AMD Ryzen vs Intel – Which CPU Brand to Pick for Gaming in 2018 [Simple]

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So which CPU brand is best, the AMD Ryzen processors or the Intel Core processors, specifically Intel Coffee Lake?

That’s exactly what we will be answering in this useful video we’ve made!


IGotRoasted Help me says:

AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices.

Garbleach Gaming says:

My 2700x is Amazing I love it

david wahl says:

Intel > Ryzen

Bernardo Franco says:

Very informative video. Good job! Thank you!

Rohit Singh says:

Intel awesome for gaming

Bk Lkshy says:

AMD start this value for money revolution for processors. 2 Years earlier we didn’t even imagine that we can buy 6 cores 12 thread in so less price.

Anita Talukdar says:


inkling boy 2 says:

Intel plus gtx 1080i is better

Jehov Guevarra says:

how about the editor and gamer? which is better for me AMD latest version or Intel latest version?

Partha Sarathi Laskar says:

Keep It Up Awesome

Rahul Raj says:

Can someone recommend an alternate ryzen chip to replace the pentium g4560?

Tony cow says:

Ryzen was not their only glimmer of hope as you put it…both xbox one and ps4 are built on amd hardware Im pretty sure amd is alright.


Intel Core i9 or AMD Ryzen ThereadRipper? what I’m using is Intel Core i9. should I switch to AMD Ryzen?


what is the best ?

Muhammad Rafay says:

AMD is extreme processor as compared to Intel I have HP pavilion 15 notebook and it has integrated graphics of Intel 4400 and I see the performance of that graphics processor in WORLD OF WARPLANES when I changed the settings to my type it just started lagging but when it was in default it showed great performance.

PorkEatingCrusader says:

Threadripper !!!! 😀

dead romeo says:

Best answer is boycott Israel, boycott Zionism, Boycott Intel.

Using 2700x overclocked. Overkill.

Razor GT says:

AMD Ryzen 7 1800X can it run GTA 5 on 60FPS?


I3 8100 or ryzen 3 1300x

Pradeep kumar says:

Amd Ryzen 7

Demify says:

Guys I need help, I want to build a 600 pound pc (750 dollars, willing to go to 800) I need a 1060 gtx a ssd and hard drive , I’m very stuck of what processor to get and I’m even more stuck on what motherboard to get. Like do some motherboards do over clocking and others don’t?

Avi Kanodiya says:

both are great conclusion is you have to be rich

Noot says:

I5 8600K is really worth it in my opinion

Rektangular DSO says:

game from 3:38?

Arpan Bhattacharyya says:

Intel is best

Sunny Senpai says:

0:07 Tsukasa lmao

Bassie games says:

Editing: amd
Gaming: intel

X dark evolution says:

Intel i7 8700k is better

Titanium TO says:

Well I’m gonna YouTube, AMD best choice

niv raj says:

Amd is far more better than intel for gaming.


pls tell intel or amd what buy?

kulu baba says:

AMD rocks ma negga

Trap boi says:

Some of the dual core pentiums like the g4560 which is what i have has hyperthreading and i think that you should buy a higher end 7th gen pentium rather than a i3

X dark evolution says:

Thread ripper is not cheap ok

Just Some random guy says:

which game is it at 1:34

GameOn 04 says:

Intel vs Ryzen SSSHHHHH money talks….

George Anos says:

Would an intel core i7 6700 + gtx 1060 work well? If so, any suggestions on motherboard?

Real tf says:

That’s the first time I’ve heard a chick talking about PC with this much knowledge depth !!!

Hydras Barnbarn says:

AMD is so dang much better. You can get a Ryzen 5 for the price of an i3 😛

round triangle says:

Don’t feel like I really got the answer I was looking for

Tech says:

Is the ryzen 3 1200 a good cpu?

Max Xy says:

I NEED A GOOD ONE QUICK (except the i9 to broke for that shit:P)

Gagan Bharadhwajsuchi says:

What about Intel i9?

Aditya Dahiya says:

Happy with my 7th gen i5 ^_^

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