gtx 1060 does faster ram helps? or just waste of money if I get one?

ATI nsider says:

Let’s be very clear about this 7700K, it causes in game micro stuttering. This does not seem to happen to the 6700K, so what is wrong with this Re-Brand’ed 7700K? Defect by design? This stuttering witnessed by over 50% of actual owners of the CPU and 80% of review sites mention it.

Go by Ryzen, a real multi-tasking monster of a CPU design. That’s only going to get better and better as optimizations, bios updates, game specific optimizations, and the line keep coming out.

Exia2004 says:

“but the amount of gaming performance on offer is still stratospheric.”
LOL realy how much compared to 6700k?? 5-10 fps

206bGoss says:

Was the 1060 used to test Witcher 3 a 6gb card or a 3gb card? Thanks.

Luciano Castro Araujo says:

tanks guys… this help me a lot

James Cater says:

Cancelled my ryzen order. got the i7 7700k instead. no ragrets.

Sb Win says:

Very interesting points. Good video!

feud _ says:

I didn’t know ram speed was that important, I’m sitting here with two sticks of 8gb 2133 installed when faster ram only costed maybe $10 more..

Mike ™ says:

I’d never buy an i5.

i7 for the win.

I wouldn’t waste money on a damn i9 neither, if I am going to build a computer for multitasking/programming etc type work stuff aka multi threaded work, I’d buy the 1950x threadripper for 1000.

But as far as gaming goes… nothing beats the i7 7700k, not even Ryzen, and it’s been months since it’s release, still not competing with the 7700k in gaming, but it does destroy it in everything else… 8 cores… that’s why, but core for core performance is the reason why intel wins for gaming.

TrAAsT says:

I’d love to see an own video for RAM speed differences up to at least 3600MHz.

Fadhillah Ilyas Lubinda says:

this weeks i buy acer vx15 i7 7700hq, when i playing game why i get 90°C. what is it normal?

Josh says:

Worth it for me. Got crossfire R9 270x working at 40% each on battlefield ultra but my i5-4430 is constantly at 99% causing my performance lag, so I purchased this as a long term upgrade to make sure the CPU isn’t a problem for the foreseeable future

Faisal Khalid says:

7:10 i7 3770k 4.5GHz/2400MHz DDR4? Is that a mistake ddr4? it should be written ddr3?

Patrik Miskovic says:

cant wait 1600x

skyeler k says:

PC dweebs complain about price and cant afford shit. Who are the peasants again?? There are PC tards that argue i5 is better than i7. pathetic

Madman Gaming says:

I bought an i7-7700k, but I’m upgrading from an AMD Fx 8320. Also had to upgrade my motherboard and RAM. That being said, I don’t see the benefit if you already had an i7-6700k. Can’t wait to get my new parts installed into my PC!

José Vera says:

Great video no one shows this kind of results, comparing the frequency of memories! Greetings from Chile!

Demonwicked says:

Richard, I really like your videos, clear and easy to understand, keep on doing what you are doing!

TheJimmy00000 says:

I love how these videos from every channel is literally always the same resultant in the comments, a bunch of bonobos fighting over who is right with the effectual internet version of feces slinging, aka, spamming all caps. Thanks for the laugh you clowns.

Paul Rone-Clarke says:

So fast RAM benefits Intel about as much as it benefits Ryzen. Does that mean the “Ryzen closes the gap with fast RAM” videos we’ve seen only apply when Ryzen uses 3200 and Intel uses – say – 2400?

JC Gaming says:

what kind of video card is running with the core i7 7700k?

Randall Lawkin says:

When you compare this with an overclock how much fps more do you get?

tony x says:

7700k and 6700k both suck to me for gaming since they don’t have enough cores and threading. Dont believe me? Go try and run mankind divided in 4k with everything set to ultra except msaa. “Rice burner” procs are good for a year since they aren’t future proofed. I would NEVER buy a quad for gaming unless i planned on building a new rig every 2 years lol. Which I could do if i wanted.

Dwayne Dibley says:

hey Rich, ain’t got a clue about most the stuff your on about here, to a layman who’s building my first gaming rig and a bit out of his depth probably, which cpu do you think? i5 7600k or i7 7700k, ? on a strix z270e mobo with strix gtx1070.? do i really need an i7? Never gad a gaming pc before so i just dont know… ???? thanks….

JorgeAraujo97 says:

Perhaps you guys should recommend the i7 5775C. That one have a larger edge over the 6700k running at a measly 3.7Ghz. Oh yea, that wouldn’t work for Intel, since you can slap it on a Z97 with regular DDR3 and be happy.

Dan L says:

Perhaps I should order 4000mhz DDR4 kit to benefit Kaby Lake CPU.

BenJammin says:

i got 7700k for 300$ at local microcenter and i overclock to 5mhz and could easily go to 5.2-3

Dean O'Connor says:

excellent video! Just got my 7700k, 16gb 2400 DDR4 and a GTX 1070. Atleat I know that when its time to upgrade GPU, my PC will be up for it 🙂

ItsCaptainModz says:

I think I need to upgrade my i7 960…

Groothelion says:

What settings do you use in games when you benchmark? (The Witcher 3)

Tommaso Gioia says:

Where is the video with 4266mhz ram?

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