Best CPUs for Gaming – 2017

Here are the processors we tested:

Ryzen 7 1800X:
Ryzen 5 1600X:
Ryzen 5 1500X:
Intel 7700k:
Intel 7600K:
Intel 7350K:

Benchmark PC Specs:
AMD Motherboard:
Intel Motherboard Z270:


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Mister Mink says:

I am considering getting AMD Thread ripper, how would it perform while gaming?

Nawaz Waseem says:

Most of us are gamers so we will be buying i5/i7.

Vishal V Kumar says:

which processor is best for gaming

IamMotionMedia says:

do a video for productivity i.e photoshop, premiere etc

Theworthsearcher says:

Why did you miss the X from the end of 1500X ?

car ram says:

7350k wtf the g4560 is a better choice for the bank

BrainMagic says:

vintage Waj is back ! with his cpu vids

Pak Army ISI says:

MW Technology …… ? i7 7700k Over high ting problem 90c …… ????? Video on this topic Pls……

MirrorCatz says:

i remember watching a video of you about how to setup 4k monitors a few years ago, but boy you have loss so much weight, congrats

XpertAtGaming says:

I’ll explain this for who’s new to PC hardware. Intel -> Best for just gaming, but still very good for other uses. AMD -> Not the best for gaming, although it rips through games when having a good graphics card, best for multi-tasking, streaming, rendering, etc.

Vanguardas Vucava says:

Why not R7 1700, R5 1600 and R5 1400? Clearly the X models are a bad deal.

AVG FPS only seriously?!

Fucking nigger

Mediocre PC Gaming says:

I love the way you say your name

Paul Rone-Clarke says:

Ryzen is the Emperors new clothes of CPU releases if ever I saw it. The assumption that more cores is better than enhanced clock speed and IPC.

 The deceit being widely spread that everyone is suddenly “streaming while playing” and creating content in a very time sensitive way –  is – and let’s face it – complete bollocks!

BTW if you render a lot in a not time sensitive way then any chip will do, just come back in the morning and the jobs done – even an AMD Bulldozer or a Pentium would do that for you – 9 times out of ten rendering tasks are not time sensitive in the way that frame rates in games are UNLESS you are professional content creator.

“Moar Cores” For gaming?

Nope – pointless. In fact even 4 cores with hyperthreading is pretty much a waste of time. You get 90% of the performance on every game I can see with 2 cores with threading. “Random HD Gaming” channel compared the Ryzen 1700X with a 5 year old Intel  i5 3570 – and the 3570 DESTROYED the Ryzen 1700 in most tests and was within gasping distance in the others. The chip was under $90 from Ebay and in games it completely destroyed an 8 core 16 thread Ryzen from 4 months ago A FIVE YEAR OLD I5 DESTROYS RYZEN IN GAMING.

And where are all these simultaneous streamers and Twitchers then? If everyone is creating streams all day who is left to watch them? Do me a favour.  It’s a small market. 75% of people on these tech channels buy a CPU for gaming – and for gaming more cores means nothing – not a thing – not even a tiny teeny little thing and it won’t mean a thing for the next 5 years minimum. By then your “Future Proof Ryzen” will be a dusty old piece of crap that never used half its cores during its entire lifespan.

APARNA Kundu says:

r5 1600x and i3 7350k don’t make sense

Thunder Cardoza says: first time pc builder here. Just wanted to know what you all think of this build.

wtf is this says:

I might be stupid. But i’m aiming for 5000 fps in Minecraft. Only at 1500 with the 1050 ti + shaders

MastaMind_GamerUK says:

Wow! forget the CPU marketing. How much weight did you loose.. Well done.

Leo Germany says:

I think the i5 7600k is a good value /performance, and one of the most popular CPU out there.

jackelofnar says:

Ryzen 1600 unbeatable at the moment.

#Nvidia #Ryzen says:

… 1600x isnt worth it ! Buy ryzen 1600 !

stop YTbsvideos says:

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BΩS says:

In my opinion the i3 7350K is a terrible CPU, The reason is that Intel does not only force you to pay 70$ more just to overclock which is just ridiculous but the i5 6400 which performs better than the i3 has also a lower price than the i3. I think the Pentium G4560 deserves the tittle of “6 of the best cpus of 2017”. It has Hyper-threading and 90% of the performance of an i3 7100 but with half the price.

ARNOb Rahman says:

no ROTR patch applied .. and what kind of benchmark is this?? just 3games ? obviously there are many more videos on youtube better than this stupid cpu comparison.. u r not worth it anymore

MightyDantheman MC says:

The problem with AMD processors is that they overheat a LOT when stressing them (with new gen games or high resource usage programs/processes). That’s why I’m looking for a good Intel processor that’s worth switching to.

Benjamin Wichmann says:

the i7 7700k is the best it drive much higher higher fps

Zacks Gaming says:

Is this match up good ? Can someone tell me please i5 7400 and 1060 6gb superclocked is that a good pair or no ?

hijena ??? says:

money-quality and what u get AMD killing intel and by the way all above 50 fps is good gaming so fck intel )))

Fps Benchmark says:

Intel better


price to performance how about the Pentium g4560

Furkan Özdemir says:

Battleground extendet mix music name

RISEUP Gamer says:

And Now 1300x

Deviltamer says:

1. Take the 1700 instead of the 1800x ( should be obvious why- OC is close to equal and it beats the 7700k in price)
2. Do your benchmarks at least with the current patches.
3. Intel is great for any purposes ? with half the cores/threads ? ….sure bro you go render your videos on intel 7600k 😀
4. Cannot take this fully serious for 3 points above and more… try harder next time

FantasticKru says:

if I can spend how much money I want. what is the best one? I want to buy the best one for gaming.

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