Say Hello to the PS3’s (Sub £10) GPU // A Review of the 7800GTX

Hello and Welcome to this Budget Builds Episode, where today we’ll be taking a look at the Geforce 7800GTX, which many of you may not know is the GPU from the PS3, albeit the PS3’s chip has some modifications. With a technical look at the differences and a comparison in gaming, we see them duke it out tyo deliver the best quality.

-Sim City 3000 – Building
-Kelpy G – Kraby G Cover
-Sims 2 – Building 4

Use of PS3 Footage from IGN, AlphaAlec45.

CPU: Core i3 6100
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 7800GTX

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Bram Vullings says:

still under 1k subs

MAXTRAXv2 says:

gta v, is a srtuggle to run? pull out his gtx 260, q6600, 4gig ram, 60fps 720p no problem, what are you talking about?

Emanuel Vitorino says:

That Sims 2 background music though 😀

Jackson Mcquade says:

This video wasn’t in my subscriptions box :/

Zecifer says:

The CPU plays a part in it as well, x86 and Cell are widely different, but I can’t tell if that would skew the results apart from giving the GTX a little boost from using a modern CPU.

You should try comparing the Wii U to its rumoured equivalents: HD 6450 (160 shaders), HD 4670 (320 shaders) and HD 8470D iGPU (192 shaders).

Great interesting video! I love seeing console hardware and what it’s based on.

Razor MAN says:

Yes! X4

andrecampana_ says:

Remember that the current Half Life 2 version on steam runs on the Source 24 engine, which is completely unsuitable for running on hardware available at the game’s launch, there are torrents that still have the game running on the original Source 7 version.

HustlerAtWork82 says:

I liked the video, …Got one for roughly 8 pounds and 84 pence (with post and packaging included) I’ve got the thermal pads ready 🙂

Helmuth Weidling says:

sims music in the background. nice 😀

Retro Adventure says:

Did you try to overclock the 7800GTX to match the PS3 speeds?

Tech Throwdown says:

Great video! Maybe we could collaborate in the future!

cobbleking says:

Happy 420 subs! You should benchmark a Celeron 420 to celebrate.

The Game Show says:

What’s going on with the wonky grass in Wind Waker? The emulation or the capture?

Ken Hutchison says:

you didnt change the paste on the mem chips. -?

Tuuhio says:

Thought it was the 512MB since the cooler, but yeah I remember some 256 models having that 512MB’s cooler also.

DiegoAlanTorres69 says:

Those Crysis settings are nothing alike, why are they not the same?

Blorox Cleach says:

Another great video my friend!

Bora Wiemann says:

Would have been interested to see with the GPU overclocked as a comparison

D0MiN0 FX says:

1:52 “developerlelover”

DysphoricSmile says:

You are missing the fact that BOTH Skyrim and Crysis on PS3 – while they may be PLAYING at 720p the internal render resolution is often just 50% to 80% of that at best! This is the *Console Optimization* you are speaking of.

Same deal with CURRENT gen consoles, while they may render some games at 1080p they have adaptive quality settings of a LARGE variety! They change render resolution on the fly and can EVEN do it to just SPECIFIC parts of the screen or “Assets” such that an NPC Character WAY off in the distance, instead of being rendered at the full 1080p or whatever the NATIVE OUTPUT resolution is (the res that shows up on your monitor or recording software) – assets that are already so far away that they are blurry can have their render resolution lowered IN REAL TIME!

This stuff is RARE for PC games, especially modern ones, as there are COUNTLESS GPUs and CPUs such as even just an i3-2100 are enough to game at 1080p 60 fps at high/ultra setting on a GPU as low power and cheap as a GTX 1050 Ti o if you can stretch you budget a LITTLE more, an RX 470/570 at their MSRP of ~$190 cannot be beat in gaming Price/performance for 1080p! But the GTX 1060 3 GB is a good alternative, which will trade blows with the RX 470/570. Or if you go Second hand on eBay you can score even a GTX 980 for around $150!

powerplayer75 says:

oh dear god… those thermal pads

Horizon Gamers says:

I’ll kill who hits dislike, Great video, And tasty ♥

Zer01neDev says:

Actually the RSX of the PS3 was helped by the SPU in the CELL CPU, the SPU can be programmed like Shader on newer graphics card to perform CPU task for helping CPU or GPU task for helping GPU(what devs called pain in the ass to code).
That why the PS3 Perform better.
If Sony will have used FULL version of CELL on the PS4(Cell with 12 SPU instead 8) the PS4 will do far better than she can achieve now.

Flightsimuatorx Fan says:

this is the reason why consoles are much better than PC.

Retro Tech 100 says:

Theres life in the old dog yet? Another great video.

Lord Nomadpunx says:


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