This much GPU power is just insane… RTX 2080Ti FTW 3

This is the fastest GPU we have ever tested… it’s also the most expensive.

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Revenant Gaming says:

Damn near 100fps in 4k in alot of games is pretty impressive

Kewbraminx says:

Wheres my RGB Gpu

GokuCloneX says:

I am really curious as to what camera is used to record your videos, I really like the smoothness and visual quality

gary maya says:

zotac amp extreme series that’s what you need to test.

Twisted Hardware says:

I just bought it from EVGA and they upped the price by $50

Oscar Campos says:

I finally have the funds to purchase a 2080 ti, but still a little indecisive because of people saying is not worth it. Should I go for it? I have two watercooled 1080ti in sli.

turgsh01 says:

Sells for 2 grand here in Canada. 🙁

saeed atenzi says:

“for those that didn’t like metal…”
You kidding me?
Then you have summoned a beast with sunshine and rainbows?

Sam Zah says:

You look like Soldier 76… can you please say “I’ve got you in my sights” in one of your videos

N3rdworld Problemz says:

Same card, wont pass firestrike extream 110/950 🙁

John Keith says:

Sticking with my 1080 Sc. Not one game I play can touch it.

Epsilon Entertainment says:

Actually just ordered this with my tax return. I’m glad I got a card Jay personally approves of 🙂

Patrick says:

no metal for me thnx

Alex GottmitUns says:

8:24 Ok. So if one does not overclock this card, the JayzTwoCents logic is: There is no point in buying this card. I disagree.

DoctorX17 says:

I agree, not a huge fan of the looks of the new cards… My favorite cards look wise are ones like the 1070 FTW, with the brushed aluminum and black, the screens behind that… Absolutely my favorite. I also love the look of the 9 series Founders cards, and would love to see dual and triple fan designs with that aesthetic. [didn’t like the angles of the 10 series founders]

I honestly think the Founders 20 series cards look the best… Clean and simple

Houdini TF2 says:

Love your car bro

Mac Milan says:

So i guess i will go with the EVGA 2080TI FTW3 OC then?

DavePianist says:

Jayz, i got a question. I’ve watched all your videos regarding rtx 2080 ti.
Have you experienced artifacting or crashing from any of the rtx 2080 ti you received?

N K says:

tomorrow pick this card from store i am not fan of OC i will do testing benchmark or FPS just for how power this card really is

Anthony Narozniak says:

I don’t think the bang-for-the-buck makes it worth it, for the price that this cards will go for, no thanks… I’ll stick with what I got

Xeon Elite says:

Jay what do you think about the EVGA RTX 2080 Ti Black 999$
Worth getting or would you recommend one with higher oc capabilities

Daishinkan’s Apprentice says:

this versus strix

nick mcdaniel says:

Any chance you could do a video on the msi seahawk ek x rtx 2080ti

Darius Kaciuga says:

asus strix or this? which is better to buy>?

guily6669 says:

For-The-Win was if that RTX at that big price would actually bring 2x RTX2080 GPU dies… making a huge leap to 20 Tflop+ of raw power calculations 🙂

George Blevins says:

When the benchmarking started and the music began, I slept like a fucking BABY! Thank you so much Jay, I’ve been needing a good nights rest.

Christian Mikhael says:

I wonder who thought “Yeah we’ll have a guy roll up in a Lamborghini and leave a box in the middle of the dessert” and figured that was a food idea for a PC case ad.

SadAx says:

DO u recommend it or the strix or the gaming x trio?

OfficialTRiL says:

Yours can run at 2180 and be stable while having the memory overclocked 1000mhz. Meanwhile, I have the exact same card and it can’t go any higher than 2100 without crashing, and I refuses to stay at 2100, it wants to sit at 2080mhz, and the most I can overclock the memory is 650mhz without getting crashes. Wtf!!! Is my card really that much worse at overclocking?

Muranaman says:

I wonder if the EVGA OCX utility, covering part of the 3D benchmark, is affecting the benchmark (as whereever it is located, the graphics card doesn’t have to draw the 3D imagery).

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