What GPU to buy in Early 2019

Looking for a new gaming graphics card in late 2018 or early 2019, and not sure what to go for? This video come help! (and if you already have a good GPU, come argue in the comments about how what you’d pick is better!)

RX 570 on Amazon: http://techteamgb.co.uk/rx570
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RTX 2080ti on Amazon: http://techteamgb.co.uk/zotac2080ti
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570 vs 1060 3GB: https://www.techspot.com/review/1660-geforce-gtx-1060-3gb-vs-radeon-rx-570-4gb/
580vs 1060 6GB: https://www.techspot.com/review/1747-amd-radeon-rx-590/
1070 vs Vega 56: https://www.techspot.com/review/1468-amd-radeon-rx-vega-56/page8.html
2070 vs vega 64: https://www.techspot.com/review/1727-nvidia-geforce-rtx-2070/page3.html
2080 benchmarks: https://www.techspot.com/article/1702-geforce-rtx-2080-mega-benchmark/page5.html
RTX video: https://www.techspot.com/review/1749-battlefield-ray-tracing-benchmarks/
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Zahangir Kabir says:

Got a rx 590

Summer says:

Get the 980 ti

Pyrodrifter12 says:

us on ebay, R9 Fury Tri-X vs 1070/980 ti, the fury is still a phenomenal card and because they were mined theyre cheap and worth it

Aman Ali says:

My list
For 4K – RTX 2080ti (top tier GPU should always be used for 4K)
1440p 144hz – RTX 2080
1440p 60hz – RTX 2070
1080p 144hz – RTX 2060
1080p 60hz – RX 580 (More future proof than GTX 1060 due to higher VRAM)

Dsj says:

Just got a rx 570 8 gb cause I’m brokish. It’s okay for me

Nil o says:

does is matter if i got ddr4 or ddr5 ram on my motherboard with rx580? yea im a nub 🙂 but im learning

Chris Carter says:

Slow down talking, it’s like you’re stringing together one big run-on sentence

Edgars Nezinu says:

The answer is simple if you don’t own 1080 Ti than buy 2080 or 2080 ti

Ray says:

RX 590-AMD.

GeForce RTX 2070 11GB GDDR6


Got my rx580 8gig sapphire pulse for 130€

Rylan Hurley says:

Getting lightly used rx 580 8gb from a friend for 100. I’m pairing it with a ryzen 5 2600. How well will this run fortnite? How much better will it do then my fx4300 rx 460 build?

Elvin Mcpherson says:

I am thinking of getting this gaming graphic card iliketogo.shop/s/38/ The reviews and ratings are nice. anyone owns the same?

Guardian Gibbs says:

You may consider including price in dollars as well for us lazy ignorant Americans. Now I have to go google prices myself. Otherwise, this was a very helpful video though!

yankeevader says:

With the GTX 1160 coming out soon, im holding off getting a new card till we see specs

Jordan Course says:

I just ordered a RTX 2060 and it should arrive on Thursday. I can say, I made a great choice to pair with my Ryzen 7 1700. Next upgrade for me is either better cooler so I can OC my 1700 higher, minotor, and a SSD.,

Clutch_ Noony/Nasser says:

Where is the gtx 1050TI

Nacho Arisnabarreta says:

here rtx 2080ti its $2000

cody pannell says:

Keeps saying team green when the Intel team is blue (1080s and such) and AMD is team red (ryzen)

Wesley Oosterbosch says:

It’s difficult. I want to upgrade my gtx1070, but on the other hand i don’t want to be screwed by the overpriced RTX cards. I am not interrested in raytracing, i want to go from 1080p to 1440p and/or 4k.

Dalmatinac sam says:

I have gtx 1050 ti.4gb

AiM Teqse says:

who else clicked on this because they thought it was an LTT video.. was shocked when some northern started speaking lmao

Max Hughes says:

Two years of Utube telling us an AMD Vega 56 was on par with a GTX 1060. Commenters insisting Vega is below a GTX 1070.

MasterSteve says:

Got a rtx 2070 OC for 450 Euros, thats okay for me

Kuba Reszka says:

Rtx 2070

Cristy576 says:

2060 > 1070ti

Stijn Weijters says:

1080ti are rising here… even 2nd hand cards are still high af

RANNERWOLF 230 says:

Rx 590 300$ or rtx 2060 350$

Micah Isham says:

2070 is 10% faster than a 1080 OC model for OC model. You seem to have missed that. If they’re at the same price, I disagree with your recommendation of a 1080. 10% isn’t impressive, but since it’s also 30% faster in Vulkan titles, it’s easily worth it.

Nefarious Nektarios says:

In November I got a Msi Rx580 8GB Mk2 OC for $200 and it is incredible at 1080p! (Before that for the past 6 years I had a Radeon 7800 card lol)

PvPbeasT :l says:

I have r7 260x and im good with it its good with i3 2100 and 8gb ram

Dallas Williams says:

Is this a good combo
Rx580 8gb
Msi b470 or x470
Ryzen 5 2600x?

What do you mean XD says:

Pretty much all amd gpu’s use a graphics booster which make them not over clockable but u can overclock with nvidia

Ian Knowles says:

Loving my RTX 2080 FE but I defo don’t think it’s best value for money. One thing I have found is that the RTX line clocks really well. In I have always bought 3rd party boards for GTX but the FE’s seem to be better bang for money unless your going for XOC.

Resan Chea says:

Does the difference between the 1060 3gb and 6gb worth the price difference?

Mamppa says:

Got new 1080ti for 700 euros. Pretty good sale price because taxes are high here in finland

No One says:

315 pounds for vega 56 on overclockers…nothing more to say

TriGGer2o9 says:

yeah right on newegg there are no 1080ti as low as 650 they are 1000 and up so rather buy a 2080 for 800

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