XFX R9 290 Double Dissipation GPU Review

We take a look at one of the prettiest AMD GPU’s we have ever seen, the XFX R9 290 Double Dissipation http://www.overclock3d.net/reviews/gpu_displays/xfx_r9_290_dd_double_dissipation_gpu_review/1






ffej says:

quality review, one of the best ive seen. subbed and keep it up mate

NighcoreReflex says:

Anybody own this card and have had any issues with it?

MrEvangelos29 says:

very up temp. For this card i need hydro cooler

LTDanno360 says:

 looks good

CDX410 says:

Why does the card i have overheat, it runs at 100% fan speed and still hot, it resets my computer at times or it says something like the card has stopped working.

Jan Šinkovec says:

I agree it is still one of the most beautiful cards out there. Too bad they ruined it with the diamond pattern on the new ones. Hoping they bring back this design and maybe improve it a bit on the next generation. Thats when ill probably be upgrading.

tu dinh says:

is there a backplate that fits on it without a water block?????

God At everything says:

just bought this card off Craigslist for $30 because it was listed as broken took it apart cleaned it put it back in and it works fine.

VirtuosoX1 says:

why 1x 8 pin and 1x 6 pin and not the standard 2x 8 pins?

Simsala Tim says:

Can you change the color of the XFX logo or turn it off or something?

Swift_Arsonist says:

its good but the sapphire tri x 290 is better, requires less PSU than this card

kingmatt2563 says:

How the fuck do you redeem the BF4?

Jonathon Jaramillo says:

What case is that? I really like that whole panel with the hinges and see through. Also, CABLE MANAGEMENT! You are doing it right

Jonathon Jaramillo says:

What about the 290x?

Verithiell says:

add backplate and its the sexiest looking gpu outta there!

DJFrosted says:

dude if it’s turning on and off at start.. it’s because your DRam doesnt have enough juice to kick over the clock / voltage on your cpu. if you bump it up to like 1.55 (half step) should fix that

Leo Waltz says:

Sanic gootttta goo fasst

Half_Finis says:

Could anyone tell me why its turning on and off?… i’ve had this before and it worried me

Felipe Corzo says:

hi there. Nice review. One question what should i pickup this one or the Evga 970 4gb SC? Same price here.

Eds UKGamerz says:

If only the power requirement was less, i’ve got a EVGA 650W Gold rated PSU but guess that won’t be sufficient 🙁

DoctorShafty says:

The dog danglies lmao.

robert myers says:

i just got the xfx r9 290 8gb ddr5 for under 200$ :))))))

Debonair Extraordinaire says:

you wouldn’t believe the difference 3 oak cones can do under the PC case for vibration dissipation & noise control! 
Essential buy!

Alex Agius says:

Is the 290x basically the same (and is it worth the extra price)? The 4gb of the 290x is the one I have considered get this to replace my msi 280x (which I have issues with it, it crashes, and it sags), how have people found it in terms of stability?

Jazone Gaming says:

It’s Double Dissipation not direct dissipation (:

MAR12 says:

no back plate!!!!!!!!!!!! thats sacurlige.

Jacob Taylor says:

Idk why it’s always the bottom either!!! Heat rises! Lol

Cameron S. says:

Im a computer noob… what one do you guys think is better? And do they both have triple monitor support?
XFX R9 290 (on in this video)
GTX 960

angelebz1 says:

Hey guys wich case i should use for this card? Mine is a Soprano but isnt good enough for this biggy xD

The_Jebaiter says:

What is the fan’s size on this thing? Mine broke down and its so hard to get placement fans, still looking everywhere.

kccool75 says:

i have one of these im my rig and love it handels anything i throw at it and runs cool just like he seen it heats your room up big time good thing i dont mind being hot lol

mason says:

I love your analogies.

Ciarán Uí Néill says:

I reckon it’s ugly. Looks like brick.

Michael Marquardt says:

What case is this?

Ruso Vendeta says:

2018 and still in battle.

sporks says:

The computer hypnotised me.. i subbed. IT sO BOOTYFUL

Brechan Fraser says:

I’ve got the 290X version of this GPU; and agree it is a very nice looking card; the thing I like most about it is is that it’s classy looking, it doesn’t have all the “gaming” coloring/ bling on the outside like most – if not all – of the high-end GPU’s out there.

Now, we’ll just have to see how it does when I put it to water – which is to be real soon 🙂

Aaron Henderson says:

Xfx is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Not only does the rma process take forever but contacting their support is a nightmare. Can only be contacted by email and not a number. Also having them Reply back to you takes at least a day or 2. Sometimes even a week. I am disappointed by their so called “life-time warranty” and I’m probably going to switch to an actual company like EVGA even though I would have to switch to the pricey nvidia.

Casey Lane says:

im getting this card 2 way crossfire on my new build

Andrew Hunt says:

I’m working on a Corsair 250D compact gaming computer, and I’ve chosen the XFX R9 290 8GB edition for this build. My theme is black, chrome, with white LED lights, and this is going to be a nice centerpiece when seen through the side panel. I agree with the term that its one of the prettiest AMD GPU’s out there, and even beats many of the nVidia ones as well. (As XFX is to AMD as EVGA is to nVIdia)

Lucas Féres says:

XFX has the best design for AMD cards for sure, but i still don’t know what is better, 2x 280X in CF or 1x 290X, the last one is even more expensive around here. PS: this PSU could give energy to my entire house xD

MrAttentionDuelist says:

If you’re doing this at 1440p and holding 30-50 FPS the entire time, what would you expect at 1080p maxed out on games like Battlefield 3/4, Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, MGS:V, etc. without AA?

Kevin Echols-EL says:

what in the world is V sync?

Cory _182 says:

One of the best looking cards made

Andrew S Devereux says:

Hi what power supply r u using?

perseus xd says:

yuh anlatan adam yüzü  bana ne kadar cok benzıyor arkadas .:))     The man’s face looks up to me what

Federico Malacrida says:

Case brand?

Jeremy Hoffman says:

I love this card. Somehow xfx got this hot hot hot card to run ridiculously cool and quiet.

MrDoge FTW says:

Does it have 3.5 gb vram or 4gb vram?

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