Best CPU For Gaming – 6700K, 4790K or 5930K?

Best CPU For Gaming – Skylake 6700K, Haswell 4790K or Haswell-E 5930K?
i5 6600K @ Amazon: | Benchmarks: 6:08
i7 6700K @ Amazon: (thanks for the link neo!)
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I test the newest 6th Generation Core i7 6700K processor against its closest competition — other Intel CPUs. If all you want to do is game though, which one is best? Skylake 6700K, Haswell 4790K or Haswell-E 5930K?
I benchmark all 3 with an EVGA GTX 980 Ti to find out.

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Nutty Bacon says:

I want to build a gaming rig and my budget is $1200 please help

Dennis Jungbauer says:

Straight answering the title question: None, i7s are a no-brainer for gaming rigs. For a new setup, the i5-6500 or i5-6600 is the way to go. Don’t buy an i7 for gaming only, folks – it’s a waste of money, inform yourself or just trust me..

Sth. similar goes for the mainboard: If you don’t plan on OCing the CPU and/or don’t even know how this goes, get a mainboard with an H- or B-Chipset, eg. the Gigabyte GA-B150-HD3P is a good choice, don’t pay money for a Z-chipset, you don’t get more performance out of a mainboard! Well, the overclocking ability isn’t the only difference of a Z-chipset, but for the majority it’s the only meaningful. The rest should know what to look after. 😉

Nicholas Hendricks says:

does anyone know were i can find some cheap ddr4 ram . thanks

TheLazy Youtuber says:

Yeas why would you NOT correct the title I clicked on this video expressly for that 4790k comparison

Clash with Neo says:

I dont recall sending you a link…

BadGamers Die says:

ermagerd a skip ad button thats not on a utube ad ;OOOO this is AMAZING annnnnnd its gone

TheSwed3 says:

Dont get it, the topic says 4790k but in the video 4770k?

IBadGrammar says:

should i buy i7-5930K or stay my amd fx 8350 shit fps on dishonored 2 and fallout 4?

Kelly Mcgrath says:

hey man u know where to find a z77? if not:

thinking of an upgrade from a i5 2500k to a skylake i5. dont really need the over clock but want to game at 1080p smoothly.. any suggestions?

Navneet sharma says:

Does i7 6800k with gtx 1080 good for gaming for about 5-10 years as I can’t upgrade my pc again and again I have to continue with it what I have

Frazier Medina says:

thumbs up for that skip ad notation

Goro Majima says:

Can you test the 7700k at 5.0ghz and ram at 4266mhz compared to haswell and skylake at 4.4ghz and howmuch of an fps boost It will provide at 4k?

Jean-Luc Devon says:

I’m about to upgrade from a fx 8350 to a 6700k would I see at least 8 frames better performance I’ve got a 980 ti sc as well?

Ratherkool says:

your new cup ran at 4.4ghz ? LOL
My Amd cup runs at 5.17ghz on all 8 cores.
and my cup is a later model compare to those new ones,
and by the way the amd cup I got this what they say to set for default.

chaserants says:

i have a 7700k lol

Will Ames says:

Go to 6:08 for the benchmarks

Rillust says:

I just need to know.. Simple answer… 1151 or 2011-3? Mostly gaming. EVGA is sending me a replacement board and its a x99 FTW K. I already have a z87 FTW. Is it worth upgrading the CPU and RAM for the new board? Just simply put please.

sTyZi1029 says:

The “Skip Ad” annotation was a nice touch

Krishna yashas says:

kabylake gen 7 i3 releasing shortly.
make a video on it pls

Lesvinx says:

Im just getting mine premade by an expert

MasterCosmic says:

I have a 4790k 4.0ghz with a 980 FE. I’m gonna go for either a 1080 sc or ROG strix. Which is better. Also the new 7700k i7

hockey_panda says:

what kind of fps would I get on overwtch?

Aphrenedge says:

ad skip <3<3<3

Austin Hill says:

Fake. Nothing’s better than my 4-bit Intel 4004.

Fucking spaz

KEEVVY says:

Some one do a test between 4770k oc at 4.4 and 4790k on turbo boost

Harikrishna Nair says:

I wanted to know about 4790k.
I think you can still change the title by going to the Video Manager

Army Vet13 says:

longevity – which would last the longest without having to upgrade/update to new cpu?

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