This GPU Changed Everything – Geforce 9800 GTX+ Review

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Yet another Slash687 review! Today I saw if the Nvidia Geforce 9800GTX+ can still hold its own.
This is a great GPU, the last of Nvidia’s *000 series cards. This GPU marked the beginning of an era, and a shift toward PC Gaming supremacy. It’s been over 8 years since Nvidia launched this mid range graphics card, but even when not overclocked this GPU was very capable.
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Slameron Blorgey says:

wtf was with the editing

elias borsov says:

I remember when i had the ge force 9600 ,good times..

Bart Dierickx says:

It wouldn’t be relevant today. Moderate GPU’s today are about 10x more powerful when measured in FP. 9800gtx about 500gflops vs a r9 290 (moderate – and already old card!) about 5TFlops. The R9 290 level is what you as a minimum need to get a high 1080p experience. I don’t see the GTX still being relevant even with DX11-12 features.

I had the 9800gtx in SLI back then. Loved it to bits, but loved my 8800gtx more! Didn’t feel the (single) 9800 was that much of a leap beyond the 8800gtx. And my R9 290 was even a better bang for the buck. Now rocking a Vega 64 @ msrp on release date.

Ferris Boston says:

Nice cpu upgrade.

Dank Mematodes says:

My dreams of being first finally came true

CroakyToad Plays says:

I like how I can call this a review and a YouTube Poop

GDR Riley says:

I have a 9800gtx+.

byCDMC says:

9800GTX+ was on 55nm fab and smaller die size.

iixslashxii says:

??? have you heard of the 8800 GTX?? it was stronger…

darinbones says:

bruh bruh…….uhhhh I forgot :<

RET50 says:

1:24 Who and what is that for educational purposes.

Raymond Riter says:

the plus sign makes it look like a health pack

ScatterVolt says:

I see my boy did some “discovering” in his free time while he was at college 😉

Αλεξανδρο στρακοσα says:

can i play with this grafik card fifa 18 and pro evolution soccer 18 or i need a better than

RandomLegos says:

Chillin like a hill
Dill killlin like a chill

DanielC says:

nothing compares to to 8800 GTX.
from 9600 GT to 9800 GX2 i got them all. it doesn`t even come close to the impact from 8800 GTX

Jake Wenger says:

Will this build work alright?
Corsair carbon spec-01
core i5
Crucial 8GB 1600
XFX Radeon R9 380x DD
EVGA 500w 80+
Toshiba 1tb 7200rpm 64mb


Blood D. Aaron says:

in 2008 i was not born

Nestor Kon says:

man what happened ??where were you for so long?

Redey1290 says:

This video reminds me a lot of the guy named EmpLemon.

ip 05 says:

What proccesor do you have?

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