AMD Ryzen VS Intel Core X – Price To Performance

AMD Ryzen vs Intel’s Core X series enthusiast CPUs. Who will win? Stay tuned…

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Metamancer says:

More expensive CPU’s will generally have less desirable performance to price ratios either way. Unless if Threadripper scales nearly linearly in terms of price and performance with the addition of each quad core sub-unit, this isn’t going to change.

Rocky12345 says:

Great video thank you. I would think if Thread Ripper would have a problem with scaling AMD would not be promoting Infinity Fabric like it is their new golden child for tech. I think Thread Ripper will scale very well and with all the firmware updates AM4 Ryzens have gotten the last few months which have helped out a lot with performance and memory support and higher memory speeds. I think all of those fixes will be in the bios firmware in all new x399 main boards which will help propel them to higher performance levels. Remember Ryzen likes high speed memory because the Infinity Fabric scales with the memory clock rate which in turn helps with internal performance of the chip when it has to talk across the CCX units.

I am hoping that when Ripper comes out that the memory kits and high speeds are supported and websites actually run the memory as high as possible. It burns my butt to no end when you see even today bench marks done and a site still only runs the memory at lets say 2400Mhz-2933Mhz whats the point you are not getting the full speed of the Ryzen CPU this way. it needs at least 3200Mhz-3600Mhz to start to come alive and perform better. Heck I heard the 1.0.06 AMD release code has support for 4000Mhz DDR4 it would be great to see even one website or channel even try memory at this speed if it can be done and see if the Infinity Fabric scales that far as well.

saultube44 says:

Intel business practice is mostly a scam, to pump money from customers at ridiculous levels, somehow the assholes at Intel putting the prices are in charge and don’t care for the people, just make money. AMD might hype it and make convenient benchmarks and have little defects like the interconnect between cores in a CCX but at least most of what they say is true and have decent prices at close or equal and in rare occasions better performance than Intel

Алексей Пеленицын says:

если сравнивать требования к охлаждению, кол-во ядер/потоков, частоты, объём кэша и стоимостные значения для цпу, то лесенка примерно такая у наиболее важных моделей:
140W i7 6900K 8/16 3.2-3.7 20MB 1089-1109$
140W i7 6850K 6/12 3.6-3.8 15MB 617-628$
95W Ryzen7 1800X 4+4/16 3.6-4.0+100 16MB 499$
140W i7 6800K 6/12 3.4-3.6 15MB 434-441$
95W Ryzen7 1700X 4+4/16 3.4-3.8+100 16MB 399$
65W Ryzen7 1700 4+4/16 3.0-3.7+100 16MB 329$
91W i7 7700K 4/8 4.2-4.5 8MB 339-350$
65W i7 7700 4/8 3.6-4.2 8MB 303-312$
72W Xeon E3 1240v6 4/8 3.7-4.1 8MB 272$
уровень с 250-300 у.е. традиционно считается верхним ,тут есть переходные модели – новый зион под стоковую работу, предшествующий под оверклокинг шиной на соответствующих платформах. единственный кто выделяется – платформа 2011 со своими большими камнями, ценами и требованиями к охладу. Если на последнее можно закрыть глаза, то переплачивать в рядовых ПК за старшие решения точно будет мало желающих, собственно для экономных ценителей высокой производительности первая миллионная партия райзенов и создавалась.

72W Xeon E3 1230v5 4/8 3.4-3.8 8MB 250-261$
95W Ryzen5 1600X 3+3/12 3.6-4.0+100 16MB 249$
91W i5 7600K 4/4 3.8-4.2 6MB 242-243$
65W i5 7600 4/4 3.5-4.1 6MB 213-224$
65W Ryzen5 1600 3+3/12 3.2-3.6+100 16MB 219$
65W i5 7500 4/4 3.4-3.8 6MB 192-202$

65W Ryzen5 1500X 2+2/8 3.5-3.7+200 16MB 189$
65W i5 7400 4/4 3.0-3.5 6MB 182$
60W i3 7350K 2/4 4.2 4MB 168-179$
65W Ryzen5 1400 4+0/8 3.2-3.4+50 8MB 169$
51W i3 7320 2/4 4.1 4MB 149-157$

причем цены интел – в партиях от 1000 штук, а амд рекомендованные коробочные. Тут уже видно профит на фоне конкурентов по стоимости. Так же профит в отсутствии необходимости скальпирования , что экономит 50+$ достаточных для В350(на фоне в250 тут паритет, н110/а320 сильно разные пока – в середине мая станет яснее) скит катана 3 и любой памяти.

Crux Riajuu says:

Threadripper is the way to go for me. Plus waiting helps me save up for other stuff like Vega and mouse and keyboard and ultrawide monitor.

Matthew Smith says:

Clock for Clock, AMD is faster. If AMD can get their clocks up, Intel is finished.

Erd Kara says:

Thanks God iam using ryzen 🙂

GL HF says:

In other words, you either get a Ryzen 7 or just wait for Ryzen Threadripper.

Hélder Sousa says:

just subbed because 1:11 😀

DOOM Slayer says:

ya know that only the guys that do stuff that needs powerfull cpu s will buy these right, i mean only the people that really needs these processors will buy them, and the guys that needs these dosnet have a problem with moneys

Phoenix MH83 says:

yeah hes not reading a script lol

Lisa Su says:

The 7800x is already faster than the best Ryzen in nearly any kind of work. This is looking good for the mainstream Coffer Lake. 8 core Ryzen is a slower than a 6 core Intel in multithreaded work. All these ‘Intel is doomed’ nonsense is just nonsense.

Bud Fox says:

No need to wait for the future we already have games that use the cores: Hitman, Mafia III, Ashes, for example.

NickoLps says:

Intel must really drop their prices,they dont sell diamonds.
Its about time.

pascalpascal85 says:

Make no sence this video,GAMER MELD are you payed by INTEL, Motherboards for the new Intel CPU are so much $$$ at least 300 for a motherboard, AMD is by far a better deal

Dean simmons says:

A Ryzen 1600 is around $220 and a B350 motherboard is around $110. This is $330 altogether. The cheapest x299 board on PCPartPicker today 6/23/17 is $280 and the 7800x is $420. This is $700 altogether. Yeah don’t buy this overpriced trash. If you really want a 4 core i7 for strictly gaming get one from a past generation. Also these new CPUs run hot as f*** even with a 240mm aio.

Moo Moo says:

I understand this has nothing to do with your video but you should atleast said something about the intel cpu’s that get really hot when you start overclocking even with a watercooler 🙂

Gamer Meld says:

One thing I will say I wish was reviewed more, is the 7800x. It’s a really tough call. It seems to beat out the 1700 in a few more benchmarks when trying to keep overclocking in mind (not including gaming) than the other way around, but it’s a big jump in price, especially when considering motherboards. I think it won’t be worth it for most, but for some, the difference in single core performance might be worth it. And for gaming, I’d say spend more on the GPU, but if you’re already at the top, that might be a reason to pick the 7800x (if it holds up as well as other Intel CPUs).

It does seem the difference in premium for going up the core latter in Intel will probably see a huge plus for Threadripper, but overall, I think we need to wait and see.

Fallen says:

Star Citizen needs more than four cores broham, Just like the Total war series. Sorry for not being sorry, But four cores are outdated. 8 cores is needed now.

nemesis7884 says:

What to get for a mini itx build if gaming is primary concern and price secondary – ryxen 1600x or intel 7800x?

Simon Mortensen says:

I think I will go with the i7 7700k. Do you think it will go down in price with this new generation released?

Abdulahad Khodabocus says:

I have no need for ThreadRipper, but at the price AMD would price them, I’d be foolish to say no!.

The Triple A says:

Intel just want to say we’re better in performance. but they also don’t know we ain’t working for bill gates.

Chevifier says:

Ryzen 1700X is best for flexibility, Gaming and Productivity.

Crzces says:

As of now, the least expensive x299 board I can find price information on is $250. The other 3 I looked at were $399.95 usd -$449.95 usd. That’s a hefty chunk of change if you are not going with a CPU that opens up all the pci-e lanes.

Now one thing I notice no one is complaining about; Ryzen only has 16 lanes available in the consumer lineup as well. Just like with Intel, it kinda defeats the purpose of an 8/16. Idk, it looks like if you need 8 cores and 16 threads Threadripper is really what you should be looking at if price is a concern along with multi-tasking that requires more hardware than 1 gpu and one m.2.

If price is not a concern, well, then we’ll have to wait and see real world benchmarks across the board.

ihatemybosses says:

What temps are the Ryzen chips running at 4.6-4.7?

Theworthsearcher says:

Intel is in trouble now, because it cannot sell chips too cheap, because the costs are higher because of the technology. So this year will be very interesting further. And as I saw, there will only be Ryzen 3 pro instead of the Ryzen 3 and becuase the prices have been dropped on R5 and R7, probably it will be dropped on R3 as well.

Please don’t mix the IPC with the full core performance, which comes from IPC and Clock rate!

He_162 says:

I should mention that the review samples all can reach 5ghz, and I’m sure it’s worth the de-lid.

Prince Extasy says:

Honestly is soo evident intel released their X-Series in a rush because of ryzen. AMD had more than 4years to prepare Ryzen so intel should just take a rest this year.


BrianAllie9084 says:

I will be getting a 7900k, because it has both great single core and multicore performance you don’t have to compromise one for the other. I like the fact they are not soldered so can remove the ihs and cool the die directly. I am not even considering Ryzen or TR because of the low frequency, I would actually lose single thread performance compared to my current set up. Also I think there is a benefit for having more then 4 cores for gaming because in the real world you have a lot of processes running in the background you don’t see this on reviews since everyone uses clean Windows installs.

jakobus Maximus says:

All these AMD fanboys… just get your cheap ass CPU then if money is everything. Intel has the better chips! Fact. They cost a lot but only the price tag is a pro for AMD. What else? Nothing shitty single core and only to around 4ghz OCs. I would pay extra for an intel chip and I did a few years back. Payed 500 for a 3930k and it is still a very powerful chip! It is worth the price especially with a good over clock.
AMD ryzen is still good for the much needed competition.
And who even gives a shit if a build is 200 less or more? If you don’t have 200 extra$ to blow you are not in a position to buy high end shit anyway.

Ameer Qan says:

ryzen is affordable yet fast in performance

erik rodriguez says:

hey gamer meld hope u doing good man greaT review . hey i got a quest 4 u see if you can get a match on a GTX 1080 against a radion pro 7100 i think the radion pro bets the 1080 just to know !!!! GAME ON !!!!

Gabriel Lucena says:

I feel you missed something to mention, even if it’s not on performance. It’s that also intel is forcing people to spend $1000 for 40 pcie lanes when it used to start at the 8 core current price point. So it even loses that advantage.

Naufal Aziz Ferbi says:

AMD should name it Intelripper .. #teamred #peoplepower

Clueless Nerd says:

myfriend said if i buy i9, i can freely upgrade my win 10 into windows 20. Is it true ?

Masticina Akicta says:

Pricey but that is expected, powerful yes, it makes sense except the price. And that is where AMD really can make a different. The money you don’t have to spend on the I9 compared to a Ryzen 8 core is money you can spend on storage, video cards, memory and other useful things.

I seen enough streamer/gamers going for the Ryzen chips. Why? It is good priced and offers pretty good performance. The money they didn’t spend goes into a faster GPU. Or an extra SSD for games.

Of course the i9 and X299 are server chips and server motherboards. So they can do allot more. They can handle allot of data being pushed around. But that is the trick, SERVER parts. The AMD Ryzen might only have 16 PCI Express lines right now but for gamers and streamers that is enough.

Still, I am sure some people will go for the i9. That is inevitable.

Yanuar Tri Aditya Nugraha says:

I won’t play lower than 1440p. Therefore for the price of 7820X + decent X299 + GTX 1080 will get me 1700 + decent X370 + SLI GTX 1080 (or single GTX 1080 Ti), by assuming decent X299 cost ~$150 dollar more than decent X370. But you know, you can always replace SLI GTX 1080 with 2x VEGA.


Daniel Rohrpasser says:

Threadripper = Intelripper

Angel Luis Trinidad says:

Yeah, that’s cool, but now compare Price to Performance between a Toyota and a Ferrari. Let’s not kid ourselves, when one wants the best, one doesn’t care about pricing. So, the question should be, which CPU is the best, AMD or Intel?

TheCrazyPhoenix says:

“Ryzen up to the challenge” ayyyyyy!
I like what you did there XD

PathFinder says:

You said nothing about the very high temps Skylake X achieves, and the uber cooling you need to even keep the chips from 100 degrees Celsius. This is due to Intel not soldering the IHS on their brand new HEDT that they still expect for you to pay from several hundred to over thousand dollars for. Ryzen may lose- sure- but Ryzen is a mainstream platform that offers great price to performance like you said – BUT also great quality as well, as all Ryzen processors come with a soldered IHS and as a result, run cool and quiet.

Olle P says:

For me neither Core X nor Threadripper are viable options. I have neither the need nor the finances for it.
That said, the Kaby Lake X can barely be justified at all while the Skylakes will be interesting to compare with Threadripper. Threadripper won’t do very well in single thread, but if single thread is very important one should just buy a Core i3-7350K instead…

someone says:

the lower end Core X models wont have enough pcie lanes for X299 motherbards, so basicly X299 boards will lose half of their PCie x16 slot, M.2 slots etc if used with the cheapest Core X models

Jethro Rose says:

Not only are the intel CPUs expensive, the boards are expensive, and they gimp you on pcie lanes unless you go way up the CPU line up. And for the enthusiast end market, lack of pcie lanes is going to be huge as we see more use of multiple high speed SSDs in coming years.

If AMD can get threadripper out at 2x the cost for CPU vs ryzen (and I think that is realistic, or close – as it is just 2x ryzen dies on a bigger package), intel have a disaster to contend with.

usparktalk says:

Same old same old. When are they going to start making CPU’s that have lots of threads/cores and don’t heat up and only need cheap/small fans to run at full throttle?

Noobie Gamer says:

so I can kidnap you all if my van has written “free i9 7900X or threadripper” outside of it

WalkandPeace says:

I have a 4790k 4.5Ghz I get 968 CB score unlike in this video the 4790k gets under 900CB at 3:30

Even at stock 4.4ghz turbo I get 900+CB score.

semua sempurna says:

get 1600 and an iphone 8. DONE

He_162 says:

“These new chips aren’t HOOORRRIBBBLLLE” but lets- WOAH WOAH WOAH WHAT?

A 5ghz 10 core isn’t horrible? Well, let me tell ya, water is wet dude. Intel’s chips are THE FASTEST *and most expensive* ON THE MARKET….

The video does go on to explain this better, but I thought that was the most “keep watching to find out what happens” kind of thing ever. Funny shit, but you are preaching to those who cannot afford the better performance, it makes sense, you have a point, but there are always going to be two companies and one that has the best stuff, and they can charge whatever they want for it, people will still buy it, I’m sure.

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