Core i5 7600K Review: The Best Gaming CPU?

Just how fast is the new Core i5 7600K? How fast does it overclock and what else is required to push gaming speed to the limit? Rich investigates.

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Madhaus Vapor says:

wait can i use my z170 mobo with these new cpu?

Bastian Rivera says:

I m thinking in buy the i5 7600 (non K) it will show some difference?

Barry Chickini says:

I just purchased an ASUS ROG MAXIMUS IX HERO MB with Intel Core i5 7600K and 16 GB Corsair DDR4 2400 ram. This is the FIRST time I have ever purchased an Intel based system to build. I have been loyal to AMD for many years. Since I am retired, I cannot afford a new GPU also, so I am forced to stay with my Nvidea GEFORCE GTX 960 with 4 GB ram. I certainly hope this is going to last a while. Building new rigs and being on a fixed income are not compatible!

The_Lee_ Man says:

lol, in about a week, im upgrading from my core 2 to get this

Christian Perez says:

Im interested in seeing how the Ryzen 5 will stack up against the i5. And also what intel has in store for this year.

StripWomen says:

If i were to buy an i5 7600k and a gtx 1070, what should the rest component be for maximum performance?

y tho says:

I have i3-6100 I need one, now I am staring to feel it

Bai Laohu says:

Why don’t people add the cpu usage in benchmarks?

Rage Time Prime says:

So, I just got my 7600k, and I have to say… its one hell of a processor. I upgraded from a pentium g3258 (I know its old and trash) but its what I had to use, Now I can play pretty much any games I want without a bottleneck from my CPU.

Déènã Mûrugêsh says:

gtx 750 ti is supports for Intel core i5 7600k processer??????or which graphics supports for???


7:20 = i7 7700k with 86 megabytes of Cache, WoW..!!

ClanLord says:

Richard, what are ur thoughts on i7 7700k having heat spikes?

Capletz says:

GPU bottleneck?? really? I have an i57600k and a gtx 1070 oc and in every fucking game every core is at 100% and in BF1 i got on some points 50 FPS?? The i57600k ist bullshit for gaming. With my old i75600 HQ and the GTX 980m i got nearly a better perfomance.

nervoustwitch77 says:

I am currently about to up grade from the Asus Maximus 4 extreme z 68 mobo and the I7 2600k oced to 4.6 ghz it has been such an outstanding rig I got to go back with Asus and Intel.on the fence about the code board or formula and the new I5 7600k vs. the I7 7700k?I do mostly high end gaming and some video editing for youtube wich of these would be best for my needs i5 and code or i7 and formula??

La Biblioteca del Gris says:

I’m going from an AMD arquitecture to a Intel one, so even if it isn’t that different from the i5-6600k, it’s better for me to go for this one?


It worth delid on ths one?

MosjosB says:

In my country i5 7600k is only €5 more then i5 6600k so why not?

Janis Hansen says:

I7 7700k is better

Jeffrey Maurer says:

I tend go with AMD for graphics cards but intel with CPU’s. Anybody else?

Shah Ahmed says:

thanx, very useful video, as i am using the same chip,

Finesse and Kawal 24/7 says:

CPU – Intel i5 7600k
Motherboard – MSI Z270 A pro
RAM – G.Skill Ripjaws 16GB
STORAGE – Samsung 850 evo-series 250 GB SSD + Seagate 1HDD
Video Card – MSI Radeon 580 8 gb
Power Supply – EVGA supernova 550w 80+Gold fully modular ATX
please let me know if i should replace anything

Christian Perez says:

Also, I think im gonna wait for cannonlake

H4ZE4LIFE says:

False on the fact of needing a z board to turbo to max core clock b/h monos will do this aswell

Intel Turbo Boost increases core clock frequency, up to a limit, assuming certain parameters are met. This is usually when the cores are under utilized (single or dual threaded tasks for example). The increase is gradual base on workload.
Enhanced Turbo Boost is the same but sets the core clock at the upper limit regardless of the workload.

Stoned Gamer says:

id get gtx 1060/1070 with this

Mike Messiah says:

Fck Intel and their monopoly..

Eduardo Becerra says:

My God sir! You have taught me a lot about Gaming PCs in a simple 7min video. Thank you!

Heisssam says:

I am pretty new to pc building and got like 800-750 euros to spend… Should i wait or go for this. All this hype about ryzen really confuses me since those prices are not really in my budget…

ThatGuyKappa says:

Love the work DF no fluff or cheap trending hooks in the title, just the straight none diverging facts love it, in my personal opinion the 7700k isn’t worth the upgrade if you own a Skylake, kabylake has bad thermal interface, gets hot fast at an incredible rate, even if you decide to delid it for better thermal paste, temps do improve dramatically, but the main tangible selling market point here is the 4k Netflix streaming support which is nullified as soon as you stick in a dedicated video card, it disables the integrated gpu, so in a nutshell Intel says they have improved on the 14nm fin fet process thus improving efficiency but clock for clock same IPC, yet it runs hotter than Skylake and it’s added feature is rendered useless for it’s target enthusiast consumer who will put in a dedicated video card, you don’t buy a 350 dollar CPU just for Netflix 4k streaming, you get a cheap setup box aka TV box, and what about overclocking? there was soo much hype about it made it sound like 98% of 7700k CPUs were able to hit 5ghz reliably, but with my own experiences and further research the real case will be roughly around less than 30 percent of 7700k will hit 5ghz with no offsets and at reasonable temps nothing over 85c, only reason to buy kaby lake is if your upgrading from a AMD 965be like I did, so if your coming from a really slow or older CPU then yes it’s worth it but not from Skylake

Phillip Morrison says:

still on an i7 870 ftw

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