The Best Laptop GPU – GTX 1050 vs 1050 TI vs 1060 vs 960M vs 970M

Dave2D video on which laptop GPU you should get with gaming benchmarks and a GIVEAWAY!
1050 TI Laptops –

Laptop Giveaway Details:
2 Winners. International Giveaway
Contest rules to be announced on Twitter + Instagram
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Laptop Prizes Reviewed:
MSI GS63 (GTX 1060) –
Dell Inspiron 7567 (GTX 1050 TI) –

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Knopfler enthusiast says:

im buying a new laptop for both school and gaming.
razer blade 970m 6gb
or 1060 6gb?
both laptops have the same processor 6700hq , i7 2.6 /3.5
and 16 gb ram .

which one will be the best choice for value ?
Mostly enjoy to play , (CSGO,FIFA17/18 and raceing games :-))
970 is around 1100-1200$
and the 1060 is around 1500-1600$
May there be a freindly soul to point me in the right direction

DECOY Manic says:

i was not impress from his other previous review. but this review really the best ,change my mind on him , provide side by side compare chart.
even use 960m for this review , now is the good timing for buy used model like me.
for new , i would said 1050 is value buy. 1050ti is ultimate , same like last year 980m.

Mclarenman72 says:

Plz Plz do another laptop giveaway, I have a $50 Toshiba 8 and it has the worst Intel core and only 4 gb of ram and 500gb hhd and it is garbage, it can’t even load chrome, plz consider doing another giveaway, I would love to be able to have a chance to win something that I’ll be able to enjoy gaming and the quickness, thank you!

Android smart guy says:

Can someone explain why some of expensive gaming laptop using gtx 980m instead of using gtx 1080 and some of cheapest gaming laptop are using 1050ti

ThePREDA07 says:

what about 980M i7? AcerPREDATOR G9-591

khaled barakat says:

is the GTX 1050 in this video is the same who is used with lenovo legion y520? isn’t the 970 older than the 1050?
please answer me because i’m buying lenovo legion y520 i5 8gb ram 1tb GTX 1050 4gb laptop and i don’t want to waste my money, thanx.

David Obando says:

I have hp omen 1050 play dota ultra (100) fps

Dave Lee says:

Laptop giveaway is international. Be subscribed!
Follow me on Twitter + IG for contest details:

Breacher says:

are the give-away still active ?


Please tell me how the 1050ti 2GB variant performs in terms of gaming, since this chip is available on the Alienware 13 R3 for a lower price.

Nathan says:

Ive been using a GTX1050 ti in my acer v 15 nitro and it has really surprised me at what it can do! crysis 3 very high settings no problems same for bf1

Darth Vader says:

how crazy it is to buy a Dell XPS 15 non 4K today with gtx 960m n 256gb ssd just because of its form factor(for $900), im coming from 15inch Macbook pro mid 2015 … cant stand any loud flashy laptop which packs a punch but looks like power rangers 😀

Nader Ambriss says:

Is a 300 watt power supply needed to run a 3GB gtx 1060
My desktop spec
Core i7 6700
Current gpu gt 730 2gb DDR3

Daniel Filipkowski says:

I have a msi gt60 dominator 2pc would I be able to swap out to the 1060 without an issue not sure on which chip would be the best upgrade for my PC any help would be great

Rinkashime3 TM says:

Why is in our country (Saudi) they name it GTX 1050 (4gb) instead of TI, will it be the same? or different?

Dont forget films says:

hey, Dave Lee would it be a good idea to buy a 2k monitor for the for the Dell 7567 with 1050 ti I know that most game on high setting will not be able to reach 60FPS or above at 1080p what about at 2k. it’s my first gaming laptop so I am not sure how it would scale at 2k should I just instead buy a 1080p monitor.

Fawad Hamdi says:

hey man please give me one of those laptops its been my dream to have that kind of laptop I’m in a poor family actually I’ve been following your channel for many years and I liked every video that you made and also I shared them with my family and friends. keep up to good work

C Crane says:

Thank you for your all Great Reviews!

Mikesway0078 says:

This video helped me make my final laptop decision. Great video. Thanks man. You got my sub.

Sir kyle says:

1050 notebook here in brazil is +/- 1709US . Living here is a little hard! >.<

IceHockey 71 says:

How would the 965m stack up to these? Would it beat the 1050?

Argyris Pan says:

Dude where is the 1070 and 1080?

Southern Spartan says:

Luckily now some 1060 laptops can go as low as 900 new and around 800 refurbished or used. Im looking at a MSi Leopard for a gaming laptop because its cheap and plenty of refurbished models are out there for about 850, but unfortunately I dont have the funds right now to grab one.

DiNaMiT says:

what about the gtx 1060 3Go version should be there any big difference?

Mesrop Hovhannisyan says:

Thank you for information!

Michael Mancoke says:

My 970m gets 75 frames in doom on ultra. Yay for me 🙂

Iannoose 3758 says:

I have a laptop gtx 1050 ti for some reason I am not getting the same benchmarks. I get like 70 frames on overwatch at high settings. Idk why it’s like this but if anyone knows please respond thx.

以蔵岡田 says:

funny I was thinking of getting an 1050Ti

Milán Fodor says:

great video 🙂 very helpful

Costa36Gamer - Gaming & More! says:

ffs 2 months late for give away lol

DanielDuh says:

Msi gs60 ghost pro for like €725? Good deal? (i7 6700hq and 970m)

Ahmed Ashraf says:

you said at 4:41 that its expected that we get 2 or 3 years of good experience.. well what you mean?? is that gaming laptops wont perform at its best after a couple of years??

Randy Sutherland says:

The Acer Predator Helios has a GTX 1060 for only $1,100! I just ordered it and i think it’s the best deal on any midrange laptop that’s out right now. (Plus it comes with a 256GB SSD, 16GB DDR4 RAM, Core i7 7700HQ, and a full HD 1080p display at 60hz refresh rate).

Valnjes says:

Dave, could You tell me please, whats the difference in performance between 1060 3GB and 6GB models for a laptop? Both for 1080p gaming. Best regards!

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