Which GRAPHICS CARD Should you Buy? | Nvidia vs AMD 2017

We compare all of the latest 2017 graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD to find out which is best and which you should buy. GPU ROUND-UP: http://www.trustedreviews.com/best-graphics-card_round-up

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SoLeR ReD says:

what graphics card should I get cause I want something better than the gt 1050 but not to much money

CaptainKenji17 says:

This guy thinks Titan X is one of the best and most powerfull because its expensive

Ayush Shah says:

1st point-for intel cpu, nvidia is the beast and for amd cpu, amd gpu is the beast..

Iram Rolon says:

Thanks again for taking the time to make this video, very instructive and interesting

Aboodi OB says:

Rather than gaming are these GPUs used or useful in photo editing specially now most smartphones and cameras shoot in 4K

Im asking because i am interested to buy a laptop with one of these graphic cards …

RedBattle3 says:

1050ti it is

Rashid shabab says:

How’s my build for 1080p gaming?
Msi b350 gaming plus
i5 6500
Rx 470 4gb
8gb ram
1 tb hard drive

Astro says:

Should I get a Radeon RX 580 Nitro + sapphire/4 gb or a 1060 6gb?

TheNexusLord says:

Personally, I would consider the “screen door” effect, to be the number one barrier to VR becoming accepted into the mainstream.

A lot of early enthusiasts, seem to be finding it more and more annoying in their current set ups.

Plus, it’s is one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from people who weren’t blown away by their first encounters with VR. :0(

Ricky Fleir says:


NyteBlaydr Ng says:

Where is the explanation about amd?? This video is totally about nvidia..

Ingo Schumacher says:

two words to nvidia: NEVER AGAIN!

David Ginsberg says:

a PC may be alot of money, but to those who care about high end graphics, customization, HUGE steam library of games that include games that are in alpha and such, and the ability to torrent free single player games, its just so worth having a pc imo. i mayt have spent like $1800 on a pc but im able to play games at 1440p 60+ fps with gsync and such. SO WORTH IMO

Nathanator says:

I’m not sure about a motherboard but my rig is going to have a i3 6100k And a 1050 ti with 8gb of ddr4 ram, what do you guys think?

andel475 andel475 says:

For your information AMD gpu use the Bitcoin Miner that’s why every AMD gpu are rare and hard to find in my neibor hood and my city

joseph Berry says:

You have forgotten about the gtx 980ti, value por money is the best out there, I paid for mine $311 used like new conditions.

Alex Alvarez says:

Great review guys I learned a lot from this!

Noobish says:


Muhammad Irfaan says:

nice info bro !! keep going make video

Geraint H says:

Help!!!! I am looking to replace my GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB) as it is faulty (keep getting black screens). I am a bit of a novice to all of this and really don’t know where to start. My descktop pc was built by Chillblast and has an Intel Core i7 4790K Overclocked processor (4.4GHz), an Asus Z97-A Motherboard – Haswell CPU only, 16GB RAM. I also have dual monitors (Monitor 1 Asus ProArt 1920×1200 Full HD 24.1″ / Montior 2 Asus 23″ IPS widescreen)

The PC is used mainly for Photo editing and some video editing using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop (video=Hitfilm 4 Express). I also play a few games such as Civ4, Sins of a Solar Empire, EuroTruck Sim2 and Witcher3.

I have been looking at 1050 Ti and potentially RX480 cards with a budget of approx £200 / $240.

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Holy crepe! says:

So, I am looking to buy a new GPU. Which one should I get with an AMD A10-7860K and which one in case I go for an AMD FX-8370E?
I mean the max GPU without bottleneck. No NVIDIA, please.

Death reaper 88 Boy says:

I have a question what is a cheap graphics card that will run demanding games in ultra settings with some mods

Harys 8 says:

Why is the 1060 6gb like 300$ now?

_V_Soul_ says:

got a 1080 gtx cuz i have 144 hz monitor 1080p


for me 1080ti is budget .. got 20K anyway

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