Worst Graphics Card Ever! GeForce GT 1030, the DDR4 Scam Benchmarked

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GeForce GT 1030, the DDR4 Abomination Benchmarked

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sri n says:

But there are no gpu with ddr4 memory card

Jake Whitwell says:

my gt 1030 goes over 1900mhz core clock.

error idk says:

Integrated Graphics runs better

the purple mexican says:

you might have saved my life

Pushpendra Rajpurohit says:

Nvidia only made the GPU, not the complete card, 1030 was backward compatible with DDR4 memory and the Manufacturer ‘GALAX’ used DDR4 chips to save some money or to consume their previously stocked DDR4 chips..

Trouble Breathing says:

It’s meant to be a display adapter. They made a cheaper version because not everyone needs a powerful card to play games on.

Lo X says:

But can it run crysis?

Ethan Knight says:

I’m going to do an upgrade from my gt 1030 to a gt 1030 and gain 100% performance…?

Michael0075 says:

Nvidia gets away with it because of the simple fact that at the midrange performance bracket, Nvidia absolutely destroys AMD, and at the high end or enthusiast market the gap between Nvidia and AMD gets much much bigger. Example: GeForce GTX 1070ti > Radeon RX 590x in nearly *ALL* applicable benchmarks. All of them. And of course the prices of those cards reflect this to some degree. You need at least two maxxed out heavily overclocked Radeon RX 590x fully featured and fully unlocked and very very carefully selected optimum binned Radeon RX 590x Gpu’s in Crossfire on the fastest Radeon supporting motherboard on the planet, (money literally no object) in order to barely,… just barely edge out a single non-ti edition GeForce GTX 1080 Standard edition, not Founders, just the standard basic model. That’s the performance gap between AMD and Nvidia. So, if you’re wondering why Nvidia still controls well over 85% global market share of the GPU market, there’s your answer. Even with AMD GPU technology powering both the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro AMD still only added about 2% of the global market share vs Nvidia. The gap is that massive. Look at all of the top twenty graphics cards lists and all of the top 20 selling graphics cards are all Nvidia. Heck, the top 50 selling graphics cards are all Nvidia. AMD cannot and will not get market penetration if they cannot get their performance up to parity with Nvidia. AMD needed to have the Radeon RX 590x out and on the market with 99.99999% near perfect machine level game optimization 2 years ago to at the least match where Nvidia was 3 years ago. Nvidia GeForce GTX 760ti beats the Radeon RX 590x on power consumption, graphics, and gaming performance. http://www.gpuboss.com yeah, cuz Nvidia, the only way it’s played!

Nora Die H0e says:

The 2400g would be a way better choice..

Osiris says:

I got GT710. This 1030 looks pretty good.

Yuri Not Natsuki says:

im playing games on 512 mb graphic card.This is not scam guy.

Don't know says:

Having an console is not an mistake it’s pretty good choice for people who doesn’t really know about gaming and the fps or the graphics settings, sure PC has better graphics and fps but not everyone cares about the what graphics settings is on or how much fps a game has some people just want fun time with there game plus a console is easier to setup and smaller, yes I know there’s smaller PCs out there and most people would probably buy an prebuilt PC with expensive price with shitty hardware and getting drivers for them and installing things is gonna be really hard for newbies.

Joseph Townes says:

The 1030 is a low buget card for simple desktop use, FOR WHAT GALAX HAVE PUT A FREKING GAMING CARD VENTILATION!

Kazuma Kariama says:

Hey, at least you might be able to play at 480p… *Might*

Nexlo Free Music says:

scam >C

? uestion says:

Gt 10720p

eugene hoarau says:

I have a 1030 I have the one that got Gddr5 while watching this I ran and check my box . It a good gpu for gaming

Reyes says:

If I get a PC with a 1030 pre installed can I update it with no problems?

Yarden Raveh says:

What is this? A GPU for ants?

ItsCrowbar says:

nice i have a fuckin 1030 piece of shit well im thinking of getting a 1050

Lykel Macaranas says:

That’s just sad nvidia. I thinks this ddr4 model is the same as what they have me use on my current workplace, which is why I did watched this while researching upon the system’s capability first. No choice. 🙁

Honey Kumar says:

Shame on you nvidia

the patriot says:

Ok you can buy ryzen 2400g but you need to buy new motherboard , RAM ,huge costly fan , it will cost more than 2.5 times price of GT 1030

reymond seracarpio says:

dat rx 550 tho… wow

Pushpendra Rajpurohit says:

Buy founders edition cards to judge Nvidia..

0dium says:

This might be not the first time Nvidia does scams on memory? I give this video 3.5/4

LAPD Sergeant Joe Friday says:

You seriously need to shave your beard off asshole.

Alex D. says:

So having an Acer Aspire E 15 E5-553G-1986, and looking to play mainly League of Legends, what’s the recommended new graphics card? The one the laptop comes with currently has around 512mb on its graphics card and that’s the minimum for league. The game freezes mid fights and can be hard to play, so a new graphics card seems nessecary. What’s the recommended?

YassirEy 2 says:

Like if the 750ti is better

The500k says:

FilthyFrank: *IT’S TIME TO STOP!*

Neoand12 says:

better off buying a console at this price

Matthew Kim says:


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