Who needs this much GPU POWER?!?! MSI GTX 1080Ti GAMING X

Today I take a look at the MSI GTX 1080Ti GAMING X 11G… this
much GPU horsepower should be illegal!

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SmilesAreDaggers says:

I pass on MSI just because of the Red and Black ONLY theme they have… why add RGB at all if you always have so much red….

edgar leon says:

I wanna see the evga card vs this one

EJ Be the Light says:

is not here the Netherlands is 200 euros more than the 1080

Steven Griffiths says:

I agree, I’d pass to get a similar card specs in a colour that went with the build. The only exception being if I was going to watercool within 12 months.

N3orion says:

Jay if you come to Houston I will buy you a beer and we can geek. I always enjoy your content. Don’t worry I dont have a weird Britney Spears style shrine (yet). Cheers

[Insert Name Here] says:

Apparently this card has bad coil whine. Do not buy.

John Triantafyllou says:

jay without you , things would be surely worse… thanks for everything man!!

Jack TheLad says:

i understand your comments re. the colour. But MSI pretty much own that red/black look now. And their cards are outstanding, so I guess they might be thinking “tough – that’s our look”. Its instantly recognisable as an MSI card, whereas if it was all black, it would be indistinct. They’re sticking to their guns and I dont think its hurting them any 😉

when a prophet speaks says:

mines in the mail

Samantha Dean says:

Great video but he’s wrong on one point. Back plates don’t contribute to cooling.

GP Patrol says:

msi’s twinfrozr vi is the nvidia reference cooler of aibs

when a prophet speaks says:

2 days and i got mine

DSM Dallas says:

If your buying the gaming X card your probably water cooling. Even your test bench is water cooled. So accent colors dont mean a thing. LOL

Mortecha says:

While I understand people want looks and take pride in showcasing their builds. For me I see computers as utilities or an appliance first and am more interested in performance, features, value for money and build quality rather than focusing on aesthetics so the color of individual components are less important. However if by coincidence they all share a same theme then that’s a bonus.

Isaiah Matos says:

I would buy it just for the comic book.

AdonisGaming93 says:

I can’t answer the straw poll because no answer applies to me other than the bottom one but then it depends on color. I want it to be a color, but it has to be the color I want. I wanted a white/purple theme, so I needed a white gpu. An neutral grey or black would have made it too much of a black build. My motherboard has white, case is white, Asus 1070 is white nzxt hale psu is white…and i love it lol

Bobber DK says:

i do… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Michael Munro says:

Can’t see into my box, brushed metal finish all over with no view inside. I went for maximum performance and as quiet as possible.

Yuriy Soltys says:

in my country 1080ti is $200 more than just 1080 so it’s not the same price

XtremeConditions says:

Anyone think I should just go for a 980Ti? Linus seemed to work it out at the best current bang for your buck when it comes to price/performance… I’m still on a 1080p monitor, and I was thinking of supersampling to 1440p maybe?

Endek says:

I do, to game at 1440p@100+ and in 4K@60 on TV

Kimzi P. says:

just ordered this card 🙂 have a evga 970 now… 🙂

Finn Mertens says:

Immediately mind child resolve yield toss cool arrangement margin.

destiny millard says:

I bought 2… not here yet… guessing, overkill?

Jeffrey Polley says:

every GPU should come with a case badge

مستر ناجي - Mr. Naji says:

Anyone notice the bird outside 1:49
daaammn it was so quick

steadyc1269 says:

no matter the color, i would water cool it anyway.

Cow Milk says:

I bought this 1080ti Gaming x .. its Really Awesome 🙂

Matt Wright says:

I still run on an fx 6300 and r9 270 and it breaks my heart every time I build a computer for a friend and have to let it go. Just built a ryzen and 1080ti build for a coworker and I almost cried when I had to load it in my car and take it with me to work knowing how much I am struggling trying to play new games on my old setup.

I try to save money but my family takes priority over games, and has for quite some time now.

I wish.

Malte says:

i have a gtx 1080 ti and i7 7700k… not thhat big of a upgrade from gtx 970 i5 4690k. also i play on 2k monitor now.

Ponte Ryuurui says:

i dont give a fuck what color it is, my case has not window panels and mind you it is not easy to get one now without any windows, it would seem everyone suffers from a small dick I so wanna show off my PC syndrome

keptin kaos says:

would it be hard to offer multi color shrouds

Adnan Akram says:

I’m looking to buy this very gpu in a few days, very excited !

[Insert Name Here] says:

Apparently the coil whine on this card is really bad. Do not buy.

Jeremy Hansen says:

Jay. 1080TI or save money and go with a 1080?

Gabi Koonings says:

The poll is somewhat limited, i do not mind the color, i always build black/red, but that is why i skip out on a very similar but perhaps slightly better or better bang/buck ratio card. Different color shrouds or moe generic would have my preference ovr missmatched colors.

doffe halls says:

i got it and it is insane !!!

Michael Stenlund says:

What a beast.

Danny Timmerhuis says:

You exactly got my point why I don’t buy MSI stuff, the red theme.
Asus Strix looks better, only cools less.

FraznoFire says:

what is the name of the ram? it looks so cool

Bestpcsolutions says:


HangingSharks says:

Regarding the PSU cable, I got my desktop used and the previous owner didn’t supply the PSU cables. It was a joy to have that cable included with a new GPU. Buying the cable individually was usually from a custom sleeve supplier and was pricey.

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