RTX Review – The BEST… At What Cost?

Dave2D review of the Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti. With Ray tracing and DLSS support, the new RTX Founder’s Edition cards are the best GPU’s on the market right now. They are the fastest and most powerful GPUs available for games but is it really worth?

Available Here – https://amzn.to/2OCLL2q

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Jonathan Green says:

Witcher 3 at 4k 80fps? I may need to contact my bank for a loan.

mr. softwear says:

Good yaar

Tuna Dang says:

Hey what are those led sticks in the back?

Diamondrati Hakasya Seno Adji says:

i always hate it when reviewers using 30fps or below when showing the gameplay footage.
but, as always, i love your content Dave

Pieter Rossouw says:

2080Ti Costs nearly $2000 in South Africa… I think I might bag a RTX2070 when that drops.

Ranju Das says:

Awsm video

Syamsul Mustaqim says:

first generation of ray tracing.. well lets give them a room to improve first before i buy.. oh wait i dont have any of these stuff

AURA the FOX says:

Random guy just buy a rtx 2080
Me: did you do it
Him: yes
Me: what does it cost
Him: everything

Dylan Weise says:

2:44 Rip Vega 64 lmao

King Barca says:

Fuck this shit I’m happy with my ps4 🙂

Budget Tech says:

Had respect for you until i saw this vid lol.

OhMyBooda says:

What are those light tubes behind him?? Want for my room so bad!

Solomon says:

time to buy it man

Eric Guntoro says:

I remind “searching” movie, after see dave, so same

OxygenGaming says:

Doed anyone know how to help me, my rtx 2080 came on release day and from boot its fans are ramped at 100% non stop, i even got a new motherboard and still nothing, my ears hurt and no software can control the speed, msi fan control is greyed out and evga precision x1 has some control but it doesnt really do anything, i cant use my new rtx please anybody. It idles fine when in bios and without drivers but the second it boots into windows with drivers its at 100% fan speed, temps are all good too

CaptainFallaway PS4LIFE says:

in Sweden they cost about $1400 fun for us it’s an 2080 ti lmao

cavf88 says:

Linus’ review is a real one. This is more for like a layman…

Gianfranco Pizzuto says:

This thing costs more than my future PC

Avi Mistry says:

Please do a video explaining ray tracing and DLSS further, and comparing ray tracing to current graphics processing?

Suryan Ls says:

Hey Dave could you donate me a hundred bucks I am in Indian who was affected in the Kerala floods it would be very kind of you if u do so

Fuji Ozawa says:

where is your iphone video?

0Name says:

1: Can you explain why you used a 7700k?
2: Can you share the link to the 4k 144hz monitor pls?

frostybe3r says:

You have a 144hz 4k panel but cheap out on your cpu?

Soul Of Infinity says:

Are these cards targeted towards competive gamers?

Alfredo Guzmán Ortega says:

I just subbed because this guy goes right to it

Fahim Shahan says:

But can it run Crysis in 4K???

philippe merrette says:

Well u do not want tu play r6 on ultra

ayeee123100 says:

what game is that at 4:07

MrDeepVoice says:

Hey guys, I am looking for someone to help me decide which laptop – or even IF to buy one in the first place.

At the moment I have a PC rig, so just a plain PC and 2 monitors to work with.

My specs:

i7 3770 3,4GHz, 4 cores
GTX 770
512GB SSD Samsung

Alright so I used to play games a few years ago, but I don’t do as much anymore. I used to play like everyday, just a normal Gamer.

Well, I began creating content and started working as a voice actor and my PC provided me with enough power to not only create content, but also play games if I wanted to. But at the moment, I don’t play any games.

I wanted to buy a notebook, and after some veeeery long research, I just don’t know whether I really want to get one.

In the future (this year) I want to start my own YT channel, explaining many things about voice acting etc.

So in order to create content or edit my audio books on the go, I thought a notebook would be a great device to have.

Sooo, I have watched several videos of Dave, and in a video he showed the DELL XPS. It looked very nice to me, but it had 8GB DDR3 RAM. I really want to get much RAM (DDR4), high CPU specs etc, without a fancy graphics card necessarily.

Long story short: should I stick to my computer or should I upgrade my devices with a notebook that is also suitable for content creation?

If I should get a notebook, which one would be suitable for my situation (audio and video production)?

Thanks a lot guys,

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