The Most Compact + Powerful GPU Miner – Shark Mining 4x 1080 TI Mining Rig | 200+ Mh/s

Today we review one of the most compact and power gpu mining rigs ever built. This tiny frame (Shark Mini) packs 4x Nvidia GTX 1080 TI’s which hash over 50 mh/s thanks to the OhGodAnEthlargementPill.
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Shark Mining offers several mining rig build configurations ranging from 4 gpu builds such as the Shark Mini we review today, as well as a 6x gpu mining rig and 8x octominer style 8 gpu mining rig. All customizable to be tailored towards your budget and desired cryptocurrencies to mine.

Shark Mining Official Website / Store –
Hammerhead (w/o ethlargement — testing) –
WhatToMine 4x 1080 TI ETH Mining Profit Calc. –
Shark Mining eBay listing shown in video –

Song referenced is the Baby Shark song, I’m not totally crazy!

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Tad Schoedel says:

Hey Vosk…love your content. I’d like to share an idea with you could create a new lucrative affiliate. Sent you an email to your voskcoin website.

flyindata says:

what the mobo used in build? never buy rigs just build it.

Darren Weatherall says:

With that kind of ROI, it’s just not worth it, even with a bull run.

ccranthony91 says:

In voskcoin defence everyone needs a piece of the pie.
Kickback from companys to help promote products related to your channel. Vosk i appreciate your content thank you keeping this crypto mining rig tutorials alive.

No one else in my opinion is reviewing asic / gpu builds like your channel is.


Kim DotNet says:

meh. don’t really see how 1080ti would be a good GPU choice. It’s more expensive and on average makes less than a Vega56. (except maybe every few days when XVG difficulty drops over 50%). But hey, go for it, I’m totally fine w/keeping the Monero nethash-rate down.

Adam Burton says:

Need some 8bit music behind it! That rig looks stupendous

Gutter Monk says:

Thanks for the video, Vosk. Who makes that touch screen? And how’s it powered?

shubham patil says:

I get 56.5mh/s on ethash

el vie says:

Quick question, is the ethlargement thing really legit?

Classborn says:

you can watch this video or whatever …

Andrey Ribka says:

thanks man!

Dragon Spur Crypto says:

Most of the bad things about ASICs and it makes less money.

To put it in perspective one of my $500 S9Js does $4.50/day and $2.00 net after OPEX (electricity). One less zero on the end of the price tag. 😉 200 days to true full 100% ROI, pure residual income after that.

Granted this platform is more flexible. But we’re at the point of difficulty on the last real coins still standing I’d be careful about dropping that kind of change on a simple four card box that cannot be expanded without losing the investment in the 1080 TI cards. 1,325 days just to get to a paper 100% ROI strictly on CAPEX – now figure in OPEX it is actually the same numbers of days as dollars spent to break even. 5,300 days… and in the meantime difficulty will just keep climbing.


Many thanks on the review! I’ll watch the company to see if they can offer a better value proposition in the future.

Mike ™ says:

1080 TI’s can’t even go above 40 MH/s at all, fuck no they are doing 50 MH/s each, that shit is doing like 144 – 150 MH/s max, not no damn 200, even if you had a 5th card it wouldn’t be doing that.

DropBear&Shiba says:

Awesome Shiba 🙂 I have one also, such awesome doggos.

Maybe Rainbow says:

It’s really overpriced LOL.

Jérémie Simonet says:

What did you do to your hair?

c3tr4 says:

Appreciate the content but buying marked up pre-built rigs for mining is the perfect way to put yourself at a loss.

Mike Novo says:

I have not given up mining ETH. Not only will it come back but I think it will catch up to BTC in market dominance. Get ready for the alt rally in Nov/Dec…

Ghost P says:

I would have bought this mining rig last year 🙂

connaire777 says:

cool looking mini power rig

Jubeininja1221 says:

Hes just reviewing a product a company sent him. His channel is becoming a little successful. Give the guy a break. I think the miner is cool and their is a market for them.

Tim Schnedler says:

ya the mark up on this is very high. But it is a slick looking miner. Most people in mining right now are us that have built there own stuff, very few entering right now that want to just buy a prebuilt,

Evan Schramm says:

Can anyone comment on the actual dimensions of the rig? I’d greatly appreciate it but if not its no big deal. Thanks for the video.

Max Tapia says:

What is the best cryptocurrency to mine with 8 gtx 1070ti?

Acb game says:

Great intro

slacy888 says:

$5200 for a 4 card rig that makes less than $4 a day? Why would you shill this over-priced piece of garbage? C’mon man.

Halil Kunge says:

Most miners are a bunch of fools with money. That’s how come the rtx 2000 series sold out in less than a week.
So why not this? Some old fools will buy them.

Sports and Entertainment News says:

These GPU’s will be useless for mining with all the main guys going to Asic it seems. These cards would be a waste for mining and you would never get ROI. Guess if you’re a serious gamer you could still use em after

EchigoyaHonpo says:

holyyyy That price is insane…..i can build and program exactly the same unit with TOUCH SCREEN for a lot lower cost.
but, i m not doing it…too much time consuming.

All i need is a stable running rig and keeps mining.

chebz says:

breakeven 20 years woo

Crypto Bin says:

@VoskCoin men can you cover z9 mini batch 2 overclocking. You are the only guy I can trust to do this right 🙂

pro100 NES says:

Интересные сборки корпусов, мне нравится, можно где-то посмотреть сами конструкции корпусов?

Derrick Thomas says:

Beautiful piece of worthless tech. Actually it may not be worthless it will have negative roi and you will lose monero.

Lisa Lowery says:

1300 days to ROI lol lol

Cryptopher Mining says:

Nice package! Love the form factor.

Robert Nowak says:

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Jeff Kilgore says:

An interesting YouTube video that makes me want to watch your other YouTube videos… Good play sir.

Izzy says:

very cool effects! Good details: power usage, OS, miner, eth pill info… all very detailed. very helpful as always. Thank you!

Regarding the rig… no, I would not buy it. Costs too much and I would prefer to build my own.

ccranthony91 says:

Pros= I love the look of the rig.
Compact clean looking

Cons = price

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