Can a Dual Core Still Game?? 7350K Review

Does a dual core gaming CPU make sense?? We sure didn’t think so but…

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thejewcanoe says:

i hereby dub this processor “baby lake”

Matthewv1998 says:

Then ryzen came and stomped out the i3 series and left i5 barely standing

ATTO2020 says:


MrPanda59 says:

4.20ghz weed smoke it everyday

Nuclear Trinity says:

i3 6100 here, works just fine.

Garon Carpenter says:

just get an i5 4460

Miguel Rodriguez says:

Luke!!!! Where can I buy that shirt? It’s freaking awesome!

Sebastian Taylor says:

HI LTT! In response to Linus’s latest video about people being hater (of which I hope I am not) can I just provide the following feedback (if this ever gets read). You were the first tech channel I ever subscribed to and I still watch most of your videos. Unfortunately in some cases (this video being a prime example) I am frustrated that you do not give as thorougher an analysis as I would hope for. Only running benchmarks at 4k? seriously. Considering the shit AMD got for suggesting the same with ryzen benchmarking (which was deserved) about how 1080p benchmarks are important as the vast majority of people game at that resolution (and also 4k resolution will show no difference between and i7 Kabylake and an old Phenom from amd….). It is things like this which I think attract some of the criticism and hate because we all know this is not a good analysis and we know you know this too!

Anyway for the sake of being constructive I want to reassure you that I am liking all the new videos which I have enjoyed watching which are since Linus’s video (100% so far admittedly only 2 videos lol)

Keep being fun and creative (its great to see the energy) but don’t let analytical standards drop please 🙂

Vion Umas. says:

I put 5.9 VoLt In MiNe

Jim Findley says:

felt like i started the video like 15seconds into it even though i didn’t

Cameron Johnson says:

Just have one issue with this article in regards to simulating the Core I5 using a Core I7.

How was the Simulation does> what it done by simply turning off Hyperthreading in BIOS and lowering the multiplier? If this is the case it isn’t a true evaluation. In this configuration the full 8MB of L3 cache is still available to the “Simulated” I5 rather than the 6MB that Core I5’s actually have.

Could you clarify what was done to simulate the I5.


honestly its better just to chip in an extra $50 for a 7600k

RAY M says:

180$? the fuck

Some meme says:

I’m early let me make a joke

The 7350k’s value

Werther says:

ofc it can, you guys appear to need 69 cores 6.9ghz 69k resolution 6900 fps 69terabytes ssd and all that shit.

Gingerwolf Anderson says:

Dose any one else want to test the g4560


i have an i5 7400 will it be good at gaming at high resolution???

Machinima Machinima says:

yes that can. I have an old hp 2.7ghz dual core and I can play gtav with 30 frames on lowest settings. I have 12gb of ddr3 1666mhz memory and a gtx 610. yes it absolutely can

Lucas Suhadolnik says:

This thumbnail is perfect haha

Shirlohka says:


Mr11ESSE111 says:

this shit of cpu +cooler costs more then r5 1600


i have a question so answer me plz question is i have pentium dual core e5400 2.7 ghz if ill pair with the gpu like rx 460 or u50 ti will it giv nice frame rates on gta 5 or eatch dogs 2 n more tell me plz

Nohnaimer says:

rly.. testing CPUs in 4K benchmarks… 7350k and 7400 and more budget oriented, so 1080p would be more appriopriate

Melancholy says:

stop testing FPS on 4k resolution. ty

RasheedPlayz_TPG says:

does he mean luke tech tips

Sandwich King says:

rocksolid :3

Filipe Arthur says:

why you guys are testing a CPU in 4K?? Even a Pentium gets the same FPS than a i7 7700K

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