Awesome Hardware #0161-A: Intel 9th-Gen CPU Pricing, NVIDIA fixes Threadripper 2990WX Performance

Awesome Hardware #0161-A: Intel 9th-Gen CPU Pricing, NVIDIA fixes Threadripper 2990WX Performance
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1.) NEWS
Singaporean Retailer “Bizgram” Newest Price-list Includes Intel 9th Generation Pricing
New GeForce Driver Fixes Performance Issue: Threadripper 2990WX Tested
Seagate BarraCuda Pro 14TB HDD Review: Massive Storage for Desktops
Samsung and SK Hynix halt expansion plans to prevent SSD and memory price drop

3.) YES / NO
Bring back the headphone jack: Why USB-C audio still doesn’t work
Google Chrome Kills Off WWW In URLs
Brussels prosecutors launch investigation into EA over refusal to remove loot boxes
Facebook is making AI that can identify offensive memes

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Martin Schou says:

Hang on – how are you arguing that something that’s fixed in nVidia’s drivers, for a VERY niche processor, would be an AMD issue? If it was a problem on the AMD side, nVidia wouldn’t spend the resources on fixing it, as the number of customers who would run a 1080Ti on a 2990WX for gaming is going to be close to 0. It is far more likely that they discovered a bug that affects very high core count CPUs, and would become more prevalent when Intel starts releasing their highest core count CPUs for the desktop.

Eddie Saldanha says:

I like how you and Kyle flipped the thumbnail for your postings of this episode on your channels. Just noticed that. Going to go over to Bitwit and give that video a like as well. Keep it up guys!

Hein Van Hoof says:

Euhm, those prices are WIthout Tax.

Aaron Thompson says:

Dongles are dumb

All Purposeee says:

Hey @Paul’s Hardware ….. can you tell if Ryzen 7 2700x has any Temp issues ?

I have an AC room but still normal temp over here is like around 30-35ish Celsius outside.

And will i have to change anything if I go for it ?
My system config is :

PSU = VS 650 (Corsair)
GPU = Asus Radeon RX 480 (OC edition 4 GB)

GutsRage says:

hmm…. I still don’t think is worth it for me to upgrade to 9th gen having 7th gen… like 7700k is still good enough to me but I dunno ill w8 to see benchs.

edgar juarez says:

Lol oleds aren’t shitty TVs. If you’re afraid it gets burn it just buy a warranty. You’ll just get it replaced with a new oled.

Doug Red says:

Its not simpler because we have www www1 www2 www3 and etc… and its a matter of security u know exactly where u going. like an actual address. the gambling is just like the slot machines u pay money for random stuff

Princess Rose says:

Nazi flag in a awesome hardware stream, Phil and Kyle confirmed nazis

cipher1000101 says:

Bluetooth has an inherent lag attached and here at the PCMR we don’t do lag!! Goto Apple if you want it, give me my 3.5mm

Jacky-Chan_77 8 says:

Ripoff of WAN

Joe Sterling says:

26:51 – One of the first things I do to a new install of Windows is bring back file extensions. Having them default to hidden is boneheaded. I want to know what I’m looking at in directory listings without having to interpret icons, or hovering the cursor on each entry. Plus pitfalls like ‘puppies.jpg.exe’ shouldn’t get hidden by Microsoft.

ikorbln says:

Less beer could help …….

sirius4k says:

Paul, your “football” is mostly played by hands, so… yeah; I’m offended by Facebook!

americanv8ss says:

Why is it so hard for a tech channel to upload a video with proper volume levels?

Your EverydayTech says:

Paul’s Hardware time stamps

0:56 Store!
1:30 News!
1:38 Bizgram leaks intel 9th gen prices!
5:36 Nvidia fixes threadripper performance in games
11:23 Segate has a 14TB hard drive!
14:43 Samsung and SK Hynix halt expansion in nand flash to stop ssd prices from dropping
20:18 Yes/No Straw polls!
21:01 Bring back the headphone jack!
24:58 Google kills off WWW in urls
28:12 Brussels prosecutors investigating EA over refusal to remove loot boxes
31:28 Facebook making AI to identify offensive memes
33:53 Paul realizes he didn’t click the option for multiple votes
34:45 Yes/No results!

franzb69 says:

not all bluetooth headsets sound good. and the good ones are expensive. and not all expensive bluetooth headsets sound good.

Vish Prem says:

When you don’t have to pay for yore “Whatever”, EVERYTHING is “reasonable” then. Right? No wonder Dem Advertising Budget is how one expense-away “Da Profiteering”.

When “Self-Poisoning Responsibly” is also “AOK”, it is best to realise that one could be as malevolent-benevolent as the-individual would like to be … but it is “wise” not to [mis]lead Another to be the same. More so when it is all [seemingly] about, “Monay, Monay, Monay” – “riche” or not.

It is “self-benevolent” to remember that when, “In The Public Domain”/within-the-grasp-of-“The-Averaged-Joe”, “Treading-Responsibly” ought to be “A Constant Reminder”. Yous already knowz zat !! Zoundz, what ist Zer-Vorld Komin’ Zu !! Perhaps, “Post-Responsibly”, or that gem, “Gambling-Responsibly”?

“Christian-Nations”, are blindly into Licentiousness as if “Innocence” is merely a word. In addition,”they” are aslo blindly into “Alcoholising” – beecuz im dem” Bible”, A Jesus-Christ was supposed to have turned “Water” into “Wine”. Be that as it may be, it is best to be aware that “Wine” is also called “Grape-Juice”, and NOT necessarily weeks-upon-weeks of “Fermentation Running-Amok”.

ps. A Chinese-Slang mentions about, “Dropping Thangies for Others to Tread”. Now, does that remind of, “Dem Advertisers”, aka the self-certifying of “Anti-Evil”? Incidentally, “Thought-Processing” works because The Moderday Affliction is The InAbility to absolutely separate Fact/”Benevolence”/Reality from Fiction/”Malevolence”/Relativity. Regardless of the Cleverness/”Intelligence”/Egotism-Cinningness/”Worshipful-nature”/Conditionings.

Don Cannady says:

I have had multiple failures with Seagate mechanical drives. They are garbage. I only buy WD now.

tarfeef _ says:

One day people will learn the difference between IPC and clock speeds…

It is true that new Intel CPUs have slightly higher IPC, but their single threaded advantage is largely just clock speeds… But apparently nobody can figure that out 🙁

Mork the Chicken says:

YouTube engagement comment

neuroflare says:

Bring back the full show! I can’t catch it live and I feel like I’ve missed half of it now 🙁

I found the Afterparty! Upon checking the twitch archives it seems the boys turned it on finally! Here it is for those who missed it and Paul wont get in trouble since he’s not linking to twitch himself:

Joe Sterling says:

The content of loot boxes doesn’t need to be saleable for real currency in order to run afoul of the Belgian law. The gambling aspect is spending real money to get a box of random contents, which may be valuable, but more likely are mostly junk. These are similar to slot machines. They prey on some people’s obsessive behavior. Maybe next spin will be a winner. The goods pursued don’t have to be real-world. They can exist entirely within the game’s environment.

fizzle Lor says:

Intel i9 coming out like flap jacks I am still sold on th 8 gen can’t wait to get my build going.

My Stupid Reviews says:

In England we say football but people also get mad if call soccer but originally it was called soccer mum UK but poor and work class renamed it football from rich

Pixel Dust says:

can FB identify offensive social platforms?

Hein Van Hoof says:

guy from belgium, its just if YOU pay for something and you don’t know what’s in it, thats it, and no you can’t resell ea card packs but thats not what this law is abouth, buying a mystery box on ebay is thill legal but in games it isn’t, its to protect kids.
Valve allready complied to Belgium and we can’t buy or resell skins and there are other games where the Belgium version has those removed, BUT then the only way to get those stuff is to play the game a LOT. F2P tactics with P2W in a allready full price game.

Abdulhkeem Alhadhrami says:

stupid move google:
version 68 let’s move the new tab button so no one can reach it “WOW Genius”!!!
version 69 let’s forget there was something called www
google: stop experimenting you make me hate to use chrome these past 2 versions!!!

Ben Foster says:

Am I the only one that thinks 300mhz but losing half of threads seems a silly for future proof

Rick Bailey says:

well since im using 2 WD black drives that are 5 gb and 6gb i wouldnt mind upgrading to a single big monster drive if its faster

Mr11ESSE111 says:

you better discuss about beer and how to drink it

lazypizzaguy says:

there was a norwegian researcher who was given money to buy loads of those fifa loot boxes to research the drop chances or something he never got a top quality card and didn’t get a ronaldo card at all i think.

Chris Van Middelkoop says:

Then if you want such a high end sound then why don’t you just use an Ipod or other mp3 player device rather than your phone.

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