The World First “1Ghz GPU” is now £1 // A Review of the HD 4890

In this Video we will be taking a look at the HD 4890 that i have acquired for the low low price of £3 (£1 without shipping) In today’s video we put it to the test in 2017 seeing just how it performs in some of my day to day games and applications.

Tested with:
CPU: Core i3 6100
RAM: 8Gb DDR4 2400Mhz
GPU: PowerColor HD4890 1GB

Recorded using OBS and Intel Quicksync


Delta W says:

How did you get bf4 to work? My bf4 says driver support bla bla and may cause stability issues and then stays minimized all the time,any fix?

Dkentflyer says:

Great video, my first card was the 4870hd with 512mb ram I ran it for years playing games like Fallout 3 and skyrim when it finally died 2 years ago i bought a cheap 750ti then a GTX 970 which i currently use.I was impressed with the ATI Radeon despite it sounding like a plane when under load.

NJ DarudeDovich says:

keep posting brotha!

jangelelcangry says:

I never heard about this card before. I thought that everything after the 4870 were dual GPUs. The more you know…

Slackerz says:

Okay. Hear me out here.. What about crossfire?

Screw B says:

I got WAY better results than you with the Sapphire VaporX 2GB edition of this GPU.

Onion says:

I had its competitor at the GTX 260 at the time. The 216 core version) The performance you showed in the games from around that time was very typical of that card as well. It was a great card when it was working, But I totally under estimated its power requirements, and how much heat the thing used to generate. I had a OEM pc at the time, some disgusting fujitsu siemens thing, where literally the only good thing about it was the Core 2 quad Q8300, For some bizarre reason the micro atx case,mounted the psu right over the top of the expansion slots, which I doubt helped the heat situation. Eventually, while playing crysis (of all games) the power supply I’d bought to go along with the card went out taking the card with it, and probably damaging the motherboard, since it never seemed right afterwards. I’ve always built my own systems since then.

These days though,, modern cards are so different. My GTX 1060 hardly needs any power and seems to generate very little heat, you could probably get away with installing it in OEM crap like that PC, and as for the 1050ti that thing works in just about anything with a pcie slot.

Kurt Hectic says:

4xxx series have great cards and i loved the 4870 and i had 4850, but today the lack of dx11 it’s very hard to use this card even if can keep 30 or 60fps with low/medium settings in some modern games.

GraveUypo says:

wasn’t it also the first 1 teraflop gpu? with no quotation marks.

Solus Lupus says:

Had this card when it came out. I played through the entirety of crysis and warhead on max settings, 1200p at a glorious average 23 or so fps.
The games looked so good that i didn’t want to turn the settings down.

Patrick Soto says:

If old cards can hold up this well, my 1080Ti should last me at 1440p for 10 years.

Not My Acount says:

i think that card is in the xbox one

Propaan YT says:

Where can I buy this

Rares Macovei says:

The HD 4870 was price competitive with the GTX 260, which it soundly beat.
The HD 4890 was price competitive with the GTX 260 Core 216. The fact is usually beat GTX 275 and took head on the 280 and 285 is another thing entirely.

Xavier Rodriguez says:

Why are you talking so fast?

spuky201o says:

Dude your videos are awesome i have almost looked all of them now.

Keep doing your thing

You rock!

Joakim Mårtensson says:


bop says:

Anyone know how this card would do as far as mining goes?

Knox says:

BRAH 30fps is not playable..

Mahmood Khan says:

Can I play wwe 2k 17 with this GPU plz help me

Aaron Watson says:

Could you test graphics cards with Cities Skylines as well??

Ryu Chen says:

i have this card and its so hot that it can heat up my whole room if the air conditioner isnt on. it seems to run minecraft with seus 10.1 ultra motion blur very nicely. good gpu at that time. i overpowered it as well because i used 2 powersupplies and the pcie is connected to the cpu cooler in the second psu.

doomxed says:

Its actually an directx 10.1 card, not dx9

Artur Stepczynski says:

yeah, some day i bought athlon x2 250. Couple years further, change athlon to phenom 965 be… it was really hard to power it… but then! I have got a occasion to buy reference 4890 by gainward in good price! Effect?

When I was playing on my computer after the shower, generally i was able to dry my hairs by putting my head in rear of pc… There was LOUD, HOT and not so efficient. But it was like that! Then i decided to change platform for intel 2500k and gtx660ti and it was so much better, but…. it was 2 or 3 gens of pc devices furhter.

thank you for this channel m8, i really liked it!

John Braman says:

no clue where you found it at that price. all i see is $180 and higher.

Chronoculars says:

Put 2 of them in Crossfire!

Armyboy89 says:

i like fallout 4 but that game is so badly optimized lol

Alex TheGreat says:

who the hell sells it for £1


I thought this was a “RandomGaminginHD”s video.

SirFairPlay says:

Who gives a fuck…#AMDSucksBalls!

Ian Greenhalgh says:

This thing is only a third as powerful as a 55W GTX 750 ti but uses 190W of power…. No thanks, electricity isn’t cheap these days.

Gilian Nigel Winston says:

Sometimes it’s better to game on 720p with the low settings on older hardware. 1080p is very demanding

GraveUypo says:

judging from the crysis benchmark, this card is really not running as it should. that card should get better fps than that even at high / ultra settings.

Mikhail Gorbachev says:

Is that a G5?

TheDemocrab says:

I had two of these in CFX until my PSU blew up, Sapphire Vapor-X versions. It was faster than the GTX 470 that replaced them and had little microstutter apart from Skyrim.

Gordone Uomolibero says:

It’s really surprising to see how a 2009 card performs in “next gen” games: BF4 running at 720p and medium settings is more or less the Xbox One version quality, the unique difference is in the framerate, which on Xbox 1 is more steady around 45-50 fps

Rares Macovei says:

I find the GTA V runs awful on DX10 GPUS because the drivers don’t support it weird, given GTA V’s minim req are 8800 GT and HD 4870. So basically any DX10 should run GTA V just fine. It’s definitely a CPU/RAM/Registry thing going on on your end.

Watching your overlay, you are *never* GPU bound playing any of the game you are testing. Your GPU usage is *always* 77-82%. The only game that works properly is apparently Just Cause 2, with 99% usage. Basically, update your CPU mate.

Nakitama says:

they could have kept the support up with this one, it seems very capable for the age

xᗒ ͟ʖᗕ x says:

holy shit u suck so much at csgo

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