The Perfect $60 GPU for Entry Level Gaming! – Aliexpress Finds | OzTalksHW

A $60 video card that plays games well. Sounds too good to be true?

Massdrop Roccat Mouse:

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The Perfect $60 GPU for Entry Level Gaming! – Aliexpress Finds | OzTalksHW



iTheForce says:

Bro are u gay ?

John Terpack says:

So now we need to see a quad-SLI setup with these to see if $250 worth of cheap cards can beat one mid-level card.

Are there Chinese AMD cards too?

Tosa says:

“entry-level gaming” is microsoft solitaire. false economy will only lead to tears. don’t be stupid.

Expired Milk says:

Is this one a low profile

Columbus verɪfɪed says:

You’re a thicc boy

Sareni Burek says:

I need advice is it better to do two gtx 1050 ti SLI or buy 1060 i arleady have one gtx 1050 ti

Spikes 47 says:

How about four gb

Jonathan Mayer says:

I just recently got a 750ti for my son’s PC for $40 on eBay. Came in 3 days.

Shepherd Yung says:

This is a 750ti? My 1050 looks exactly like this though did I get scammed or something

Ayoub Black says:

What camera do you use plzzz ??

Ming Yao Koh says:

I have bought a gpu from a chinese seller on lazada, and when I opened up the cooler and cleared the paste, the markings on the die isn’t there(and I guess it’s not been there for a long time)

Septlaxer Gaming says:

For entry level a year ago i recommended this card to my friend, it’s totally worth it – it’s cheap, gets the job done, the only concern is that it’s kind of on it’s way out of the cycle as games get more demanding. As long as you dont ask too much of it the card is perfectly fine.

For someone willing to put in a little more cash, a 1050ti isn’t a bad shout.
It’s very similar but better in most ways. For under £100 go for the 750ti, but for under £200 I’d go the 1050ti route.

Ben Wigley says:

Great video but why push the Ryzen 2400g so hard? It gets as hot as an oven and is outperformed in games by a 1030. I know it’s cheap but come on

Archis Marathe says:

My GTX 1050ti by Asus looks ditto same!

Tonypec1974 says:

Ma la grandezza della bocca è direttamente proporzionale a un’altra cosa???????

Srcsqwrn says:

What I am interested in would be a 4GB card. Is there anything out there with maybe a bit higher of a bump in price?

Shark Steps says:

Yeah we have buy a 1060 GTX and it was a 550 all fake, we really need a better graphics card to play new game “scum” I have a 750 GTX but original Asus , but only can play that game in 20 fps that is impossible. If you know any cards from the AliExpress chip please let me know. For the game I need minimum 960 GTX I also bought one fake, lucky my I get my money back.

Final Fantasy says:

love the “think bigger” game lol

Break Free says:

i found a rx 460 for 20 dollars poggers (not aliexpress)

Uday Yeram says:

I have coffee lake motherboard can I fit this ?

Dan Morgan says:

It’s been a few months since this video came out. Has anyone found a reputable source for these cards that has faster delivery times?

A M says:

Damn, that mouse works disturbingly well for pro level pwning. No competition when I jump on the kill-box and dominate…Hello Kitty Island Adventures…I have no equals! But legitimately, the mouse is pretty awesome. Any chance you have a upcoming vid on budget water cooling?

Michael Treviño says:

Would the Ti version be bottlenecked by a Ryzen 3 2200g? Would it be worth buying if I have the 2200g? (Noon question sorry)

DD ProTech says:

I have like a 320watt psu…can I run this with lga775+xeon without upgrading psu?

Balgord says:

Damn dude, you have a whole family of yourself.

Adrian! says:

Estimated Delivery Time:37-57days

bitch what?

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