This GPU Powers Every E-Sports Game for $99

Sapphire RX 560 Pulse; taking a look at 1080p game performance on the AMD RX 560 graphics card that is able to play popular E-Sports Games at over 60fps for only $99.
Sapphire RX 560:
Acer KG221Q:
Freesync Monitors:

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Hockey567899 says:

this card is better then my GTX 1070

Oddvin Lorenzo Preinstad says:

id rather buy a gt 1030 lol

PixelTwitch | PC Gaming Goodness says:

Hmmm, you say E-Sports games as in pro gamers would pick something like this up. However I know very few pros that play on anything under 144fps

Wayne Davis says:

RX 460 4GB is better and only for 10 more dollars

MastaX says:

He got the gpu for free so of course its gonna be biased.

abd red says:

guys quick question if this 100 dollar gpu can play most games, why would someone pay for a 500 gpu instead? is it about future proofing or? thanks

HewCreatıons says:

How does this card do with rocket leauge?

Ratul Sen says:

Dust II cannot be used as a benchmark map, it’s a cliche. The Hydra maps are the most intensive maps, giving the least FPS to everyone.

Ricardo de Lemos says:

He says 99$ and in the store I’m looking at it’s 140€

Do I just go with an rx 460 4gb and a pentium g4600? It’s for csgo and rocket league at 1080p, 144hz

{Xyro} Nitronixus says:

My fucking 1060 dips even below that avg csgo score, idk why if its like that of because of the lag……

Afterval says:

Try running siege with this.. LOL

rurutu M says:

radeon chill sounds great for laptops but wouldn’t do much for desktops

Ares5933 says:

I would rather spend a little more for a gtx 1050 ti or 1050 because they preform much better

Epicman 364 says:

Playing soldier and can’t even counter pharah

wichrun says:

Already $200 in Poland.

DSG says:

Its a graphics card not a GPU, the GPU is a chip on its motherboard.

Stodd says:

What is 2:21 ? Manhattan Bridge ? Is this a benchmark or game or what ?

jacob M says:


Keatononame says:

I still find it amusing that I purchased an EVGA 950sc almost a year-to-date for $75 and it’s still slightly faster than a 560, albeit with 2 gigs of vram and a hefty memory overclock.

LapisGoBlue says:

thank you for this video man, helped me after all ive been needing a new gpu and this video helped me alot.

MaNiaGCoD says:

Meanwhile RX 560 is around 130€+ in Europe. I let you do the math, that’s far from 100$ 😀

wilsonram39 says:

always great quality vids man! Glad to see the 560 is a valid contender at the price, the 460 never seemed to be worth it next to the 1050 ti but those benchmarks look pretty great!

Janitor says:


Modsimal says:

Well I just bought to 1070’s soooo……

Crossek says:

E-sports game ? bro i have RX 560 (gigabyte) and i finally can play PUBG (playerunknown battlegrounds) at my native resolution (1680×1050) im using all very low except textures (these are on low) and AA (this is on low) im gonna try to upload video today how the performance looks 🙂

KevinCS says:

I am thinking about getting this GPU just to revive an old workstation in my closet with a 3.1 ghz 4 core i5 cpu, 8 gigs of ram, and a 1tb hard drive. I think that PC has a lot of potential to make a second PC just for CS:GO, and it would be a PC that I could actually bring with me when I go places. My main gaming PC is very big and heavy, and costed over 1200 dollars, so you can see why I don’t like the idea of bringing it places.

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