Top 5 Best GPUs Right Now, December 2018

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Gigabyte Aorus RTX 2080 Ti Xtreme, Amazing Looks, Lacklustre Cooling Performance

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Augustus Gloop says:

What about the EVGA GTX 1080Ti Black Edition GAMING?

The BFI says:

The best gaming GPU right now is easily the Vega 64. It performs marginally better than the GTX 1080 while having better colours and smoother gameplay overall. At the current price of 370 on Newegg, still in stock, makes it a great value. If you decided to go the crossfire route, crossfire support isn’t the best but if it’s supported it can deliver up to 2080Ti levels of performance for a third of the price. Ray tracing is just overpriced bullshit in my opinion.

Ozzy Tinman says:

79.99 newegg rx 570 4 gig with just one dvi port. Mining cards never used. nitr0. Contemplating on busting out the old x58 sli evidia mobo i picked up for 90 bucks.i think it has i7920 needs a 5680. spring projects. brain storming. Have not done sli or crossfire in like 3 4 years. May even run three 780tis and THEN i hAVE A NEW SPACE HEATER. hAPPY HOLLIDAYS GREAT VIDEO.

Genomic Danna says:

r u in Australia

Guy Moran says:

I need help.
I’m building my PC without a case and when I put the screwdriver between the two pins power comes on for less than a second and then nothing.
Does anybody know what is wrong.

isomaha 066 says:

Still rocking with GTX 750 i see those in my dreams

frederik jensen says:

I am still using a gtx 760, it is pretty nice. Imposible to play newer titles though. I just ordered a 2070 so I guess my life will become a bit better? It was fekking expensive though!

Daniel Marston says:

My setup is an
– i5 8400
– 1060 6gb
– 8gb ram
– 1 tb hard drive

1)Is the stock cooler good enough?
2)Are the CPU and GPU similar in performance?
3)Should I worry about the amount of ram and if so do I need 16 or is 12 ok?
4) If I was to get an ssd, which programs should I download on to it to make it boot faster?

Dragonbreak says:

Another idiot who doesn’t understand that a GPU is the processor inside of a graphics card…

n1k__ says:

fuck ur 1080’s nigga im here with a gt610 esketiiiiit

The Mastr says:

I just bought an 8GB RX 580 for $185 on Amazon. Can’t wait for it to come

Burak Imp says:

Hello a little bit late, the problem with the amd is there are literally NONE mobile versions of their gpus. So, if you have to go for laptop because you are a moving person, your only choice is Nvidia’s GTX series.

TTOCS says:

Another Radeon lover fu&@ off

Beerus The Destroyer says:

Can two 1080tis in sli run games @ 4k 60+ FPS?

Zack Khronos says:

Well, yeah, shame on you for RTX 2080 Ti.

Guamaboy says:

Hey @Hardware Unboxed, What tower case do you have in the background… I’m interested.

Rodger Bruce says:

No love for m.k y 980 ti?

Stavros Koul says:

Rx 580 is better than a gtx 1060 and cheaper in my country.

Carl Delcourt says:

If I get the rx 570 8gb armor oc will it be better than the 4gb oc

Sweatyta6 9 says:

I stick with Nvidia cards

Amit Bansiwal says:

I have a Question. Actually, I am going to build a dell precision laptop for animations, renders, walkthroght and games.

Software uses= 3ds max(vray 3.6 corona ), maya, revit, Unreal engine4, unity

Build Configuration is
i9, 8th gen (2.90ghz o 4.80ghz )
17inch Hd+ screen lcd
M.2 PCle 1.5TB SSD 40.
32gb ram ddr4
Nvidia quadro p4200

Is this good configuration or i need to change something please let me know Then i build a good laptop by the help of yours.


UG Iced says:

deciding between a gtx 1050 ti and a gtx 1060…. is it worth the extra $100 for the 1060? im a little new to pc gaming

scyra99 says:

In eu the rx580 8gb is 300e and the 590 is also 300e

Jayfen says:

Was able to grab a 1070 ti on Black Friday for $463 cdn

Kuldip Singh says: cheapest 1080ti as of right now is $1720……i bought mine last year for $1200. Anyone who buys a high end graphics card right now in Canada is an idiot.

DoctorEpicnessYT says:

I want to play low demanding games like rocket league at 1080p high settings with greater than 60 fps and was wondering if the amd Radeon RX 550 would be good for me. Comment if you think this is a good option or if you think there is a better option for the same price point

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