Review for AMD Ryzen Raven Ridge APU’s, 2400G and 2200G which are the PERFECT solution to the high graphics card prices of today.
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Robert Morris says:

Thank you Bud !!!

Abdelalim Benderradji says:

Hello am planning to buy the asrock x370 fatality gaming x for the new apu amd & maybe for zen 2 or 3 next gen ! is it good choice ? does it have issues? & whats the max frequency obtainable for ram ?
Thank you

Techsavvy Gaming says:

great informative video joker bro

Matlockization says:

Joker your weight has ballooned. Get thinner.

JohnConnor333 says:

Can you add a gpu to the apu?

wilman lopez says:

Can I use the stock cpu fan it comes with?

CanisSuperious says:

Thanks for this video, I am leaning toward a build with this APU (R5 2400G). I wonder if it would be able to run iRacing and Assetto Corsa with a HTC Vive VR HMD. What are your sage thoughts?

Remy Cajallena says:

Why is this not the first video that pops up when I search Ryzen 2200G VS 2400G?

Golden Blaster says:

Sigh forgot to like yesterday. Thanks for staying real Joker. Those apus are a good price capture, darn retailers letting us all bend over for the gfx cards insane.

Mark Wheeler says:

So as a console gamer who’s thought of attempting to build a pc but is on a tight budget these are a great starting point then? I’ve been put off seeing the gpu prices.

bobsagget823 says:

The embedded version of these CPUs has the full x16 PCIe lanes. For the 2200G/2400G APUs, AMD decided to artificially lock 8 PCIe lanes so you can’t use them. All of these APUs + the embedded parts are the same exact die, AMD is just imposing unnecessary technical limitations at the expense of consumers.
Poor behavior from AMD

VirtualFunction says:

Dude that cooler looks like it could go for more than $65

Sagnik Bhattacharya says:

Can I put a 1060 3/6gb on 2400g

Extreme Exile 1 says:

Pubg frame drop wouldn’t doubt it!

paulb4uk says:

These new apu,s are fantastic for the price great for a console sized pc thanks for the video any body know how well beam ng drive runs on one of these .

cr12 zx14r says:

SMT, ?

Santana Mac says:

Can these chips drive a 144hz monitor?

Matt Christie says:

Haven’t been a fan of AMD since the 486DX4, but I have to say that the RavenRidge is interesting. Would make for a super compact HTPC without the need for a dedicated graphics card. Don’t know that I personally do much with it other than web surfing or watching movies. (Kinda spoiled with my GTX 1080FE!) It is however, a well priced entry for someone on a budget. Can always get a GPU later when the market stabilizes. As always Joker, thanks for the straight goods man. You take care, and I look forward to more of your videos

Joker Productions says:

Today we are getting our first look at gaming performance on AMD Ryzen Raven Ridge APUs with the 2400G and 2200G processors, featuring integrated Vega graphics.

The Ryzen 5 2400G launches at $169 with four CPU cores and SMT, effectively giving it eight threads of processing power. It also features Vega 11 graphics on the same package, giving the user 11 compute units. This is perfect for the casual gamer or someone looking to build a system right now while waiting for high graphics card prices to stabilize.

Also, we have the Ryzen 3 2200G which is also a quad core processor, but without hyperthreading. The Vega graphics here is slightly cut down with just 8 compute units, but at $99 it is extremely impressive as it can still rock out on many modern and eSports games at 1080p with smooth 60fps performance. It also wouldn’t be half bad for an HTPC build.

cr12 zx14r says:

The Ryzen 5 2400G launches at $169 with four CPU cores and SMT, effectively giving it eight threads of processing power. It also features Vega 11 graphics on the same package, giving the user 11 compute units. This is perfect for the casual gamer or someone looking to build a system right now while waiting for high graphics card prices to stabilize.

Steve Bittner says:

Great video Joker where did you have the video memory buffer set to in bios? The default is 512 did you change it to 2mb?

Kinn Lao says:

dude GT 1030 is crap ain’t that good. we all know Vega 8 n 11 are almost can compete with GT 1030 once it’s overclocked

50old gamer says:

RAM ??? OC ??? At least put in the descrition.

Joe Walker says:

I really like how you broke down the testing. Sensible, going with what most pc gamers want fps wise while adjusting the resolution/settings instead of a flat across the board testing at 1080/1440/4K, a bit less scientific but perfect for what these APUs represent. Keep up the good work my friend!

thesilviu silviu says:

i bet that the Vega 8 can be unlocked ta a Vega 11.

Matt Christie says:

You missed World of Tanks!

Witnaaay says:

2200G is really attractive for HTPC’s.

shafee babakhani says:

i didnt get it if i get 2200g cpu can i use Nvidia GPU or not

jeff kay says:

need a MOBO with HDMI or DP out however.

fiudad says:

How to know what rams are the best for the 2400G? I bought th eBallistix all white 2400mhz. Will it be ok? Can I OC them?

Gonzo Gaming says:

Splendid performance for the money, am going to pick a 2400g up for my Son, he can then save up for a graphics card. A perfect starting point.

Phonze M. says:


cr12 zx14r says:

our CPU cores and SMT, effectively g

Shimon La Hée says:

but how good are they for 4k movie playback?

cr12 zx14r says:

SMT, ?

jlebrech says:

how does the 2400G compare to an FX6300 + GTX 1050?

Yak says:

Did you test the GPU OC?

Sahnoune Khaled says:

can we make a crossfire between 2400G Igpu And AMD GPU?

Jon S says:

did you make sure to check the bios and make sure the vega was set to use 2 gigs of vid mem?

FRAG aLOT says:

Unless you don’t have a PC, this isn’t an upgrade to what you probably already have sitting on your desk. Many people compare this with a 4c/8t Intel CPU with a GT 1030 GPU that costs roughly the same as a 2400G. If you have a 700 series GPU with a 4c/8t CPU or better (likely you do have something better) regardless how old it is, then keep what you got.

Emanuel Popa says:

If you think about it. You’re way better off building a g4560 and a 1050 rig for around 220 bux that would demolish the r5 2400g. NewEgg is selling a Gigabyte gtx 1050 oc dual fan version for 150, and a g4560 is going for 62 bux right now. 50 more dollars and at least two to three times the performance. Ryzen also needs faster ram. Factor in all the costs and the g4560 combo is more affordable and better performing.

Valeera says:

id just go with a 150-225 dollar gtx 1050 that will play any game on medium -high settings with 60 fps

Abhishek Chakraborthy says:

did you overclocked the gpu as well

Yak says:

There’s like no reason to buy Intel i3, i5 etc. The 2400G with 8 threads (Basically a lower clocked 7700K!) can drive dGPUs very well for upgrades down the road. Also no reason to buy Ryzen 3 or 5 either IMO. These APUs just obsoletes the low/mid-range CPU market and obsoletes the entry dGPU market in one move.

GamesTechno says:

Loved your video, Joker!! Very well done and I appreciate it.. What do you think about the R3 2200G being paired with a GTX 1060 6GB, will it bottleneck?! BANAS

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