RTX 2070 GPU Review: Is a $599 GPU a worthy upgrade?

Top level but not bleeding edge PC equipment carries an inflated premium. But is a $600 RTX2070 really worth the cost? let alone a $1200 2080Ti? I intend to answer the question here.

Read the article for the RTX preview here:- https://rectifygaming.com/do-not-pre-order-an-nvidia-rtx-card-until-you-read-this/

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Storm Jones says:

There is no way the performance is that poor on the 470 in Vulkan….

Rationalific says:

Nice comparison. I guess up next is the newly-announced RTX 2060 and how it compares. It seems to be a much better value than the RTX 2070, although of course not as powerful.

TT twista says:

rtx 2060 is almost as fast as rtx 2070

corsegerspwnd says:

No it is not

II II says:

I’m waiting for the next AMD cards.

NX Gamer says:

Just for reference I revisited my figures and something does seem extreme on the Vulcan tests. As such I am going to repeat the tests and update here and on the site. The gap does seem too high all things considered so I will test Doom and Wolfenstein II again with VRS on and off and clean installs just to see if some driver issues crept in.

Amit Parsotam says:

LOL … the thumbnail is genius

Taimat CR says:

Happy 2019 NX ! thank you for the review.

I still fail to see any value on the RTX line of cards from Nvidia, hopefully the new AMD cards give Nvidia a run for their money like the Zen CPUs are doing with Intel

Christopher C says:

Amazon was selling Palit RTX 2070 dual cards for £385 not that long ago, which is a fair price. Wouldn’t pay more than that though.

Rival GT says:

They go for $500 here since launch, its decent value I think, if your not going to be gaming at 4k.

Billy Gunn says:

Why are you giving prices in $? smh

Cmdr Flint says:

Meh, the entire 20 series was a bit of a disappointment, even the fastest card barely moved performance forward vs the last gen (+15% or so). Here’s hoping AMD launch Navi and wipe the floor with the 2080ti for less money.

WayStedYou says:

just in time for the 2060

TheGoncas2 says:

Bad timing lmao

Retro Wave says:

in my country is it worth the cost I guess, because gtx 1080 is same price as rtx 2070, so it would be logical to buy rtx 2070 since it delivers more performance

PJs projects says:

To me the RTX2070 is not worth the cost,these are a sort of beta test range of cards for ray tracing tech,maybe if more titles use the tech or if the prices of twenty series drop a lot (yeah right) then I would give one a go. For now a decent ten series card is cheaper and good enough.

Sine Nomine says:

i havent watched all the way through but holy shit wtf that tearing 4:10

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