The Last Pascal? GeForce GTX 1050 3GB Review: The Best Budget GPU?

Is this the end of the line for Nvidia’s Pascal technology? Recently, a new three gig version of the GTX 1050 snuck out – likely the final desktop 10-series card. Few models are available right now, and some of them are overpriced but Rich has found a genuine gem – Gigabyte’s low-profile model, just a touch more expensive than the existing 2GB version. Find out how that extra gig matters in gaming with the new product and the compromises Nvidia made in creating it. Is this the best budget GPU?

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Aaron Garza says:

Quda Cores.


blvk3 says:

this is not interesting at all…nVidia is treating their costumers like shit, gives you 3gb, but cuts down on the bus speed.
the reason there are only a few of these cards on the market is simple
this is a non-product. the only reason this card only exists is to push the sales of the ti card, the pricing clearly indicates that

Hirah Adam Essack says:

LOL this 1050 3GB should be £50 or less otherwise no point

Alexander Yordanov says:

So you can make a review of a shitty 1050 3GB GPU but not Ryzen 2000?
Silly Digital Foundry…

xpgx1 says:

Good review…. of a very, very uninportant product. I wanted to comment along the lines of “who cares”…. buuut I guess we’re deep in the down time of the year. So good job!

محمدامین باقری قانعی says:

In our country i bought gtx1060 6gb for 450 dollares and even in used market its not chip at all

My Company GmbH RX580ZEN1600 says:

My answer to the title : NO , get rx570 4gb

Creg Smith says:

Budget cards don’t exist, lets get real Geforce has been price gouging.

TheMasterOfSafari says:

Was really hoping for some Overclocked Memory Benchmarks on this card from you guys.

Please make a video about it?

manifold says:

wait for the 2050. Buying a 1050 now is giving into Nvidias greed of continuing to try to squeeze water out of stone from their pascal overstock. Time for Nvidia to take a page from Atari and dig a giant pit in new Mexico for the rest of their out dated trash. Either that, or offer some real deals. Like %50 off MSRP for Pascal, then we’re talking.


2013′ PS4 > 2018′ PC

SFM - scary content says:

I don’t understand the BF1 results… I have a 2GB GTX 960 (only slightly faster than the 1050) and performance at 1080p ultra is 60fps, with fairly frequent drops but still solid enough that ultra is my standard for that game. Why is the 1050 so much slower?

gunstar1981 says:

I have the 1050TI 4gb in my Asus ROG laptop (16gb Ram, i7 7700hq). It’s a perfect card for 1080p gaming. Can run about anything at high settings @ 60fps. Going ultra you’re going to be getting 30-50fps. But my laptop is paired with a 17” IPS 1080p screen so it’s a very balanced system. I usually bounce between gaming on it and my ps4 pro.

Austin Norman says:

I just bought myself an *EVGA Geforce GTX 1080* Brand new for $504. 😉

Prince Donko of Punchtania says:

Love my 1050ti. Perfect for my kiddos computers

daAmazin FatB0y says:

Is this the best budget gpu@? HELL NO!! THE GTX 5000 IS DA BESTEST MAYNE!!

Huan Xu says:

Nvidia knows how to clip wings.

Cesar R says:

Interesting scam. Good to know how much I can push it once I start a scam of my own.

Décadent Fractal says:

For little budget, the best today to play in the better quality is not on PC but clearly on console with XB1X … all optimized games on it run better with higher resolution than GTX1050 … so the man who want to build a PC Budget gaming with that will lost his money and time … On PC if you don’t have enough money to build a real capable machine, it’s not good.

Ading says:

i love when expert doing review,thanks a lot digital foundry 🙂

Daniel Olofsson says:

These framerates make my cry

Xfx69 Xilly says:

Nvidia another gpu that shouldnt exist…

brian wong says:

Can it run MHW?

Dimkoss11 says:

Price of this videocard is nearly like 1050TI (((

Tsunat3z says:

At this point you are just better off getting a console imo.

Marcel Mayer says:

trash gpu buy 1050 ti

Charlymander says:

I guess the reason why they also cutdown the cores and bandwidth on this one is because it would basically render de 1050ti pointless

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