What Video Card to Buy – Late 2016

Looking for a video card? Look no further. We’ve got your recommendation here!

Massdrop link: http://dro.ps/ltt-k7xx1

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Amazon Links (exact pricing may have changed):

Buy Radeon RX 460 on Amazon: http://geni.us/w7u0nx

Buy Radeon RX 470 on Amazon: http://geni.us/8TAeCF

Buy EVGA GTX 1060 3GB on Amazon: http://geni.us/1B1xnPH

Buy Radeon RX 480 8GB on Amazon: http://geni.us/hpXge

Buy Gigabyte GTX 1060 Windforce on Amazon: http://geni.us/5HqTVR7

Buy EVGA GTX 1070 on Amazon: http://geni.us/8vaGrQ

GPU Analysis Spreadsheet: https://mega.nz/#!gpsn1IjD!kHjjRTUhLhqIrYAmPRy498753q6X6r8dt7I1Px-qMvM

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Gataitai says:

y is everything so cheap in the us…. not fair

G Music says:

1. Intel Core i7-7700 Desktop Processor 8M Cache, 3.6GHz (Max Turbo Frequency 4.20GHz) 7th Generation |$299/MVR4607.592. ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8GB ROG STRIX Graphics Card (STRIX-GTX1080-A8G-GAMING) | $534.99/MVR8244.203. GIGABYTE GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming LGA1151 Intel 2-Way SLI ATX DDR4 Motherboard |$159.99/MVR2465.454. Kingston HyperX FURY Black 8GB Kit (2x4GB) 2133MHz DDR4 Non-ECC CL14 DIMM Desktop Memory (HX421C14FBK2/8) | $73.99/MVR1140.19 (need 4 = $295.96/MVR4560.76)5. Intel Fan Heatsink Assembly Air 1151 Cooling BXTS15A | $29.99/MVR462.156. Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO RR-212E-20PK-R2 CPU Cooler with 120mm PWM Fan | $28.99/MVR446.747. Rosewill 750W ATX12V v2.31 EPS12V v2.92 SLI Active PFC Power Supply Power Supply ARC 750 | $59.99/MVR924.45Total: $1408.91/MVR21711.301. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N0L41N7/ref=abs_brd_tag_dp?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER2. https://www.amazon.com/ASUS-GeForce-STRIX-Graphics-STRIX-GTX1080-A8G-GAMING/dp/B01K5F8MJK/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1493745936&sr=1-1&keywords=asus+geforce+gtx+10803. https://www.amazon.com/GIGABYTE-GA-Z270X-Ultra-Gaming-LGA1151-Motherboard/dp/B01N66ZESI/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1493744241&sr=1-3&keywords=gigabyte+motherboard4. https://www.amazon.com/Kingston-HyperX-2133MHz-Non-ECC-HX421C14FBK2/dp/B00TY6A1P0/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1493744384&sr=1-2&keywords=8+gb+ram+ddr45. https://www.amazon.com/Intel-Heatsink-Assembly-Cooling-BXTS15A/dp/B013U542QE/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1493746019&sr=1-1&keywords=heatsink+11516. https://www.amazon.com/Cooler-Master-Hyper-RR-212E-20PK-R2-120mm/dp/B005O65JXI/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1493746019&sr=1-2&keywords=heatsink+11517. https://www.amazon.com/Rosewill-ATX12V-EPS12V-ARC-750/dp/B00KJMCXOA/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1493746081&sr=1-1&keywords=rosewill+750w+atx12v+v2.31

*wallet: 500mvr* yep, I can _totally_ afford this

gold digger says:

I recommend amd rx 480 is good

fistsOFfury366 D says:

the GTX 980 is actually quite popular which is understandable because it’s all you really need.
the price is good for value.
and no average gamer needs 1080/1080ti for 379CAN dollars

Cookieking Gaming says:

amd gpus unusable, linus and overs dont mention the problems like crashing and high temperature which you dont get with nvidia.

marvininer g says:

I know that you can use an Nvidia Card with an AMD system and vice versa, since I been using an Nvidia card on my AMD computer for a while now. But what intrigued me was when I was shopping for a graphics card, a customer came in the same store where I purchased mine. When he asked the salesman for a card for his AMD system, the salesman just replied they didn’t have one since most of their cards are Nvidia. He added that Nvidia cards will not work or there will be some performance issue on an AMD platform. So my question is, aside from not able to use SLI or Crossfire, what else am I missing out on by not using a graphics card from the same manufacturer as my motherboard? Thanks.

assgrass 420 says:

You should honestly stop including csgo in the bench marks

Happytoplaystuff says:

when your graphics card is worth as much as my hole pc

The Sim Architect says:

Can’t download the spreadsheet on Android without mega app

Niklas Halonen says:

if value means price per reward, value would increase when price increased or reward decresed… makes sense

MacDagobert says:

What do you think of my GTX1070 Windforce OC?

Marko Nedeljkovic says:

Okey, guys please help me, i wanted to upgrade my Gpu, and wanted to buy GTX 1060 WINDFORCE, but i am not sure if it is compatible, and im not sure how to figure out, if someone can help me it would be really appreciated
my motherboard: FM2-A55M-E35 and it does have a PCI Express x16 slot
my cpu: AMD Athlon(tm) X4 860K Quad Core Processor
my current gpu: Radeon R7 250 1gb DDR5,
8gb ram
also should i upgrade my CPU,
i am aiming for 1080p 60 fps on modern games on high settings.

Ak47 says:

higher cards are costly and psu hungry . i feel like rx 470 is the sweet spot for decent gamers.

gravedigr12 says:

I have been enjoying the zotac gefore gtx 1050ti oc I know it’s not a powerhouse but it does ok with V.R and i get an awesome frame rate on any game I play plus they update often and its a cheap card to buy so it doesnt break the bank.

Jin Cho says:

Now today, a GeForce GTX 1070 is $399 and 1080 is $499 so about $100 cheaper than it has been 6 months ago

Love Kush says:

Zotac GTX 730 2 GB DDR5 is $45 ., BEST GPU EVER.

King Rengo II says:

Why the fuck are pc components so cheap in america?

pavendhan rowney says:

somebody explain me what is the need for msi,asus, gigabyte,evga,sapphire
instead of using Nvidia or Amd built

Leonardo Zang says:

woo massdrop. now i can get a titan x for 50

Edge overload says:

Is graphics card and video card the same thing and also do i need a cpu if i have gpu?

Evan Hwang says:

I got a gtx 1080 with a 1000 dollar budget…


??? ??? says:

Long Live Tech Tips!

InsaneCrane101 says:

you have so many graphic cards that you dont use. should hook up a spare one homie or let me buy one for half price

Kinjo says:

And now the RX 480 Strix is $230….

The Ocelot Gamer says:

damn i just found a listing on ebay for 2 gtx 780tis… for £150. english scrapyard wars anyone?

XboxCarsForza says:

I rate this a good 3.5 out of 4

Neeraj Balaji says:

So umm 1060 6gb is a sweet spot for 1080p @60hz if you are not planning to go 4K in the future?

Sgt Waffles 09 says:

Idk about you guys but the GTX 780Ti Baked Edition seems the best. (right side)

Ashlockheart says:

Is Geforce GTX 960 a good card for games now days or should I consider upgrading?

Ordinary Guy says:

thank you Linus for the list!

Leni Hebilt says:

im planning to sell my ps4 to switch to pc gaming, what parts should i buy for the rx 470??
btw i live on the phillipines so some parts might not be available.

Gerrit Rädisch says:

Im going to buy a voodoo 2 it has 16 mb of vram. Oh man, quake is going to look so smooth…

Vaporwaves says:

rx 460 not gtx 1050?

Cinos ZuruOkeMmiri says:

I’ve been looking to buy a custom computer thats roughly $1400 (before tax) and i wanted to see if i could squeeze in a GTX 1060 but i don’t know if it’s worth getting a 6GB one over a 3GB one. Anyone have any input?

Aniruddha Chakravarty says:

You put colossal amounts of efforts into one video. Love you, man.

Love Kush says:

Remember back when half of my life was played on 800×600 Pentium 4 CPU and 512 MB Ram . ya good days

sukalp lamture says:

Hii Linus… please make a video on AMD’s new workstation graphics cards series. WX pro series.. ]

AlexanderDefinition says:

Got a GTX 980Ti Classified for 200$ last week, seems like an amazing deal to me.

Lozinsky Eric says:

Hey linus, they upped the prices of the RX 480’s just recently. I purchased an 8gb RX 480 msi armor oc edition for $220 plus a ten dollar rebate when they had sales, and a month later they went back to their premium prices for whatever reason. The pricing has been really whack

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