Top 5 Best GPUs in Early 2017 [Based on HUB Benchmarks]

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AMD vs. Nvidia: All Current Gen GPUs Benchmarked [16 New Games]

Top 5 Best GPUs in Early 2017 [Based on HUB Benchmarks]

Having just spent the last few weeks putting together an in-depth look at how all the current generation GPUs performance in most of the lastest games, I have decided to summarize the findings in this shorter video, this video. Quite a few of you asked me to make some picks for each price range so here we are.

Right now is actually a really good time to make some picks, and not just because I recently completed over 1500 benchmark runs. At this point product availability is good for both companies and consumers can easily pick up a graphics card at the advertised MSRP. So it will be nice to make some recommendations without having to take inflated prices into account.

The following picks are based primarily on the data gathered in the current generation GPU benchmark video just mentioned, but some of my own personal preferences at each price point will also help to determine the picks and I will discuss those as they come up. Anyway let’s get on with it, starting with what I call the entry-level GPUs.


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Bai Laohu says:

Wait…so if the 470 is close in performance to the 480 but costs $30 less, why even bother with the 480?

Ryan Vaughn says:

fucking A man you gave it like 1 frame to show the overwatch 1440p results… took me multiple tries with my finger right on spacebar to actually see the damn graph. give it at least 3 seconds will you?

Harys 8 says:

But can it run crysis?

Love Kush says:

Zotac GTX 730 2 GB DDR5 is the Best GPU in 2017 under $45

ofnarcr says:

The Richard Hammond and car references are fucking great.

NikolaiandCo says:

I’m having issues with my RX 470 when it comes to the display drivers when I try to play games such as Star Citizen and Squad Ops. So far, Fallout New Vegas hasn’t crashed due to that (running mods does that on it’s own, but one thing at a time). Any kind of assistance would be greatly appreciated.

gvs vgdas says:

do something updated with the new nvidia prices after 1080ti launch

Salman Bin Kashem says:

in the mid range u can add r9 fury. it costs $259 in usa and beats both rx 480 and 1060

Vince3000XD says:

I bought a EVGA gtx 970 acx 2 sc in november 2015 , should I upgrade now?

Jeremy Ong says:

should i get a 750ti or a 1050ti?

TheDobbleD says:

Why does he show the rx 480 4gb as $200 USD? I can’t find it for less than $300 anywhere

Ravi's Techzone says:

where’s the dude with blue t-shirt.

Cerebro says:

LOOOOLL i was the 2000th like

Mr_designer studio18 says:

hi want to know the best GPU for mining b coin

Ann Droid says:

s/h gtx 780ti, 124gbp

Matt K. says:

I have a Strix RX 480 8gb OC edition. my question is related to the vram and it’s benefits. I came to this card from an SLI setup of EVGA GTX 650Ti 2gb boost SSC cards and thus watch my vram usage like a hawk. I’ve noticed Forza horizon 3 is happy around 5400 gb usage. I can’t remember all the games I’ve seen go over 4gb but it’s more than a few. watchdogs 2 with higher pixel density does iirc. oh and the fallout4 hd textures definitely do. but are you saying there’s no benefit to that? doesn’t it get pushed onto ram when it goes over the limit ?

Arthfael Online says:

Ah yes, the gpu’s that are actually competent. I have a GT640 as my card.

Sam Atherton says:

i like that you skipped on the R9 Fury altogether – I had an rx480 strix oc which id gotten on sale for $240(with its oc headroom the thing is a beast and a beaut) – much faster than other rx480s id tried. Then the r9 fury went on sale for $245 with a $20 MIR and it blows the rx480 out of the water. 15-25% better benchmarks and the one game i play/have on my computer(fallout 4) has no problem with any number of mods. Sanctuary with 300 or so mods like 4k textures ect with all trees have leaves, grass set to high density and true storms set to heavy rad storm with lighting and the fps never drops below 50 and diamond city never drops below 60. with free sync its beautiful.

Pokémon And Many More says:

Should i get RX 480 4gb or 8gb please reply

ethn says:

I’m thinking about buying an RX 480 8gb, but I was wondering if its age makes it obsolete. Help?

Hashim Makki says:

gtx 1070 best value for money right

shaymys armstrong says:

Richard Hammond is amazing

Jason Saggers says:

I need something to replace my GTX750 that is really showing its age. $150AU is no budget for any card in Australia…

Iñaki Quintana says:

I watch videos in english every day, usually about software or hardware. It’s been a long time since I had so much dificulties understanding what the youtuber is actually saying. I believe that you talk to fast, or it may be an accent you got, I don’t know. But I really like your content so I would really love if you can try to speak so, us foreigners, have it a bit easier to understand. Thanks!

Funky T0wn 49 says:

Currently researching parts for a build.. when it comes to GPU’s I’m clueless. I will be using the pc to render, edit, stream and record videos. I’m not building it for gaming infact at most I’d play Minecraft which I never really play anyway. But what would you recommend in this case for my needs? I had pegged the 1050ti but this review mad me change my mind on that haha!

JHorkan says:

RX 480 4GB is by far the best bang for buck you can get at the mo

YOUNG_kiNG _09 says:

I’m thinking to buy Asus RX 480 4Gb for my Asus 970 Gaming pro motherboard

Mohit Choudhary says:

Thanks I was so confused b/w 1050Ti and 1060 3GB…
Now I’ve decided for RX 470…

Aura says:

is the 8 gb version of the rx 480 worth it of stick with the 4 gbs?

dvddmc says:

worth the upgrade from at 750TI to a 1050TI??

Bruna Melo says:

The GTX 1060 3gb is 10% more expensive than the RX 470 in my country. But thinking of the future, which one is best? Not gonna change for about 4 years, and yes, i know that by then i’m not gonna be playing in high, but i’m okay with that as long as i’m still playing. I saw some vids that made me think the 1060, but most are outdate and i saw a lot people saying that the RX 470 got better and that AMD is most reliable long term.
And please no “the RX because of 1+ gb and Direct 12 and Vulkan”. I’m thinking more drive wise and updates and which is better to go

Windwalker 95 says:

Nice references to topgear 😉

Greatest Ever says:

What’s the mother board in the Thumbnail?

Neil pajo says:

Andrew bogut?

Nasty N8 says:

My eyes are so blind with rage, I can’t find the DISLIKE button!!!! LOL JK, thanks for the list up. I can’t wait for the market to change with 1080 TI and all the new vega stuff.

Nich Lounds says:

Those aussie dollars make me wanna cry.

Crazy Emu says:

Why does Australia get ripped off so badly!

clorox bleach gen 2 says:

if amd kills gtx 1070 and 1080 then we might get cheaper gtx 1070 and 1080

JaycE says:

Nice video

Tearjargon says:

Please AMD hurry up with Vega.

TomS says:

why does he not mention gtx 1060 OC

Killer553 says:

When Price of GTX 1060 3Gb in your country = Price of GTX 1060 6Gb in the US and you have to pay it even in €. 🙁

vbathory says:

Rx480 in crossfire will come close to the performance of a 1080 at a much cheaper price…. but power consumption will be higher than a single 1080…

Pan Z says:

When you can back up your claims with a , large, diverse set of benchmarks, it’s hard to argue. Great list, great vid.

toot says:

i bought an Rx 460 for 89$
but, now like idk I kinda feel like i should have got the 1050 for more performance
I do have a freesync monitor though? what would you have done in my shoes? very limited budget

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