What the f*** is wrong with GPU pricing? – XFX RX 460 Review

At right around $100, this card is pretty damn sick… But with video cards straying FAR from MSRP, can we still recommend it?

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Anal Kriminal says:

well nvidia always makes their gpus cost way more than they should.

Quit Pro Quo says:

When’s the 560 review coming?

IAmNOTWillt says:

Bought the 2GB single-fan edition at the end of 2016, cost me $100 exactly. Woo!

djay T-b says:

480 is 430$ in my country
1080 8g is 1363$

Techmania marko stojanovic says:

in my country graphis are much more expensive..maybe we can doo some business
if we can handle shipping…??

Jolo Navarro says:


Anton De Vries says:

gtx 1070 costs 500 dollar in the netherlands

Tawe says:

Could this gpu run Warframe or Rust

Serbay says:

150€ gtx 1050 Ti 4GB more performance and mini editions no 6 pin connector

Vítor Pereira says:

the 1080 is 3500 on Brazil ;-;

-UrbanOzzy- says:

when a used GTX 670 is faster than a new RX 460

nzn nzn says:

gt 440 here ^) MASTER RACE FOR LIFE

Pixel Breaker says:

Video buffers at 2:03.

Penultima Productions says:

i didn’t know that the GT 420 existed until 0:01

Mahabubul Quddus says:

Can I use it on PCI 2.0

Shawn's Silver Stacking says:

Prices will stay exceptionally high as long as gpu mining is still profitable lol

Sketchy says:

When you ah e an r7360 ;(

Merobieboy says:

Got my RX460 STRIX today, very happy with it.

You're A Cunt says:

I got 2 r9 380x for £300

LinuxWill Rise says:

GPU pricing crazy, all around everyone seems tries sell there used GPU card for what they bought it for.

Ak47 says:

is this good for witcher 3

ZoOnKed DisCiPlINe says:

YAAAYY ,i have a 410m but i installed a 910m gpu driver and it works

Arthur Volkov says:

In the netherlands they like to add another €100 on top of the prices at newegg.

Joshua Poe says:

why are all the RX 460/470/480 cards gone

Dragutin Todosijevic says:

Pricing for Quad Core cpu’s and gaming gpu’s has been steadly increasing for 3-4 years now i used to buy a card exactly like this (entry level counter strike bullshit online games at high decent AAA games like Crysis at medium) 70-80$.Now you can add a 100 % dollars to that and you can buy a decent CPU and GPU.Now those are not great cpu’s and gpu’s just something to run games at medium.PC gaming is for fucking morons.

o gamer do fogo says:

In Brazil rx460 costs 460 bucks XD

WaZe says:

I know it sounds over the top but if you want to have a perfect video card for cs it has to be minimum 200 fps. Again sounds dumb until you try it.

Nick Langley says:

Hey guys, I just got the 2GB version of this card.

I haven’t bought a monitor for years, so it’s a VGA. Is there any adapter I can get to covert DVI-D to VGA? Would rather not buy a new monitor. This one is still in good shape and nice size.

Rohit Venkatesh says:

Guys pls anyone help me to pick up an rx 460 2gb variant 100 bucks which brand should I get pls reply me ?? Looking for powercolor rx 460 but few are saying it has driver crashes powercolor rx 460 looks cool I dint like Msi design pls help me to decide

Urban Kunstek says:

have you ever been trolled

Reed more

Sky says:

If it means anything I just bought a GTX 1070 Armor OC for $379 exactly off of Amazon…

HD PRO says:

i love that it looks like a toy

Takata Miyagawa says:

So, I can get a new RX460 with 4GB, or a secondhand HD7970 with 6GB for about the same price right now… or I could save 20% by going down to the 2GB RX460.

Yung Wells says:


Fall Shock says:

wait did you guys film this episode with an anamorphic lens?

Kevin Conaty says:

around the time of me posting this, on Amazon UK the gigabyte Rx 460 4gb is on sale for £94, so get it while you can

jment34 says:

the whole gpu industry is a ripoff imo. Integrated is getting better eventually they will make these things obsolete.

Viktor Birkeland says:

I don’t understand who plays DotA 2

An old meme that nobody cares about says:

Who else has this card? And used it up until recently

EDIT: I thought this vid was about the nvidia 460…

Ahmed says:

Just bought 1050 ti for $180 yeah baby so cheap!

Benman2785 says:

Gigabyte Radeon RX 460 Windforce OC 2G – 100eur with shipping in Germany (and most of EU) – great deal 😉

Burgergaming says:

Pfft I can afford a gtx 1080 just give me 2 years until the prices go down

Corvo says:

Its NVIDIA being a dick again

Trang Kateloy says:

Civics r cool tho

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