8th Gen Intel CPU – Coffee Lake – Oct 5th Launch

Intel is launching the 8th Generation Core desktop CPU lineup on October 5th, 2017.
6 CPUs are included in this launch including the new i7-8700K 6 core, 12 thread 4.7GHz CPU!
Lots of detail included about this launch including the new 40 PCI-E lane Z370 motherboard.

LastPass — http://bit.ly/2fiUryr

Intel Press Release – https://newsroom.intel.com/news-releases/intel-unveils-8th-gen-intel-core-processor-family-desktop/


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Johnny9ball says:

3 minute commercial…….never coming back.

Nick Jin says:

Intel is so unfriendly with my Z270 and I5 7600K 🙁 What should I DO NOW

Ali Rizwan says:

Zen 2 and zen3 will happen with am4 so ill build ryzen on Christmas


I really think intel has a chance to come back at and if they price the cpus right and if they have some new architectures that actually have a noticeable difference. Obviously though, the coffee lakes are going be more pricy than Ryzen, understandable thought since the equivalents are stronger, but they also shouldn’t go overboard on the price

Rui Zhu says:

Does anybody know where I can buy the 8th gen processor when it launches tommorrow?

audiodopebeats says:

Hmmm… wondering if I should’ve waited until now to build my PC. Don’t get me wrong, I love my 7700k build, but from what Intel is bringing with these 8th gen CPU’s… it may be a game changer.

Sky Blue Necktie - Gaming, Tech, and MORE! says:

Oh yeah, affordable is my favorite word!

Big Smoke says:

Thats bad!!
I can afford core i3 8100 but the z370 will be very expensive!!!
Isn’t there any budget mobo for this CPU???

Chris Chen says:

Intel is an arse

Chris Bullock says:

If its about Cores then it makes no sense to buy the i7, when you can the the highest end i5 that also has 6 cores

John says:

Wow! I am actually excited to see what mr deals. thinks of coffee lake! Ive been a good soldier and been buying all the extra bits for my build( of course using the youtube links on td vids 🙂 ) This is gonna be where the final decision about processor comes from… Love the new amazon shopping page by the way!

PinkasBrown44 says:

I´ll go with coffee, since AMD is not my cup of tea…

Can´t wait for the reviews on the 8700K and Z370 motherboards.

Mehmet Filiz says:

well explained

Franseven 7 says:

what about paper launch? is rare as fuck, in europe costs 560 dollars… its crazy, i wouldn t wait but i must do it for this shitty situation

D Ketchen says:

Turned off board

Joe says:

Will this push skylake i7 prices down? I’m assuming so but just checking.

Marc Albert says:

huh wait till Ryzen’s 2000 series comes out =) meanwhile intel did a great job, even when it comes to pricing. But the Z370 being the only available MB (for the moment) is a turn off if one wants to buy an i5 8400 right now.

Tech Deals says:

Special thank you to today’s video sponsor LastPass — http://bit.ly/2fiUryr
Please checkout their site, I’m a LastPass user and when they reached out to me to sponsor this video, I jumped at the chance. It really is the best “password vault” program out there…

Surprise Pi says:

Very informative. Coffee Lake is very interesting to me. I feel ashamed being cyber bullied by RGHD’s fans for “owning” a G4560 just because I only had $80 in my pocket.

I’m mostly eyeballing the non-k core i7.

WarmSoftKitty says:

I wonder if AMD every gets tired of getting shit on by Intel every year……..I wish AMD was competitive, but the fact is they never will be, since they don’t have the money, contracts, or research teams to compete at the level of Intel.

Anamitra Das says:

I don’t get it. If I use an i3-8100 (which cannot be over clocked) I still have to use a Z370 motherboard?
This honestly makes no sense!

PlatinTony321 says:

damn its not even a year i think where i subscribed, and u had like 30000k subscribers, now u already have 188.000K !!! good job man !! :)!

Paul says:

I am feeling Intel will inflate the price of the new Z370 montherboard chipset for these processors to make up the two extra cores.

Ram Page says:

Looks like I have to spend again money to another computer. I really regret I let the Ryzen hype fool me. Nothing but a struggle and disappointment. And waste of money. Maybe Intel stuff costs more but who wouldn’t pay for quality and reliability.

TizanaMenYo says:

thanks to RYZEN, now the i3 went up to 4 cores 😉

this is why the competition is a good thing .

DJay Beetoo says:

thanks for saving me buying a 7700K

Anshuman Walvekar says:

Should I buy 1050 ti now or save up for volta ?
CPU- G4560

Dexter Badua says:

Where are the benchmarks? it’s now 5th of october. :3 so hyped.

Phil Wasteland says:

Which Ram would you recommend for the 8600k?

Crazy Hk says:

So in easy words the i5 8600k and 8600 (cuz im gonna buy i5) will only work with z370?

sakib ahmed says:

no i5_8500 ?? or i5_8600(non k) ??

yugi007100 says:

Thank you for this video 🙂 I am buying a gaming pc in late summer 2018 and I’m looking forward to the Intel 8700K. I have about £1800, to £2000 budget as I have been saving for a few years to get a gaming pc which will last for a few years. Cant wait for the benchmarks.

chun yin kwan says:

I just brought i5 7600 last week, I want to kill myself

Kelvinator X says:

I’m about to buy a Ryzen CPU then I saw an intel i5 with 6 cores at the prize of ryzen 3 1300x. Holy shit Intel is back boys!

Hawkrun says:

CPU video or passwords application? Wasted minutes on passwords app.,tune in about Intel CPU’s!

3d tech says:

that’s a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong AD

Cool Moo5e says:

If 8700ks worked with z170 I would have sold me 6700k and bought into coffeelake for steaming.

Brandon Barraza says:

Will there be new motherboards also dropping on the 5th?

Cooper says:

My one question is will it have intergraded graphics if so please sign me in on coffee lake I can’t afford a gpu rn and I just want a editing rig that’s all.

DJay Beetoo says:

are you a replicant?

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