The Cheapest Gaming Laptop GPU – How Good Is It?

Dave2D review of the Nvidia MX150 – the best value for cheap gaming laptops.
MX150 Laptops –

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PIXLE Z says:

How would a mx 150 deal with mortal Kombat x, I’d imagine I’d have to turn the settings down to medium but is it playable, anyone got any results

Donjoey Ker says:

What about Forza Horizon 3

Shray Rai says:

hello dave… i am a casual gamer but i wanna play like watch dogs.. gta.. nfs.. and overwatch and much more.. i need to play them.. i actually dont care about the resolution.. i need smooth gameplay… so can i just buy this one… and ur link doesn’t work. can u update them

kael'thas sunstrider says:

Damn it I want this in my ux430 but I can’t wait I have to buy one in a month :((
Guess I have to play ON iGPU

sujith santhosh says:

Waiting for this laptop after watching your video, but no idea when will it available in india

Dave Lee says:

I really like this GPU. Awesome performance for the TDP and Price. Thanks for the support 2d fam!

Rafiditya anggoro says:

i like your reviewing.. is quiet simple but informational.. he just reviewing all the componen in only 4minutes

Vitor Fernandes says:

So do you have a recomendation if I want to buy a notebook under 1100 dolars?
I use to have macbook pro with is now US$2300 so I am done with apple.

Alex says:

mann love your vids !!!!!!!!!!!1

Bryan Woods says:

Desktop background on the monitor behind you?

Amit Ben-Avi says:

Cool vid Dave! May I ask what’s that wallpaper on you mac behind?

ALPRE says:

Subbed, I’ve been watching for a while and this video did it… yay!

Rafi Yagami says:

wayy better than my crappy laptop with 720m

Michael LaCreta says:

Razer should throw these into the stealth

J V says:

Can you check the blade and soul 🙁

Robert Rosenberger says:

that thing is 2x better than my tower pc, and i payed 2500 dollars 6 years ago. fuck me.

Maix Periyon says:

Whats the name of the monitor behind you?

Josue Hernandez says:

Can you let me know if this laptop really supports gaming such as GTA5 ?

208xx says:

The amazon link you included seems to only have the 940 MX :/

Vishwa Abeykoon says:

Can it handle Arkham Knight

safwan said says:

hey dave, not sure if you know this but there is also another model which is called the nitro 5, same design same base, but it have that cliche #GAMERRED and red backlit

FLAsH TrONiC says:

The GTA results sound a little weird, as I hit 70-80 FPS with my GTX 850m while most of the settings on high

raad muhammad says:

could you make video between (lenovo legion y720) and (asus predator helios 300) , i don’t know which one to buy

Reno Yeh says:

2:20 were you fragged by the guy behind the tree at eleven o’clock?

Fernando Nerio Jr. says:

how are you buying all this things, are you rich?


I wanna replace my laptop Lenovo Ideapad 310 with That Laptop

Felipe OL says:

what do you thing about mi xiaomi notebook pro with i 7, 16 gb of ram and gtx 150mx

Beckett.B ™ says:

+Dave Lee I have been trying to find the perfect laptop on your channel for under 2000 for gaming what is it?????

KingJ86 says:

PUBG seriously +Dave lee

Alex the_sneakerFiend says:

If razor puts this in the stealth I will be really happy

Gerard de Veyra says:

can you do a review for msi pl62 7rc

Mark Dimalanta says:

Some of the new combos i’ve seen have the 8th gen quad core i7 with the mx150. What’s that going to do? Better framerate? Just battery? and what about video editing and rendering?

Dan Tha Man 47 says:



Nosferatu Zodd says:

So hows the noise, thats the only thing I care about honestly, I tried many 1050 and ti already they are just as loud under light gaming load as their predecessors 970/60. I am willing to give up some performance for QUIET laptop on which I play older titles.

HaloNoobGrunt says:

the mx150 still faster than the gtx950m gddr5?

Ben Myara says:

But what a about player unknown???

Isaiah Campbell says:

Damn this thing is a beast for that price. Holy shit!

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